Frankfurt American High School, 1967-1971

Association Business

Frankfurt American High School Alumni Association
Classes of 1967 – 1973
CONFERENCE CALL 10-11-18 7:30 PM EST/4:30 PM PST


Call to order 10/11/18 @ 7:35 PM EST/4:35 PM PST by President Gayle Cratty, via conference call.

Present on the conference call:

  • 13 out of 17
  • Quorum met


  • Acting President: Gayle Cratty’69
  • Vice President: Guy Bennett ’68
  • Secretary: Elaine Anderson Gierek ‘69
  • Treasurer: Pat Royal Nicks ‘70
  • Legal Counsel/Reunion Assistance Fund: Kathryn Cooney ’67
  • Financial Advisor/Directory: Gaye Doane

Class Reps:

  • ‘67 Ted Schindler
  • ’70 Pat Collins Miller
  • ’71 PJ Jimmy Torres


  • Reunion Site Selection: Chair: Peggy Rowland Sanchez ’71
  • Kym Mingus Denmark ’68 (2019 reunion)
  • Website: Erik Thamm ’68
  • Marketing: Michael Doane ’69

Opening Remarks – Gayle Cratty

  • Class Reps – Gayle contacted reps and alternates with role/responsibilities expectations. She will ask them to contact their year classmates about 2019 reunion cruise, elections and voting on bylaws.
  • Bylaws – Final version pdf sent to Erik today by Gaye. Erik needs brief narrative to post with bylaws. Highlighting in original draft as additions changed to italics and strikethroughs for deletions. Gaye and Kathryn will draft directions to include with draft bylaws.
  • Positions for 2019 – Secretary & Treasurer – Need candidates for both offices. Both have served maximum of 2 terms. Neither is interested in serving in the other’s office, so new candidates must be found.

Treasurer’s Update –Pat Nicks & Gaye Doane Summarized: Income as of 10/11/18 $2,193.00; Expenses $1,665.82, leaving $527.18. Cash on Hand $8,324.35 in checking, $9,933.60 in PayPal. Holding back $5,000 for RAF (Reunion Assistance Fund), $1,000 as budgeted for the new website construction and costs, and $134.94 in Compassion Fund, Balance is $12,392.89.

RAF Update & Website – Kathryn Cooney Kathryn will file a report and make ask on website.$5,000 asked for this year, must be re-visited (not $5,000 every year automatically). Committee will review requests and see how far funds go. If short, class members could initiate a GoFundMe to defray further costs. Some expenses will be group funded by other members (perhaps excursions, drinks, etc. that are not included in cruise fees). So far Kathryn is aware of two potential candidates by word of mouth, though the request forms are not posted yet.

Reunion Site Selection Committee Update – Peggy Rowland Sanchez – Only thing not covered is potential insurance required by sites. Decided to handle on case by case basis. Will go through legal counsel if needed. Members of class of 1970 are urged to submit proposals for their 50th. Pam Geiger is reported to be doing preliminary work on Asheville as a site. Other sites would be considered, as well, if submissions are received. Linda White’s husband reportedly has connections in Charleston who could secure a hotel, if desired.

Marketing Committee – Michael Doane – Kym requested an iron-on logo for the cruise (and beyond). Will look for such a capability. Anyone with connections please let Mike know. Still have coasters, wristbands, cookbooks. Will bring what they can for the cruise.

Directory Update – Gaye Doane – Gaye reported that a couple of Class Reps have sent updates to contact info. She also cross-checks info when checks are received for dues or product payment. Anyone knowing of changes in contact info should let her know. Last directory was published in June.

Photography Team – Jim Casey – not present; Mike sent photos from last reunion. Waiting for website design to be finished before proceeding further.

Website – Erik Thamm – Gaye and Kathryn will send draft of bylaw voting instructions to Gayle for approval, who will forward to Erik for posting once ready. Erik asked that only final editions of items to be posted be forwarded to him so posting is not premature and not in final form. Due to webmaster’s travels, he is not always able to post on the website immediately.

Quilts of Valor – Erica (Ricki) Menard will be helped by Linda Buckles Brashear – new committee formed; other quilts presented since reunion; will not make presentations at 2019 reunion due to logistics, but will resume at following year’s reunion. Please let them know If you are aware of alumni who are veterans but have not yet been recognized.

2019 Cruise Update – Kym Mingus Denmark – Currently 122 people signed up, 114 in cabin block and 8 outside cabin block (but who will be included in the group at the end of the booking period). Only one inside cabin is believed to be available still. Sylvia has been traveling and will see Gayle on Wednesday so Gayle will confirm cabin status. We may receive booking credit in the form of comped berths or cabins, but that will likely not happen until booking and payment period has closed. Kathryn was concerned that there may not be cabins left when RAF determinations are made, and suggested that anyone hoping to go make their reservation for a cabin now, getting a refund later if all details don’t work out.

Next Conference Call: February 2019?? To be determined via email

Adjournment: 8:59 EST/ 5:59 PST

Respectfully submitted,
Elaine Anderson Gierek ’69, Association Secretary

Association Business

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