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Good ol FAHS in the 80s                             by Shawn Shinkle 
to the group
"FAHS Brats"

Here's the front entrance to the Annex          by Shawn Shinkle 
to the group
"FAHS Brats"
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Main Entrance 1970                                            John Neumyer   FAHS Front 1970                                                John Neumyer
Annex A 1970                                                       John Neumyer Idle Hour Theater 1970                                         John Neumyer
East Entrance, Aug 4, 2002                                John Neumyer
The two walking away from the camera are John's sons. 
West Entrance, June 1970                                  John Neumyer  (That guy almost looks like Dutch.  it is!. -John) Front Entrance 1966-7?                                               Jack Trost
Silver City Classroom                                               Jack Trost   Silver City (Whose convertable Corvair?)            Jack Trost
Did some digging and came up the attached ...The first bunch are by Jack Trost. I concentrated on Jack’s photos that showed as much of the buildings as possible, but you’ll see that they’re always in the background of something else.  The 1967 yearbook was very much a Jack Trost effort. - John
At the Game                                                     (put curor over image to see names)                                                       Jack Trost
  2nd down on the far right is Carol Harris. -Zody

      Blond in letterman jacket is Glen Lloyd.  Starting L-R  Behind him (on his right) is Candy Parrish, Girl with glasses: Betty Weaver.  Blond: Paula Price.  Next, Mike Major,  Dark hair: Greg Eaves.  Blond in profile, looking left, I think, is Jan Turro.  In front of Mike and Greg is Janice Bain (wearing glasses)
Girl behind Candy is Ayse Bayat.  Behind Ayse, I'm pretty sure, is Kathy Cooney.  All of these are 1967 grads. -Mary I.
Beat Beat Beat, FAHS Gym, Late 66                        Jack Trost                                                                                           Jack Trost
It's a little too far away, but...  The blond girl, center left with her hair flying is probably Linda Reese.  Girl in plaid dress (center) is likely Melinda Holm.  Guy in the very center, wearing a tie, is probably Steve Smith.  Dark hair, plaid shirt behind BB net is Greg Eaves...Also, there are a lot of German students in this photo. - Mary I.   Greg Zunich, Greg Eaves, Pete Witt, Tom Pagett, Steve Jedlicki, & Chris Riche also - Stuart Drill Team on field:  Blond with back to photographer is Candy Hutchison.  To her left, facing forward in dark turtleneck & vest is Linda White. -Mary I.

On the near sideline at the left is Peggy Newell - Zody

                                                                                          Jack Trost                                                                                          Jack Trost
                                                                                        Jack Trost
                                                                                         Jack Trost                                                                                       Jack Trost

View From Annex A                                                                                                                                                                   Jack Trost

View from the Football Field 1970

John Neumyer

View from the Football Field 2002

John Neumyer

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