Frankfurt American High School, 1967-1971

Association Business

Frankfurt American High School Alumni Association
Annual Meeting Minutes
Saturday, August 12, 2017
Nashville, TN

The meeting was called to order at 9:14 a.m. by Vice President, Gayle Spear Cratty and by Patricia Royal Nicks, Treasurer.

Board and Classmates In attendance:

Gayle Spear Cratty, Pat Royal Nicks, Judy Fuller, Kathryn Cooney, Michael McCready, Tommy Heflin, Kym Mingus Denmark, Nora Nava Clark, Linda Buckles Brashear, Lonnie Backus, Patsy Ketchum Bell, Krys Wages, Mary Boyle, Jimmy Torres, Peggy Rowland Sanchez and Erik Thamm.

The current list of officers and class representatives are as follow:

  • President: Meredith Turner Kellogg ‘72
  • Vice President: Gayle Cratty ‘69
  • Treasurer: Pat Royal Nicks 70
  • Secretary: Elaine Anderson Gierek ‘69

Treasurer’s Report Presented by Pat Nicks, Treasurer:

  • 2016 Income was $2,763.88 (Dues, Marketing, Sales)
  • 2016 Expenses were $1,537.04
  • Leaving 2016 Balance at $1,226.84
  • Total cash on hand is $17,736.64 (with some bills still outstanding)

2018 Reunion:

Current plans are to hold the reunion in Las Vegas (LV) next summer. VP Gayle Cratty will be visiting Las Vegas over Labor Day and will meet with Jim Kadlec ’68 to look at hotels. Jim K. has been in touch with Wade Gonzalez, Linda Buckles Brashear and Steve Sparshot. The Class of ’68 only had one proposal for their 50th reunion; Gayle Cratty will be assisting in these efforts. The following was discussed and will be taken into consideration,

  • Las Vegas too hot in summer – but prices are cheaper then. Not suggesting August because of heat.
  • Smoking in hotels – problem for many; need to investigate non-smoking hotels, perhaps off the strip
  • Jim is working on an evening at the Hofbrau House
  • Need to check amenities offered at hotels – a hospitality room, parking, free drinks, etc.
  • Suggestion was also made to look at Laughlin NV – but noted it would be harder to get there
  • Suggested looking at hotels off the strip.
  • Look at the amenities given at the Casinos etc.
  • Check North of LV as the hotels might be cheaper but need to ascertain there is a shuttle service.
  • Asked if class of 1968 could be polled. Noted that notice of reunion was put out on Face Book but only suggestion/bid put forward was Las Vegas. Those members from the class of ’68 were polled at the meeting and it was unanimous to hold it there.

2019 Reunion:

A seven-day cruise out of Florida has been suggested. The group could leave on June 8, 2019 so that they would be at sea on June 9 – the anniversary of their graduation. It would cost $250 to hold on a room; amount is refundable. The following was discussed:

  • Which cruise line to use
  • Need to look at cost (maybe five-day as costs might be less), food, entertainment, shuttle to ships, etc.
  • Look at several ports of departure – Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa

Subsequent Reunions:

The following locations were discussed with Class Reps and Alumni from those years organizing their 50th reunions. There was great enthusiasm but it was stated that no one should undo any decisions made by those who are currently working on the 2018 reunion. It was noted that those planning the reunion need to be held accountable for staying within the budgeted amount. The following locations were discussed:

  • 1970 – Boston MA (Mary Boyle), Ashville NC (Pam Geiger), Santa Fe NM (Ginny & Kathryn Cooney), Madison/Milwaukee WS (Krys Wages)
  • 1971 – Austin TX (Peggy Rowland & PJ Torres)
  • 1972 – Chicago (Chuck Bracker and Kay Kuhlman)

Glenn Imobersteg suggested Frankfurt as a reunion site as the school is to be torn down in the next year or two. Attendees could stay at Jack Trost’s hotel for approximately $80/night and go in May or October (Icelandic has R/T air for $600 with a total cost of about $1400/pp). Those dates keep attendees out of tourist season/prices. San Francisco and Alaska and/or Hawaii were also suggested.

Peggy has put together a list of all of the past reunion sites which Gayle Cratty has.

Class representatives need to contact 1970 and 1971 alumni to get their input.

Class Representatives: Gayle asked for a show of hands to help with Class Representatives as they will need to update directory information as the information is either incomplete or incorrect. Many entries are missing email addresses and/or telephone numbers. Those members listed below have offered to help going forward. They will be contacted on a conference call in the future. The willingness of the group to step up was met with much enthusiasm.

  • 1967 – Kathryn Cooney, Michael McCready, Judy Fuller
  • 1968 – Lynet Monserret Buval, Tommy Heflin, Nora Nava Clark, Kym Mingus Denmark
  • 1969 – Linda Buckles Brashear, Patsy Bell, Krys Wages, Lonnie Backus
  • 1970 – Pat Collins, Dutch Meeker, Ed Martin, Mary Boyle, Pat Royal Nicks
  • 1971 – P.J. Torres, Peggy Rowland Sanchez
  • 1972 – Monica Neumyer Not represented
  • 1973 – No one was represented

Proposals are to be left up to the class reps and those classmates working on the reunions being planned for the 50th reunions. Classmates feel strongly about this. The accountability will rest with the group planning the reunions and the Executive Board will provide oversight.

Website Redesign Proposal:

Vice President presented the highlights of Steve Gill’s proposal (see attached document) for the website design. Eric Thamm ’68 has offered to work with Steve on this project as this is his expertise with his former company and he has access to people who can assist. He has given his notes to Gayle Cratty; she will scan it and send it to Steve for review when he contacts her. A question was raised about Steve being more pro-active now that he is stateside. Some highlights from his proposal discussion points are as follow:

  • Cost should not be more than $500-1,000; will ask for $1,000 in the budget.
  • Be able to post photos, responsive, recommends WordPress
  • Biggest problem would be the older database; might be better to start from scratch rather than migrate it to new platform
  • Need strong firewall so can’t hack personal information
  • Launch date slated for February 2018.

Steve will be back in the country soon. It was suggested he get with Bruce, who has done a wonderful job of maintaining the site.

Officers elected should do the work and be available via email, conference calls – do not change decisions already made.

Mike McCready brought up that we need to put the history on the website and keep it updated with Association business.

VP Cratty stressed that communication is key to keeping members of the association involved; that information/message needs to be disseminated. We need to bring back in those alumni that haven’t/don’t attend the reunions for one reason or the other.

The members present wanted to understand the full scope of the web redesign project, i.e. total costs, time line, etc. It was explained that research was still being conducted.

Asked about monthly maintenance fee.

General Discussion:

Steve Dean ‘67 noted that he and Tommy Heflin ’68 only had one person to talk to about the reunion; we need to have people who can make decisions. He felt that if he had known that we had that much money in the account, more could have been done for this reunion. Gayle agreed and said that the by-laws need to be examined and updated to handle these types of items. A recommendation will be discussed with the Executive Board and the general membership will be privy to what occurs.

Kathy Cooney noted that the Board used to have conference calls to discuss Association business; it was stated that this procedure will be re-instated. Linda Reese DuKor ‘67 noted that the Board needed to hold the reunion organizers accountable to the body.

Discussion followed on the decision-making process. Several members expressed concern that there has been a lack of attendance by Board members at some of the reunions. The feeling has voiced that those not in attendance should not have a say in what occurs in the future.

Publishing guidelines on how to put together reunions was requested. Bids for each reunion should be put on the website and then submitted to the Board for input and approval.

MOTION MADE: A motion was made that the officers and class representatives get copies of the by-laws and reunion guidelines, have a conference call discuss and then report back to the body of the Association.

SECONDED BY: Duke Taylor

Unanimously Approved

Gayle Cratty thanked Tommy Heflin, Linda Dukor and Steve Dean for their work on the reunion and also to Mike McCready for his annual wine-tasting. She also recognized Ann Messier as our special faculty guest.

Linda Buckles Brashear asked the Board to find a way to update the Fallen Eagles section of the website. Betty House Weller thanked the group for all the cards and messages extended to Bill House – she said they really meant a lot to him. Bill Johnson recently passed away and we need the Fallen Eagle section on the website updated with his passing and other.

The meeting adjourned at 10:29 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, Pat Nicks, Treasurer

Reviewed and edited by: Gayle Spear Cratty, Vice President

Association Business

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