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ve attached a few items as a test. Noticed that one "bleeds" through. Is there a "fix" for that?

The scanner is actually a Canon photo-all-in-one scanner, printer,etc. I finally opened my treasure trove box (15x11.5x5) of memories. This is what I have:
1. FAHS Information bulletin 169-70
2. FAHS Student Handbook
3. Mini-Course Catalog 1970
4. USAEUR Student Handbook For Junior and Senior High School
5. The FHS Library Hanbook for Student Assistants
6. FAHS Student Parent Handbook 1969-70
7. FAHS Curriculm Guide
8. Adolescent Living-Semester Outline 1969
9. List of Keyette members in 1970 plus The Keyzette (national publication)
10. Senior Ivy 1969 and 1970
11. Play programs from Kiss Me Kate and The Madwoman of Chaillot
12. Various Eagles Echoes
13. Several newspaper clippings
14. Football programs

Not sure what else is in the box but I'll slowly try to scan... Didn't find any Talons.


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