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I just received and scanned these from Rosemary (Diehl) Disney 69 and she requested that I share them with our group. They are from her photo collection and are Keyettes during the 1968-69 school year as far as I can tell.

Keyettes page from 69YB may help -bg:



Front l-r:   Vicki Pollen, Leslie Pollen, Kay Dukes           Back Row l-r:     Trish (Patty) O'Neil, Vicki Powell, , Jean Nielson  
Front l-r:  ??,    Dixie McIlwain? ,    Jane Collier                 Back Row l-r:     ??  ,  Erica "Ricki" Nelson,  ??   
Front l-r:   Debbie Sheridan ,  Pat Royal,  Bev Marshall       Back Row l-r:    Carol Cavanaugh  ,  ??  ,  Rosemary Diehl  
Front l-r:  Pam Geiger,  Betty House,  ??     Back Row l-r:  Pat Lagerberg,  Rhonda Patrick,   Charlene Gonzales   
Front l-r:   Krys Wages, Gretchen Pence, Linda Buckles        Back Row l-r:     Lori Phillips, Janet Worthington  , Lori Collins?  
Front l-r:   ??  ,  Kwan Hee Kim,   Karen Tilton        Back Row l-r:     Sharon DuPlantis,  Charlene Heiser  , Evelyn Clark  
(the person in the middle of the back row is Charlene Heiser.  Your Eagle Brother, Grant 70' uber alles  Thanks Grant! )
Front l-r:  Kathy Garner,  Jan Baumgartner ,  Susie Regan           Back Row l-r:  Monica Olsen,   Vicki Powell  ,  Connie Wells  


BRAT past - Our house in Machinato 59-62. They had the names on them.



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