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As you probably remember, wearing buttons was a big fad. Here are some scans of buttons that I have.
For the 68 senior trip to London I purchased this slide rule from the Honor Society at their little store by the front door in Sep 65.
 ...a large FHS Pennant that I got in Sep 65.
My graduation picture. 68 Yearbook
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This was a coaster signed by Paul Eisman and myself 28 hours and 30 mins before I got on the train to Le Harve, France to board the SS United States to return to the land of the round door knobs.
  It might be interesting to some that the Activity Bus Pass was signed by Mr. Rains himself. I know many students have fond memories of Mr. Rains.


My father worked for NSA and I was required to carry the German ID at all times.
Frankfurt City Transportation Ticket

  This was issued to me by the Department of Defense at Fort Meade, MD about two weeks prior to our departure to Germany.
  With the price of gold today, does anybody know what our class rings would be worth?
Darmstadt Teen Club 1966 Darmstadt Audio Club 1966
66-67 Student Handbook
FAHS Stationary
I probably took these in the spring of 66.
spring 66 - In the picture you can see the old Army bus that was used to transport us to the gym annex for the boys PE.

Notice all the Beetles lined up.

The classroom huts. I had Mr. Kesslerís class in the hut on the right.  The library in the building in the back. Girls PE class on the football field.
This was taken one day in the spring of 66 after classes were finished and we were getting on the bus to return to Darmstadt. Canít identify the guy.

(Bob Fogerson? -bg)

This was the Darmstadt bus heading out in the Spring of 66 to FHS.
Darmstadt Stars & Stripes Store, May 82. The newspaper staff was located in Darmstadt,.  May '82

I received an email from Claudia Cable 67 and she reminded me that Stars and Stripes was printed in Griesheim. In fact she worked during the summer there in book bindery.  -Mike

The cafeteria in Darmstadt where a lot of FHSers hung out..  May '82
Our movie theater in Darmstadt. If I remember correctly, tickets were fifteen cents and a bag of popcorn was 10. I have to dig through my stuff to verify that. This was the building I lived in Darmstadt, May 82. My apartment was down at the far end.
More Darmstadt Bier Coaster Images here
This is the back of the Darmstadt DYA and one of the housing buildings. Summer of 65. This was a German Ė American carnival held in Lincoln Village, Darmstadt in the summer of 65.
This was the stairwell I lived in. It was taken right before Christmas. I lived in the top right hand apartment. Notice the aluminum foil Christmas tree which was the fad thing then. Lincoln Village in Darmstadt where most of the Darmstadters lived.
 You can see the baseball field on the right. I also found some of the original pictures of what I sent you earlier. If you need a better copy, let me know.
Darmstadt DYA Summer of 65. Darmstadt DYA, May 82
This was the stairwell I lived in Darmstadt. This is the same stairwell in the picture with the Christmas decorations. Darmstadt BX May 82 Ė Darmstadt still looked the same as in the 60s.
Fritzís Ė a very popular place for FHS boys in Darmstadt. Darmstadt Officerís Club, May 82
The Darmstadt Boy Scout Hut. This will bring back memories for a few FHSers.


The Regina Hotel in Darmstadt. Quite a few Darmstadt FHSers stayed here after arriving from the land of the round door knobs or before going back.
'65 Marktplatz mit Rathaus '65, PrinzGeorgeGarten Porzellanschlosschen und Elisabethen Kirche
More Darmstadt Post Card Images here
This is Paul Eisman 68 and his infamous BMW (Edwards)
 Members of the FHS golf team used it a lot to go to Hanau after school to practice in the fall of 67. I believe it was the first golf team for FHS but not sure. Paul and I also drove it on Nurburgring (sp) the famous German race track during a snow storm. We were discovered and told to leave because of the icy conditions. You can see my stairwell in the background, Edwards housing. I lived in the apartment on the first floor, jus to the right of the door on the left.

This is the stairwell I lived in Edwards Housing, May 82. Iit can be seen in the background of the picture of Paul Eisman and his BMW. The really had fixed it up quite nice.

FAHS, Frankfurt
This picture should have some historical value and interest for those that were at FHS in the spring of 66. We were getting a rash of bomb threats at the high school. At first they were sending us to the theater across the parking lot. This picture was taken during an evacuation to the theater. Later it was decided that we would be safer if they sent us home. As far as I know only one person was caught. He was a GI that was turned in by his girlfriend who was a FHSer for the reward money. At least thatís what we ďheardĒ.  
This was taken on a field trip with Miss Matilda Kuzaraís biology class to a German museum in the spring of 66. FHS Dorm Spring of 66.
Here are two pictures of a Frankfurt city park where we use to go when we skipped classes. Canít remember the name of the park. Maybe someone will recognize it.
Berkesheim -  (village east of Edwards Housing)
This was a Gasthaus in the little village just east of Edwards Kaserne where the guys used to go to. Again I canít remember the name. Too many gasthauses or too many biers. Hereís another picture of that village.
Bruce: Thanks for posting these pics from Mike Eschleman .tell him I recognize the village (east of Edwards Housing) they used to go to drink, et al........it is Berkesheim ....I know, 'cause we lived on the economy about 1/2 mile up the road (toward Edwards) ....our parents had an artist paint 4 paintings of the little village church there (shown in pic) depicting the 4 different seasons of the year....we each have one to this day. I had heard the local gasthaus would serve you bier as long as you were tall enough to stand up to the bar! Ever, Donna Crosby, '65
Hereís a WW 1 memorial that was in the village. The Fall of 67 golf team. This may be in the 68 yearbook but this was a copy they gave to us.

We played Berlin in a golf match at Wiesbaden. There was also a trip organized during 67-68 school year where several of the students went to Berlin. I couldnít go because of security reasons. One of my friends brought me a piece of cement and section of barb wire from the wall though. I did get to be an exchange student with a German Gymnasium for two weeks. There were three of us but I canít remember who the other two were. We attended classes with the our partner students and spoke nothing but German for two weeks. (This is when I wish we had digital cameras back then. Film was quite expensive to buy and get developed so we didnít take many pictures).


I also have some pictures from the Class of 68 senior trip to London. Iíve heard we ruined class trips for the classes that came behind us Ė but what a party!

Was that the one where someone fell out of a window?- bg

Yes that was the one! We were woken up by the London police that had come into our rooms, packed our suitcases under their surveillance, given a police escort to the train station and put on a train back to Germany. That was also the trip Mark Benson 68 smuggled a Fender amp through customs.

London - Senior Class Trip
This was taken at Piccadilly Circus in London. The girl in the bottom left hand corner was an FHSer and I think the guy may have been one too. I donít remember her name. Notice in the background To Sir With Love and Lord of the Flies were showing at the theater and an ad for 2001. Love the big Coke sign. #10 Downing St. Kathy Grosscup 68 and I got to walk up to the door and talk to the two Bobbies in the pictures. They were very friendly.


Piccadilly Circus. The guy is a FHSer. Canít remember his name. Piccadilly Circus again.    April '68
Overseas Brats Reunion Dallas 95

Left to right: Nancy Qualls í68, Mike Eshleman í68, Gaye Crosby í69, Billy Cox í70, Donna Peacher í68, Chip Bradshaw Ď69
Nancy Qualls  


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