Frankfurt Bier and German Food and Drink

Unique to our experience is the local Bier and German Food and Drink, and there were a lot of great foods and drinks in Frankfurt!

Da Angelos 2/19/09                         (click to enlarge)                                     Mike Major


I remember having to walk all the way around cause the gate to edwards was closed when the movie got out late. but da angelos was there and i'd walk home slow with bert and keith just savoring the greasy peperonni.
Jim Hudson '83

Henninger, Binding, Dortmunder Union

more Darmstadt bier coasters here

Apfelwein, Gluwein,  Limonade, Frischa
Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Sauerkraut, Vinegar Potatoes, Brochen. Pomme Frittes with Mayo, Hot Brown Mustard


Hans S., Rick and Colleen Wienerschnitzel
Zigeunerschnitzel Mein Teller ist lehr

Food for History!‏
Sent: Tue 10/27/09 5:05 PM

I saw the email with the new section. If these pictures are not used, I will not be offended. Just wanted to donate some aromatic, juicy, Yummy pictures.

I went to the reunion that the FHS60-63 group had in Las Vegas in June 2009. We had a dinner at the Hofbräuhaus in Las Vegas. The dinners offered were classic German and I did not see a plate with any food left on it! The descriptions are from the online menu.

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Sauerbraten - This is probably the most popular German Dish! Marinated "Pot Roast Bavarian Style" with Red Wine, Vegetable Strips, Potato Dumpling and Red Cabbage.


Schnitzel Wiener Art - Classic Breaded Pork Cutlet served crisp and Golden Brown, so large that you might not find your plate. With Cranberries and homemade Bavarian Potato Salad.

At the July Eagles Gathering at my house we had home made roulade with brown gravy.


Gummi Baerchen,  Marzipan, German Chocolate


You can buy onlne here

From: Geral Martin (
Sent: Tue 10/27/09

Ok Bruce and all FAHSER'S The Gummie Bear stories of FAHS, per Mr. Martin (that's what I was called then) late in the 60's a 'special Christmas present made to me from my art classes was 50 packages of Gummie Bears! Yep, 50 packages as I always had Gummie bears in class, some times as REWARDS/(bribery for being good!) Well none of those packages had GREEN Gummie bears in them!! They had all been removed and placed in the last package! It was full of GREEN Gummie Bears! I did not know that the students had the Idea that Green Gummie bears would make a person 'HORNEY' That came with in formation I obtained AFTER Christmas.

Story No. 2. Ann Payne moved to Oklahoma before her senior year. While she was there she wrote to me asking me to send her Gummie Bears, asking me to send her several dollars worth. This went on for some time, as she was selling them to army brats enrolled in the university she was attending She presently lives in New Mexico and has a very successful career as a bronze sculptor.I recently sent her an email, but forgot to ask her about the Gummie Bears. Ann was overshadowed by her sister, but was a natural artist. Her works are all over the world. As life has taken me to many places, I still like to go to the Gummie Bear stores in Germany. Crap, the Green Gummie Bears do not have the great green color that Waldmeister gave them in 'OUR DAYS'! OH yes Waldmeister is still available for fruit drink flavoring and Absinth is still available in Luxembourg. Wormwood drinks popular in France caused the attitude of the original Alfred E. Newman, "What me worry", of the French impressionist period. Oh did you know that there was really a guy who looked like that! He was a dish washer in Romney West Virginia during the 1930's, at the Green Palm Restaurant! Well that's enough info from me this evening. If you remember the painting by Manet "The Absentith( I still have not found the correct spelling of that drink!!) - Jerry
-------   (woodruff)

(...remembering from my Art history classes...this may be the painting;  L’Absinthe, by Edgar Degas   -bg)

Ya just gotta love that Geral Martin! Thanks for the stories, Bruce. BTW, check this out if you're interested in the history of Absinthe: - Mary '67



Kinder Schokolade and Grabower Minis 
from Linda Reichert   Facebook




Restaurants, Gasthauses

D'Angelo's Pizza  ("DA")

Your Favorites?


 Seppl Holler / Beim Walter

From: on behalf of John LaTorre
Sent: Thu 5/27/10 9:17 AM To:

There's really only one restaurant that I'm interested in going to when
I return to Frankfurt, if it's even still there.

It was on Marbachweg in Dornbusch, and my family was a regular customer
from 1957 (when it was Seppl Holler) to the early 1970s (by which time
it had become Beim Walter). Their Wiener schnitzel was to die for. When
I was in the hospital, my father would be asked by all the waiters how I
was doing. Dad would order a Wiener schnitzel "to go" and they would box
it up so he could take it to the hospital and give me a break from the
food there. This was in a place where "take-out" food was unheard of.

I should add that they would sometimes refuse payment for it. They
really put the "family" in "family restaurant."

--John LaTorre '66

John et al. -  We lived a few blocks from there, and Seppl Holler was my mom's favorite restaurant on nights she didn't want to cook.  I remember loving their omelets.  I didn't check for its presence last week, although we drove right by there.  Something to do next visit.....Allen



Trinkhalle by the PX     

Michael Blood 3/26/11 -- Trinkhalle Destiny - Miquelallee Frankfurt Germany

Sad to say, I think "They" closed it, most likely for good. Drove past there to day and It was all boarded up. ;Ö(

Trinkhalle Destiny Miguelallee now has a Facebook page
click image to see larger version
Trinkhalle by Platen
Favorite restaurant:  Steak House ('68)  --  Donna Peacher-Hall, Class of '68
Circa 1900 - Bier, Brochen, and "Achte Frankfurter Wurstchen".
(Not much different than today?)

(background: Palmengarten - near FAHS)



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