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70 Stein






69 Stein


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1995 All Class Reunion

Design by Geral Martin? (Sweatshirt from 68-70)
A few of the English classes books

Some 1995 Reunion Photos


Tom Hardaway, Kathy Garner, Patricia (Lagerberg) Hardaway

  American Banner at the Roemer during the FAHS ceremony at the 95 reunion

Cindy through the Slinky

Cindy McGill Hayes '71

photo by Bruce Garner '70

taken in 1970 in the Platen Area


At one of the 69 Cross Country meets - photo by ??

Bruce Garner 70 and Bruce Kimbel  70,  photo by Edward Chow 70

I think this was one day after Cross Country practice '69 - Someone came up and asked directions and we pointed in opposite directions - Ed was fast with the camera.  the park paths loop around, so you could probably get there either way? lol


1970 Prom  ??, Fred Weems, Bruce Garner, Cindy McGill Hayes


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