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Drew, Dutch, and Rai at Graduation (Larger image)

Leroy Crooks and Date at Sports Banquet
(Larger image)

Anthony Brown '70 (larger image)

Mike Bettez '71 (1970) (larger image)

Roman Way YT

Rai Pollard 70 Videos  w/Geral Martin  August 2007

FAHS Students living here: Leroy Crooks, Larry Thompson, Anthony Brown '70


Butzbach's Military housing complex for U.S. Soldiers and dependants closed it's doors forever in July 2007.
A short visit to bring back memories.
Roman Way Village Housing Area 2007 Part I

Roman Way Village Housing Area 2007 Part II

Roman Way Village Housing Area 2007 Part III

 That's the patch I had designed and had made years ago to use on my motorcycle vest, when I ride to the Viet Nam Memorial every Memorial Day. I was lucky enough to get stationed back in Butzbach's Schloss Kaserne when I was in the Army after High School.
(larger image)

Joe Santiago, Cross Country 1970 (larger image)

Larry Cain 1970 (larger image)

Butzbach AYA Pool Tables  (larger image) 

Butzbach AYA Snack Bar 1968
Ray Barracks 2007 Part I


Ray Barracks Capri Club Elvis Exhibition


Ray Barracks 2007 Part III
Ray Barracks 2007 Part II
Ayers Kaserne in August, 07



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