FAHS Images August 2001

From Hans Pederson

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The following pictures were taken of the FAHS site by Hans Pederson on August 25th 2001.  Hans sent the following information to the email list when he posted the pictures:

I want to share these pictures of the High School with all of you. On the Saturday of Aug. 25 I went down to the High School after over 30 years. It was hard to recognize the old school since it has been redone. It is now a German school where the EAGLE still files on the entrance and in the stadium. Across from the High School is the IDLE HOUR and the church which are in a jungle of trees and shrubs. It was very sad for me to see all of this. The IG FARBEN Building is being prepared for the University of Frankfurt. Anything between the school and the IG Farben is "no mans land" and is fenced in. The houses across the street are partially inhabited by Germans the rest of the houses are empty. The PX has been torn down, a German Polizei Station is there now. In fact all of Frankfurt has lost it's American bases and housing areas. Hanau still has a high school and all of the housing areas are still in use.


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