2010 Reunion New Orleans
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Mary Nagel, Gene Crowley and Melinda Holm (all Class of 1967)

Reunion Begins

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Mike, I put it on the web page cover...I know that's Mary Nagel and Gene Crowley...not sure who the other person is...is that Melinda Holm?

Have a great time...I am so sad I can't go but my family comes first and I will just have to make it next year.


[Frankfurt_HS_67-71] The Reunion Has Started!
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Ken Flauding's Photos - FHS Reunion 2010

Meanwhile Elsewhere....
[Frankfurt_HS_67-71] Virginia Beach greeting to FAHS New Orleans reunion‏

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Hope everyone is having a blast! Chef BOB Passarelli - '70 and Mikey Doane '69....so wish we could be there with you guys!

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New Orleans has crawdaddys

Virginia Beach has (giv'em the) clawdaddys

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[Frankfurt_HS_67-71] Reunion Street Car Ride
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New Orleans Straßenbahn Ride

from John Zody


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My dear classmates,

It was so much fun. Every minute. It was too sad to leave. I don't know about next year, my nephew has dibs on me for a trip of his choice I promised all my nieces and nephews if they reached 21 with no cavities. Billy's the first. "I want to go to the moon, Aunt Melinda." anyway, it far surpassed any expectations I had. It was like old home week -- after, in my case, 43 years! Four stars. * * * *

Let's do it. If I don't do Colorado Springs, San Francisco is on my 2012 list. McCready lifted a glass to all absent classmates, bringing your right there with us for a brief dazzling instant,

Love you, each and all,


Mike, do you have an email list of attendees? I miss everyone like mad.

Videos from Mike McCready
Was the New Orleans Reunion any fun? A wish list of Class of 1967 Alums that didn't make this year's reunion in New Orleans. Were you mentioned?
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Class of 1967 Class of 1968
Class of 1969 Class of 1970
Class of 1971
Dormies! Spouses


"El Guapo"

OK, freshly back from my 2010 Frankfurt American High School Reunion, hosted this year in New Orleans. Too far inland to see any pollution, so the swamp tour was a way cool highlight for some of us. We saw New Orleans from the 16th floor roof of our opulent hotel and from the narrow, broken streets outside. Talk about HUMID!

Meet "El Guapo," a wild and wide 12-foot alpha alligator in a bayou off of the Pearl River in nearby Slidell. Our boat guide was a very knowledgeable, lucid and wise (biology, history, geography and comedy) potential professor, one quarter Cajun, a quarter Creole (rich French), English and German. One of the highlights of my five days there was the swamp tour.

It's always great to see my old classmates, too...I'd missed the previous seven reunions.


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Mike Major's Photos - FHS New Orleans 2010


Videos from Mike McCready
A All Classes Other Than 1967 through 1971 New Orleans Reunion Saturday Night Dinner
More New Orleans Reunion Saturday Night Dinner Even More New Orleans Reunion Saturday Night Dinner


Donna Peacher-Hall's Photos - New Orleans Reunion ~ 2010 

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Tommy Heflin


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Judy Roberto's Photos - New Orleans  


Melinda Holm YouTube Videos       
  Last night in New Orleans
Class of '68 was a good one. Operation Baby Lift, I wonder what happened to those babies. ... Frankfurt High School reunion New Orleans 2010 ... Tail end of the Class of '68, partial remake of the class of '67 and the class of 69 in the ballroom. In the hallway, Frankfurt Elementary School and High School Sweethearts.
FIRST video at the FKFT reunion in New Orleans. I remember thinking as I was filming: "This is what it is."
with Ken Flauding '69, Betty House Weller '70 and Donna Preacher Hall '68
sitting in the center room of the rooftop poolside suite the reunion committee reserved for us.
My Daddy always said, "Drink the first drink, hold the second." Featuring Bob Edwards '68 and Chris Jesseman '68, off camera.
And truly, I majored in history.
World Cup: Buddy Lerch '69, Becky and Ralph Blessing '73, Chuck Bracker '67, Mina Mathies '67, Chris Jesseman '68, Erik Thamm '68, (who lights up when Betty House comes in behind him), Mike McCready '67 watching the American team. Chris Jesseman + desert boots
A gift to the women of '68
Dutch Meeker '70 photographed the reunion. Gayle Spear Cratty '69 is a longtime officer of the alumni association who still wears Shalimar. Pics on the Bed - 
The bathroom on this side had all the sodas, water and beer on ice in the bathtub. Starring Jan Bergman Schumacher '70, Deedee Flauding '70, a brief appearance by Bill House '69, the yearbooks, banners and photo albums people brought and my first Bloody Mary (w/gin).

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