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 Purpose: To thank and honor teachers, learn more about FAHS from faculty and admin viewpoint, create dialog, get stories and images
Questions for Faculty:  
What years were you at FAHS? How did teaching at FAHS rank among all your teaching expriences?
Subjects taught? dress code committee of 68/69 or so?
Sponsored clubs, coached sports? What did you do for entertainment and other life away from the school?
Also served in administration, as conselors? Please send pictures and scans of memorabilia.
How was the Parent-Teacher relationship? What were your favorite years?
What was great about teaching at FAHS?  Not great? What changes year to year did you see?
How was living in Frankfurt?  How did the early years compare with the later years?
Did you live near the school? What changed, class size, class discipline, curriculum,?
What were any significant events? Were we good kids, good sudents?  65-71 era?

Yearbooks Faculty/Admin./Counselor Pages

20+ years -- George Ausra 58-93 (35yr), Geral Martin 64-95 (31 yr), Virginia Johnson 57-86 (29yr), Alfred Wilson 58-93 (28yr), Lynn Haight 67-95 (28yr), Catherine Rotter 61-88 (27yr), Carl Wagner 62-89 (27yr), David Nowlin 69-94 (25yr), Joan Costello 59-83 (24yr), Paul Platis 71-95 (24yr), Albert Brunner 71-94 (23yr), Herbert Ried 60-82 (22yr), Robert Coltrin 69-91 (22yr), Wayne Erdmann 68-90 (22yr), Johnella Wells 73-94 (21yr), Billie Ruth Blount 73-94 (21yr), Raymond Fontenot 68-88 (20yr) ) From the 87 YB

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 47  1947 Dackel Yearbook      

<  >  <<  >>




Howard W. Fearing




Joe M. Donahoe



Tosefa Bischler
Ralph Bowen

Silver Casbarra
Irene Eldred

Gay Long
Mathilde Patre

Lucile Pattterson
Marian Patrakis

Myrtle Quam

Hazel Westervelt

XL   6   XL  

48  1948 Dackel Yearbook


<  >  <<  >>


Joseph Donahoe

Dwight Erickson



Miss Bergmann

Florence Hay



Miss Walker


6   XL

7   XL  

Miss Shinzel




Mr. Stevens

Marian Petrakis

Mrs. Nunn



Mr. Shugart

Mrs. Donahoe

  8   XL XL  

Miss Eaton



Miss Long

Mr. Bowen

Miss Shinzel




Mr. Stevens

  10   XL    
49  1949 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


General R. E. Duff
Colonel Sterling A. Wood


Major James B. Gregory
Dwight A. Erickson


Joseph M. Donahoe

Charles P. Arnold
Claire Donahoe


Alice Ensor
Florence H. Hay


Luise Kramer

  82   XL 83   XL  

Gay Long
Ilse Marie Shinzel

Mrs. Kurt Seibt
Le Van Shugart


William-Kenealey Stevens

John Warnock
Frank Wiksten

Alice White
Kenneth C. Dyches


Lothar Belck

  84   XL 85   XL  

Gisela Buhl

Karl Wargel






  86  XL    
50  1950 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Colonel Basil H. Perry

Lt. Col. Edward T. Whiting
Major Frederick Magers

Dwight A. Erickson
Joseph M. Donahoe

William-Kenealey Stevens
Luise Kramer

Le Van Shugart
Claire Donahoe

Egon Behle
Florence H. Hay


Geneviev Wustrack
Karl Wargel

Alice Wiksten
Rudolph Vey

Marshall Bridge
Alice White

Gay Long
John Warnock

Mechtild Von Wunthenau
Frank Wicksten

Horst Richter
Irmgard Haase

51  1951 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


General Basil H. Perry
Col. Robert H. Conk


Major Frederick Magers
Lt. Hal G. Westmore


Dwight A. Erickson
Sanford M. Bale
Frank Wicksten

Nathan Altschuler
Delta Barker


Myron J. Doherty


Gladys Chamberlin
Elmer A. Hendrickson
Florence H. Hay

52  1952 Erinnerungn Yearbook  

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53  1953 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

54  1954 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

  58   XL 59   XL  
  60  XL 61   XL  
  62   XL 63   XL  
55  1955 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

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56  1956 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

57  1957 Erinnerungen Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

58  1958 Erinnerungn Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

59  1959 Erinnerungn Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Glenn Hendricks
Gwendolyn P. Janes

Richard W. Herrmann
Virginia M. Johnson

George W. Kirchner
Genevieve Klueh

Max B. Horton
Fannie C. Lass
Norma G. Hutchings
Harold Liston


Thomas P. Loughlin
Thomas J. Nocito
Jerry M. Lyon
Sunbeam A. Northrup
Mary Lou B. Mead
Thomas F. Pace
Anne Z. Moore
Jack Petersen
James Moser
Marcia Pool
Betty J. Nicholas
Erma I. Schwebbach

60  1960 Erinnerungn Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Milton G. Boock


Robert J. Platenburg

Maj. Gen. Ralph R. Mace

Col. Norman P. Barnett

C.W.O.  Norman P. Gross


Ava M. Leeper
Bryan T. Gray

Juliet L. Valois
Betty J. Nicholas
Joan Mary Gibbons
Harold G. Liston
R. Moore Dora
Merrily Cutler
Richard G. Herrman
Delbert E. Hearn


Gwendolyn P. Monnius
John H. Thompson
Gene R. Becker
Robert Galvan
Charles J. Baudo
Harold G. Corbin
Robert W. Hartman
Roberta M. Conrad
Roberta M. Henderson
Anne Z. Moore
Arnold Hemmann
Joan P. Costello
Else L. Seibt
Tran Van Dinh


Karl Vargei
Robert A. Bombard
Marcia P. Kirchner
Jeffrey M. Lyon
Kendell O. Slentz
Norma G. Hutchings
George W. Kirchner
Virginia M. Johnson
Herbert W. Reid
George R. Ausra
Sandra A. Modisett
Marianna Wilson

61  1961 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Virginia Johnson

Herbert Reid

Roberta Conrad

Joan Costello

Anne Z. Moore

John Thompson

Arnold Hemmann

Elsie Seibt

Juliet Valois

Catherine Rotter

Betty Nicholas

Joan Gibbons

R. Moore Dora

Merrily Cutler

Norma Hutchings

Marianne Stern

62  1962 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

  24 25  


26 27  
  28 29  
  30 31  
63  1963 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Anne Moore

David Nelson

Betty Nicholas

Carol Roser

Corinne Parks

Lucy Pryde

Jack Riesland

Elsie Seibt

Nancy Solman

Marianne Stern

Vanna Stueck

Joseph Turner

Karl Wargel

Winnefred Wohlebe
Gottfried Zimmer

Not pictured:

Imma Cash, Joan Costello, Russell Craven, Lucelia Frazer, Joan Gibbons, Janice Haley, Robert Hartman, John Hill, Matilda Kuzara, Robert Moss, Herbert Reid, Catherine Rotter, Ruth Stoll, Irina Von Mueffling


64  1964 Focus Yearbook  

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65 1965 Focus Yearbook  
<  >  <<  >>    
  12  XL 13  XL  
  14  XL 15  XL  
  16  XL 17  XL  
  18  XL 19  XL  
  Mr. R. C. Burgett
Mr. Ronald Davis
Virginia Johnson
Mrs. Norma Hutchings






  20  XL 21 XL  
  22  XL 23  XL  
  24  XL 25  XL  
  26  XL 27a  XL  
  27b  XL 27c  XL  
  27d  XL 27e  XL  


66 1966 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Dr. Joseph A. Mason

Colonel  Frank J. Vidlak



Herman D. Search

Captain C. P. Wadkins

Thomas C. Moore


James Green

George Gundacker

Dean Rains


Joan Costello

Alfred Wilson

Albert Kramer

Arnold Hemman

Elsie Seibt

Marie Langer

Anne Moore





16 17 18 19
28 29 30 31
67 1967 Focus Yearbook     

<  >  <<  >>


Geral Martin

Miss Hutchings


Dr. William Gaugler



Mrs. Stern

Mrs. Stern


Virginia Johnson

Herr Vargel

Mr. Davis


Herbert Reid

Rex Burgett


Mrs. Messier

Miss Bouplon


Miss Nicholas


Miss Knight

Mr. Wolfe

68 1968 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

  16 17  
  18 19  
20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27
28 29 30 31
32 33 34 35


36 37 38 39
69 1969 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

  8   XL 9   XL  



Brenda Vernon

Catherine Rotter

Robert Kerwin

Hal Mecham

Ann Messier

Lawrence Wolfe


Betty Nicholas


Susan Bouplon


Ruth Gjelsteen

Ruby Ford

John Minette

  10   XL 11   XL  
  12   XL 13   XL  
  14   XL 15   XL  
  16   XL 17   XL  


Geral Martin

Virginia Johnson

Herbert Reid


Dr. William Gaugler

Marianne Stern

Karl Vargel

Ronald Davis

  18   XL 19   XL  
  20   XL 21   XL  
  22   XL 23   XL  
  24   XL 25   XL  
  26   XL 27   XL  
  28   XL 29   XL  
70 1970 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Col, Thomas D. Burke



Dr. Joseph A. Mason

Herman D. Search

Joseph Larkin



Llowell Pieper

Donald Messier

Rex Burgett




Roland Davis

Roland Gardner

Virginia Johnson

Geral Martin



Ruth Burgett


Ellen Ernst

Lowell Kraft

Robert Finders

Ruth Burgett


Ellen Ernst


Lowell Kraft

Robert Finders



Martin Miller


George Sande

Alice Sax

Ralph Simpson

John Brunner

Kathleen Cannon

Robert Coltrin

Irene Erdmann

Sara Harroll

Hal Mecham

John Minette

Betty Nicholas

Catherine Rotter

Karen Senne

Carolyn Thomas

Larry Wolfe

Wayne Erdmann


Ruth Gjelsteen

Arnold Hemmenn


Marie Luise Langer

Alfred Moore

Robert Rosenheimer


Alfred Wilson






Alfred Bayerl

Elanor Britschgl

Raymond Fontenot

Arthur Haight

Tom Hartke

Morris McGilvry


John Morris

Carl Wagner



Kay Atkinson

Geraldine Hopper

Don Drakulich

Ann Lomanters

Melvin Leuthmers

Gilbert Nieto

George Ausra

Lloyd Morrow

Elsie Pietsch

Samuel Calvin

James Sonnier

Joseph Turner

Louis Scuitto

Lawrence Boyce

Paul Cossell


Joan Costello


JoAnn Dobecki

Julie McGregor

Edward Kelly


Gary Westhusin

David Nowlin


Miss Moore Dora



Don Boepple

Arina Drakulich


Barbara Young

Richard Bartholomew


Roger Harver


Don Larson

Arthur McCoy

Julia Rowe

Miss Vergitsakis

Miss O'Reilly

Mrs. Bollard


Mrs. Wilson

Mr. Kriplani

Mr. Begg

Mrs. Auel

Mrs. Grove

Mr. Brown

Mr. Canter

Mrs. Mack

M/Sgt. Yarbrough

Frau Topf

Mrs. Burkhard

Nadine Damon


Dallas Hall


Mary Klewin

Hugh McGinnis

Virgil Matson

Kenneth Peterson

Dorothy Schimke

Rupert Simms

Barbara Wagner

Dennis Klewin

Andy Schmidt

Patrick Maloney

73 1973 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

74 1974 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>



Gerald E. Bloom,


Oakley P. McEachren,
Asst. Principal

Walter A. Radford,
Deputy Principle


James R. Jones,
Asst. Principle

George R. Ausra,
Asst. Principle


  22 23   


  26  27  
  28   29   
   30  31   
  32  33  
  34  35  
   36 37   
   38 39   
   40   41  
75 1975 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

  118  XL 119  XL  
  120  XL 121  XL  
  122  XL 123  XL  
  124  XL 125  XL  
  126  XL 127  XL  
  128  XL 129  XL  
  130  XL 131  XL  
  132  XL 133  XL  
  134  XL 135  XL  
  136  XL 137  XL  
76 1976 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

  107  XL 108  XL  
  109  XL 110  XL  
  111  XL 112  XL  
  113  XL 114  XL  
  115  XL 116  XL  
  117  XL 118  XL  
  119  XL    
77 1977 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

78 1978 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>

79 1979 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>


Dr. Gerald Bloom



Walter Radford

James Jones

George Ausra

John Aliano
Peter Arnot
Alfred Bayerl
Albert Brunner
Hope Campbell
Winston Carter
Robert Coltrin
Robert Coyne
Marie Davenport
Ronald Davis
Catherine Dupont
Wayne Erdmann

  88  XL 89  XL  
  90  XL 91  XL  
  96  XL 97  XL  
  98  XL 99  XL  
87 1987 Focus Yearbook  

<  >  <<  >>



  116 Al-Ba 117 Bl-Ca  
  118 Ca-Cr 119 Da-Fa  
  120 Fi-Ho 121 Ho-Ho   
  122 Je-Mc  123 Mi-No  
  124 No-Ro 125 Sa-Th   
  126 Va-Wi 127 Wi-Yo   
  128 109  

95 1995 Focus Yearbook

<  >  <<  >>      
  54  XL 55  XL  
  56  XL 57  XL  
  58  XL 59 XL  
  60  XL 61  XL  

<   <<   EndYB


Alumni Tributes and Recollections


From Wilfried Johnson via Facebook

Since I have become part of the group, I found many pictures of FAHS and was updated. It is is sad to hear that Ms. Costello (Latin 1972) and Ms. Nicholas (AP-English 1972, both inspired my character and teaching style!) have passed away. They were a great inspiration and influenced my life and career! Does anyone know what happen to Mr. Haight (Fortran-Class in 1972, set my path to media advisor for juveniles - digital natives of today), Mr. Sonier (Chemistry 1972 - influenced my teaching style!), Mr. Schmidt (Psychology 1972, inspired me and led to my UCLA psychology degree). My thoughts are often with Mr. Westhusin and what he taught in the European Finianical Crisis.They are a valuable inspiration to my life and have an enormous effect upon my pupils und juveniles in my present duties in the municpal youths services... How could I not mention Ms Rotter ... my love for poetry and Robert Frost!

Individual Sections


Joan P. Costello

Subject: [fhs63-66] Miss Costello, my Latin teacher
Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2010, 12:55 PM

To this day, I still think of Miss Joan Costello, my Latin teacher at FAHS. I went there from 1962 to 1964. She was pretty tough as a teacher, but I have always remembered her as being a very fine individual and a nice person who really cared about her students. I know that Miss Costello died a couple of years ago, but her memory will stay with me forever.

Greg Hall

I also had Ms Costello for Latin I; she took great care to make sure I understood all that I needed to know.

Mark Stinson


Betty J.  Nicholas,     d. Aug. 13, 2010 Betty Nicholas on Facebook
go to the Betty Nicholas page  


Betty Nicholas, esteemed FHS faculty member, retired from Department of Defense schools on December 16.1999 Congratulations!




English Club - picture from the 1959 Erinnerungn Yearbook  

Geral E. Martin Geral Elmore Martin  on Facebook
Geral Elmore Martin  Saalburg, 1980-81, Spring, from the plants in the photo,at the pond in front of the Mithris Temple (rebuilt remains). Ca. 150-230 AD. The photo was taken by Todd Eichelmann, grad of FAHS 1982, presently living in San Diago, Cal.
January 24 at 8:34am, 2010 on Facebook

August 26, 2010

Jerry on the Air - WPN Frankfurt

click image to enlarge

See the WPN on

26.08.10 Well, today's live WPM show developed an animating dynamic all of its own. It featured an ageless co-hosting guest whose articulate vitality and grounded zest for life belied his human age of 75.
And even though we didn't achieve my original intention of something much greater: we simply achieved down-to-earth radio, warts and all, providing thus much more interesting, much more exciting radio.
Especially Jerry's answer on what a good teacher is and what impact that has on the future development of their students made for great radio.
By the time Cathy called us live on the air - all the way from the US - did we hit the zenith.
I mean reflect on this one: an actual former student felt compelled enough to call from the other side of the world so to bear witness to her teacher's magical ability in opening her eyes for the world and so positively affecting her future pathway in life...
It truly made for great radio as the emotion of it all almost got the better of us (likely including some listeners). It simply culminated into a pure and wonderful moment. Mind you, something like this can only happen on commercial-free radio.
© Commercial-free radio does not interrupt. Commercial-free radio does not kill a moment by needing to go to yet another commercial break. Commercial-free radio furthers moments of reflection, be they past, present or future. ©
Thanks for giving me a listen. Thanks for being my actual radio page friends or just frequent visitors to my fb presentation. Anyway, we must have done something right today as it resulted in three new WPM friends as of today. Thank you very kindly. Welcome one and all!
Best regards - WPM

Hal Mecham  
69 77

International Thespians 77

Hal Mecham, Rehearsal, from 69 Dorm Yearbook  - Scan by M. Wood '71  
Don and Ann (Jones) Messier Click image to enlarge
  from the Winter 2006 Newsletter      (Newsletter Page)
Dr. William Gaugler     See the Arts Page  

Click image to enlarge

  from the Winter 2003-2004 Eagles Echo Newsletter

With Maestro Amilcare Angelini,
Jim Valentine, Bruce Garner, Tom Bitter, Joe Waterhouse, Nick Panos, Ingrid Rivera

FAHS Fencers 68-69


from 10-2000 Newsletter

Click image to enlarge
Virginia Johnson  
Catherine Rotter  
click image to enlarge    
70 Talon -- "This year the Talon is dedicated to all the people, but most of all to Miss Rotter" 67 YB - Retirement  
Marie Luise Langer  

click images to enlarge

From 1995 Focus, page 12

Frau Langer Remembers: Her History Frankfurt High
May 1995 Echo
    (other newsletters)

Newer list of 67-71 newsletters here
Herbert Reid


Mr. Reid, our band director, conducted an orchestra that consisted of military and state department personnel and/or spouses in the area—anyone who played an orchestral instrument was welcome. Because they didn’t have a flute or a bassoon, Mr. Reid asked Richard Lacey and me to join the group, so we would walk over to the high school in the evening to play music with all those adults.
That was my first experience with what we all know now as a community orchestra. Following a 10-year hiatus after high school, I have played in community orchestras, pit orchestras, various pick-up groups, a bassoon group, and sometimes even my folk choir at church. Being part of that Frankfurt community orchestra gave me the understanding that even though I had no plans to major in music, playing music could always be part of my life.

Thank you!
Ann Mayers '63


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