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Veterans Day 2009
From: Daniel Bunting
To: dackel-l@usroots.com
Sent: Fri, November 13, 2009 9:40:05 AM
Subject: Veterans Day Celebration
I am extremely proud to offer all my After Action Report regarding my wife's and my participation in the recent Veteran's Day Celebration at Arlington National Cemetery.
We were in attendance with some 30 fellow Vets of the Berlin Veterans Association.
We were wined, dined, honored, and treated well during the 5 day visit. Banquets, (keynoted by Sec'y of the Air Force) attended by all allied reps from England, Australia, France, South Africa, Greece, Turkey, and also Germany. We were treated to a one act Opera (Strauss) choreographed by Placido Domingo, with a champagne reception at the Kennedy Center, D. C. by the French President and Ambassador. Many other events were also provide. On Veterans Day we attended the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns, and then assembled in VIP location to hear our President's presentation in the Arlington Amphitheater, attended also by many VIPs including the VP, his wife, Michelle Obama, Sec'y of AF w/daughter and so many "Brass"
all the way up to 4 Stars in ll services and many dignitaries which would make this email too long (LOL. The evening of Vets Day we all attended a special reception given by the Vice President, Joe Biden, also attended by VIPs of said countries. The VP gave a magnificent speech which I will for'd asap after receiving a copy. He then "mixed and mingled" with each and every one of us. I had a wonderful conversation with him and was amazed when he asked if he could obtain a copy of my book, "The Young Ambassadors"! My wife, Ann, was thrilled, especially upon receipt of a kiss on her cheek!! LOL. I will personally report and show and tell, in Flagstaff at the Reunion.
Love to all!
Dr. Dan
FHS '49

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President Obama

President Obama
Biden&Wife, Michelle Obma
Washington Monument  
Ann and me w/French Biggie Reflection Pool, Lincoln Mem. from Washington Mon.
Capitol Building WWII Memorial
White House Korean War Memorial


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