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"The  Roman Banquet was the year I studied Latin II.  I think it was the first year Miss Costello arranged a Roman banquet.  Toga party!  Not really but we did wear togas and it was great fun. - Mary Ilseng

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In this photo: Louise Knapp, Kent Prather, Mary Ilseng (photos), Larry Orrick, Mina Mathies, Ted Schindler (photos), Jack Remus
Ted's Birthday Party
In this photo: Steven D Denmark (photos)
In this photo: Cindy Graham Chastain, Hans Totman, Mary Ilseng (photos), Mina Mathies, Gayle Rautio
Hans... Cindy, Mary, Mickie & Gayle at Berliner Platz in downtown Giessen. ca. 1965
In this photo: Mary Ilseng (photos), Hans Totman, Mina Mathies, Cindy Graham Chastain, Gayle Rautio
Mary, Hans, Mickie, Cindy & Gayle buying Toblerones in downtown Giessen. ca.1965

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