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Eagles Gathering April 2011‏

We had a gathering at Jim and Donna Skaggs's house. Jim Skaggs is one of the leaders of the Dackel Association. There were 16 people who had good food and conversation from 6:00 pm till about 10:00 pm. One of the topics of discussion was the fact that others are also starting gatherings. Someone mentioned that there was a small one in Texas and a larger one in Maryland. We were glad this idea was catching on. If anyone is ever in the Phoenix area, please let us know. We can have a gathering while visitors are in town and I think they would enjoy meeting the people here.  -  Dirk'65

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 Eagles Gathering February  2-11

The Black Forest German Restaurant in Mesa Arizona.

We had another Gathering in Mesa. We missed a couple due to illness and holidays. Jim Skaggs had part of his colon removed. He lost a little weight but recovered nicely. Them Dackles were tough! Bonnie (Meppen) Schneider has been diagnosed with ALS and is now confined to a bed and wheelchair. Her husband (Peter) has done a wonderful job of taking care of her and building her a new bathroom. The Gathering was held at the Black Forest German Restaurant in Mesa Arizona.




Eagles Gathering March 2010‏

Our March Eagles Gathering was held at Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub. They had a loft that was set up with tables and chairs at no extra cost and a balcony with a nice street view. the food was good, the drinks kept coming, and everyone had a good time. The staff and service was great, and I'm sure we will be back in the future!



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Indian Wells Gathering 2010-01-14‏

I want to thank Dennis Healy for his hospitality and the fine dinner at the Homestead Restaurant where the atmosphere and service are among the best anywhere. Good Food, Drink, and Friendship was shared by all.

Local alumni around the country should form their own local groups and get together on a regular basis. Here in the Phoenix area we have been having lots of fun. Attached are pictures from the Indian Wells Gathering on January 14-15, 2010.

Thanks Again from Dirk '65 & Bob Osborne '61.


 This was the last Gathering of the year. We went to Haus Murphy's and had a great time as the pictures show. We had several more people this time. Looks like the word is out and we hope more FAHS alumni will find out! I think we will have our next meeting after the New Year has been rung in and maybe have our gatherings every 2 or 3 months. That way we won't get board or tired of the gatherings.
Thanks Again for giving us some notice, it is really appreciated and I think it helped get some new people to come out.

Bob, Dirk, and Jim.
Eagles Gathering

Nov. 2009

Haus Murphy's


Re: [fhs63-66] Eagles Gathering November 14, 2009‏ From: on behalf of Donna Crosby
Sent: Thu 11/19/09 7:53 PM To:

Dirk: Thanks so much for inviting us.....we had a great time visiting with you and some of the others, esp. Bob Osborne and Amy Deegan (who sat next to us!). Sorry to say, we didn't have a chance to talk to some of the other folks at the end of the time! Food was Schweinhaxen I've had in years. Wonderful restaurant....we will go back.
Let us know when your next one will be.....if in January, I will be gone for a week or two in early to mid January....we would like to be able to make it.
Truly enjoyed meeting and talking with you about old times in Frankfurt....Bis spaeter, Alligator! Ever, Donna Crosby Kidwell, '65

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Eagles Gathering


Queen Creek, Arizona‏


We have had another wonderful gathering of eagles in Arizona. We went for lunch at The Bavarian Point Restaurant in Mesa. The food and drink were great. This time we had two more people from the 40's and 50's. I believe we now have alumni from 1947, 1948, 1949, and 1950. Our group has grown to about 25 members from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Everyone said they had a great time. Bonnie Meppen Schneider '62 offered to have the next gathering at her home in Queen Creek on October 17th.

I have added pictures to the "Who Are They?" album and I moved the pictures to the front of the album. They are labeled "Eagles Gathering 2009-09-26".

We are not a competing alumni group, only Eagles that live close enough to get together about once a month. Anyone that wants to attend or receive emails with pictures, send me an email at 

Dirk Howard '65








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