FAHS Alumni, Where Are You? -- Ways to Find Classmates

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Eventually I hope to collect the expertise from the different FAHS alumni groups, and other sources, and create a easy to use methodology to follow, and that saves time and costs.

Alumni looking to find classmates

see if they are on the Alumni lists here and have an active email, If you only have maiden aname you may also find married names here

search by name  Alumni List Search         search by graduation year    Alumni by Year

Facebook     linkedIn

Search web for other pages like this e.g. other High School Aumni websites


Google search for Finding Classmates shows many links that have ways


  also try finding classmates by year on facebook

try with quotes to narrow search results   try middle initial or name and maiden nme


WWW www.frankfurthigh.com


Tony Diaz '68, (lived in Giessen and then in Hanau)

Is in touch with: Hans Gerasch, Tom Redus, George Charett, Chris Sutfin, Johnny Meeks

He is looking for:Jim Dunn Jr, Roman Schatt, Paul Reed, Connie Classen, Ace Britt, Daniel Keller, Ron Bouchard, Robert Elee, Harry and Charlie King, Carrie Gibb, Charlie Gaines

Henry is looking for Phil and Carter Hilderbrand -- Found (thanks Diane!)

From other Alumni sites/groups

Super Duper Leute Finder: http://www.syntax61.com/fahs/leute.cfm
This is our voluntary database, the more folks log in and add their info here, the better the info gets. -Dennis 78, www.fahs.org
A great article "Looking for Friends" by Fred Schloss '64 in the FAHS 63-66 Oct. 2008 Eagles Echo newsletter or Here
The 57?-62 group has been finding many alumni every month - I'm not sure all the details of how they do it yet, but in the end I think there is a team of people calling everyone everywhere with the same name until they find the right one.

Where to go to do searches

American Overseas Schools Historical Society AOSHS page for Finding people, schools and businesses


View, Search, or Sign the Overseas Brats Guestbook to find people or leave a message to help find people


(need a section on how to use free information, and avoid paying for info you can get for free)

Ask classmates - Yahoo Group, FAHSPA

See if brothers and sisters are listed in alumni sites.

Find married name, locate state to narrow search

Classmates.com - have to pay at least a short  time access charge - now called Memory Lane

MyLifeT - formerly Reunion.com - Note many are reporting abuses by this site, e.g. sending emails to many others in your name,  running spyware type programs that harvest all the addresses in your email address book (supposedly you give them permission in the "fine print"), questionable billing practices, etc..  The have received an "F" rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and have been "red flagged" by McAfee. They have renamed themselves  MyLifeT recently.  Except for the database they create from subscribers data, they appear to use the same search tools you can use elsewhere.  Check them out carefully first.  If you are willing to pay, aren't concerned about your data security, and don't have time, they can find people.  i started getting search results from them that were good, but long after I had already found the same information other ways.

One good search site is Veromi: http://www.veromi.net.
It gives you he option to put in a name, then lists matches to that name (often
with current ages), associated names, possible employment/business
associations, cities and states they have lived in, possible
relatives, and possible roommates/associates. It only gives you the
basics...you have to pay extra for the real stuff, which I wouldn't
do. The key is that it gives you a possible starting point. It only
gives you 100 names, so the more info you know, the better your
search will be.


Unfortunately, another site we sometimes need to check is the Social
Security Death Index: http://ssdi.rootsweb.ancestry.com.

Myspace - Find Alumni's Children's pages, then contact them through their kids.

Search Engines - how to use, Google, Yahoo, MSN

Online Phone Lists  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=white+pages+phone+book
example: http://www.whitepages.com/search/FindPerson?extra_listing=mixed&form_mode=opt_b&post_back=1&firstname_begins_with=1&firstname=Phillip+&name=Hilderbrand&street=&city_zip=chesapeake&state_id=VA&localtime=survey


http://www.ancestry.com - birth, marriage records - If you know the state and/or county where they were born or married, the names of parents or brothers and sisters, they may be listed here.  (I once narrowed down the search to the exact individual, including finding their married name, here).

Military Service Records

Notes on free vs. pay for



"Passive" ways to find classmates

Have a page on your website that list the names, and variations in names (nick names, maiden names, etc.) of all the classmates.  When the webpage gets included in search engines data, then whenever that person does a Google or other search for themselves they will hopefully find your website and reconnect. 

An example of this is http://www.frankfurthigh.com/history/subpages/70classlist.htm

There is no email or personal data there, just names.  An alumni could find the site and never let us know...its up to them.

So far I've gotten one response from someone finding us this way...

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