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. Here are some pictures of a rock band (Armageddon) i was in while in Germany. Also a picture of me and someone (i don't remember) his name at graduation. That is me on the left.  I only remember a few of the band members names. Russ Tilton 71 on drums. Jim Ciricillo 71 on guitar. That's me on bass guitar. This was a USO gig we did at one of the housing areas ball fields. There were some other local bands that performed also and one British band that had a few records out . Their name was HOME. That's all i remember about that. I also have some more pictures i will send of another band we had (HARD). Hope you can use these in music section on the history pages. Thanks, Philip

I saw the British group Home at a festival in Wurzburg circa '73. They were alright.- Rudi B.

1 - 1971 Armageddon   --  Philip Hilderbrand - bass,   Russ Tilton - drums


2 -- 1971 band Armageddon, l-r -    Jim Ciricillo 71,  ?? , ?? ,  Philip Hilderbrand 71,  Russ Tilton 71


3 -1971 Armageddon   --  ?? - keyboards


4 - 1971 Armageddon   --   Russ Tilton


5 - 1971? Armageddon   --  Jim Ciricillo 71 -  guitar


6 - 1971? Armageddon   --  ? - Congas




9 -- 1971 Graduation,  Philip,    ?

...Thought you would like seeing a picture of my Hofner 501b Beatle Bass. I've had it 41 years now. My dad gave it for Christmas while in Frankfurt. - Philip Hilderbrand FAHS 71



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