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FAHS students usually had two lives, the one at school, and the one at their home community.  Many spent time riding the bus to and from school every day.  There were five and seven day Dormies.  Some lived close enough to walk to school.

Please add your photos, stories, comments, and links!    send to  Bruce70


Another site that has many great images of housing areas today and installations in the Frankfurt area

Installation Directory - Germany       America was Around the Corner Facebook


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Housing Areas

Betts-Atterberry Giessen Rhein Main Hicog Drake Edwards Hügel Platen
Darmstadt    FB Dorms Hoechst Von Steuben Camp King Bad Nauheim Karlsruhe     
Gibbs Butzbach Friedberg Aschaffenburg Bad Vilbel Hanau Ff PX, Commissary

 click image to go to the map on wikimapia

A great aerial map with marked areas

Lots of housing area links on Holly's F.A.J.H.S. Website
Great site: US Installation/housing recent photos

Bad Nauheim

click images to enlarge

Hello Bruce 70,
I am Eddie Clark in Eugene, Oregon. I too was an ARMY brat 1969 ( age 13) in Bad Nauheim 1969.
There was the elementary school in Bad Nauheim that I attended from Nov. 1968 to spring 1969 and attended Frankfurt American Jr. High fall 1969. I would have attended FAHS and graduated class of 1974. I have attached some photos that somehow survived all this time of the housing in Bad Nauheim and three girl friends, one of which did attend FAHS: Carol Marx. I knew Dutch Meeker but not very well as he was about 4 years older than I, but I seen him play guitar with Henry Frogge` on drums whom also lived in Bad Nauheim.
I have been trying to make contact with anyone, but no luck so far. I hope you receive this message and find the photos acceptable to post. Please keep in touch!
Eddie Clark

Carol Marx, ?, ?

I have a page for the housing areas in Bad Nauheim and Friedberg if interested   - George Paul

Bad Nauheim - Alvin York Village, Feb 2009

from forgotten-frankfurt

click images to go to website



click images to enlarge

Bad Nauheimers Dutch Meeker '70 and John Brooks '68

John Brooks '68 (1949-2010) of the funniest, carefree, loving guys I ever had the honor to call a friend - Dutchb

Bad Nauheim - Alvin York Village/McNair Aschaffenburg
Anthony Brown '71  


Bad Nauheim - Anthony Brown(71): BTW: My dad was stationed at Friedberg (where Elvis served his tour of duty), and we lived at the housing area in Bad Nauheim, a couple miles away (south of Butzbach and Giessen, we rode the same school bus as those residents).


About 50 kilometers (Aschaffenburg to FAHS)

How long did it take to get to school? About an hour and a half, including the 20 mins. it took to get from our house to the military bus stop. 

Did you have a Movie Theater, Roller Rink, Bowling Alley, PX, Commissary, etc.? All of the above. 

Who do you remember rode the same bus? Linda & Jim Moore, Pat Norwood, Peggy Cone, JoAnn Shemwell & her brother, Charlie Wahle, Tom Tinker

Was there a late bus, so you could take part in extra curricular activities at the school? Yes, but it left around 4:30pm, so when I was in the musical, my (step)mom had to pick me up every night at 10:30pm.

 - Herb Hall

Alvin York Village Family Housing Area Bad Nauheim Germany - from Dirk Howard '65

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click image to enlarge  

If you lived in Karlsruhe, I am sure you remember this. I was born within walking distance of this palace. When I was little we used to walk her from my grandmother's and play in the gardens...

- Susie
(on the  FAJHS/FAHS  Yahoo Group)

Karlsruher Schloss

from Susie

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Gibbs Kaserne  Added by Mike Fravell to the Facebook group "FAHS Brats"

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Closing Stars&Stripes 2007 Article .pdf 

The Giessen housing - much like most other "classic" housing areas
- thanks Kym for the photo

Jim, Rhonda, and Yvonne Mingus Denmark ca. 1968

Not sure there are too many 'Giesseners' around, but thought you may enjoy some
recent pictures I made in Dulles and Marshall housing areas - .forgotten-frankfurt

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Giessen - George C Marshall Village Family Housing


Wednesday, May 26, 2010
Giessen - John F Dulles Village Family Housing

60 klicks (kilometers) from Frankfurt --

Over one hour on the bus each way! 


The garrison was inactivated and the colors cased on 28 September 2007.


click image to enlarge     with name IDs

Giessen Letter Jackets - does any one know who's in the photo, who took it and when? email Bruce70

I could be wrong, but I think that is Morris Ostroff (69) standing 2nd from the left.  He actually was my Home Ec cooking partner (yep, definitely the cutest and I think the only guy in the class!) our senior year!  I don't know where he was from, and I can't get the yearbook to open to compare pictures.  Maybe someone else can verify... Diane (Moore) Harlow

From Steve Denmark's Giessen AYA page:

"Without question, the most defining event of 1966 was the plan to order our own letter jackets. This was a total departure from the accepted norm, a revolution of sorts. Only the major high schools had these coats. This was an outlaw move. Giessen, an hour and half on the autobahn north of Frankfurt, precluded any real possibility from our participation in FHS events due to time, distance and travel. Having our own letter jackets gave us an identity and a kind of pride that had never existed before.

We obtained a catalogue by mail from Wilson Sporting Goods (the address we found at the overseas order desk at the PX). The style of jacket that we wanted was  identical in color and design to our sports rivals, Frankfurt. "Grudging admiration" is a term that comes to mind.

The price of the jacket was  determined by the quantity ordered. Only those individuals who had played as a member of a school or intramural team were eligible to wear a jacket. As I recall, we needed checks from 36 students to meet the minimum."

I found this photo recently and recognized my brother. We lived in Giessen during that time period and although I was five years younger than these people, I recognized Morris Ostroff. My brother Donald (Don) Wells is at the far right (wearing Beatle boots:) He did not have the photo in front of him but remembered the following. The people in the photo and I can't tell you who is who are: Danny and Bill Johnson (brothers), Steve Denmark, Joe Gabriel, Dave Mulder and possibly Toffer Godfry. This photo was taken outside the AYA which was located near the commissary. On Saturdays the guys would bag groceries and hang out at the AYA shooting pool. Sgt Hernandez was in charge of the AYA (I remember him too) and asked them to step outside for a photo. It is my understanding that he took the photo. I'll ask my sister if she remembers anyone as she is a couple of years older than me. I hope this sparks some memories. -- Sonya (Wells) Miller From: Sonya Miller
Sent: Sun 2/28/10 3:36 PM
To: ba_garner

Don said the photo was probably taken in '68.
My brother called me back. He and his wife (also in Giessen at that time) pulled up the photo. They said Tofer Godfrey (not sure of any spelling here) is to the left of Morris Ostroff. Kim Mingus is to the left of my brother (who is at the far right) Sam Burke, wearing a kind of sheepskin jacket is behind her to the left. He said also John Bray is in the photo. He remembers the faces but couldn't put name with the faces. He said he thought this was the occasion when they all got their letter jackets. From: on behalf of Bluehaseiler
Sent: Fri 3/05/10 3:59 PM
To: Bruce Garner (

Bruce: Here are the names I am sure of. Standing L to R is Topher Godfrey, Morris Ostroff, 4th is Danny Johnson 7th is Bill Johnson 8th is Reiner Eaton and Don Wells in front of him. Kneeling is L to R is Mike Hess, Pete Kilgore and John Kile. The only girl I recognize is Kim Mingus, she is in the forefront. Steve Denmark is not in this photo. I playd on the first 2 Giessen Giants teams in 65 and 66. This photo is circa fall 67 or spring 68. No laterm than spring 68 as many of thos you see in the photo were class of 68. I was class of 67. If I can help anymore with photo's please email me , I will try to look the kids up, I have a couple of yearbooks (65 & 67) and will try and match names to faces I do not remember. Most I do some I don't. Thanks Henry


circa1960 Giessen FAHSers                     from Helmut

Giessen Junior High 1958

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Rhein Main AFB  - Gateway Gardens

Facebook - The Gateway to Europe: Rhein Main Air Force Base    Rhein Main Brats


Rhein Main Brats page

Before Rhein Main - the Zeppelin Base
 Rhein Main Air Base and the Berlin Airlift


Rhein Main control tower         Bitty Martin Elizabeth Ricketson To "Frankfurt American High School"


Gateway Gardens c2009 from

from Nicki '66 and  fhs63-66



"Rhein Main ceremony ends era as 'gateway', April 1, 1995

  (pdf file)

RM control tower being torn down
-from FAHS alumnus Rich Lawton '84

Rhine Main Ice Skating Rink
From '54 YB  on page 117 .      On Facebook

Usarelm Air Passenger Rhein Main 1970         from Walter Alvin
Some stayed here the last night before returning stateside.

"This sign was still here in the late 1970s."
Alex Sutherland‎   to  The Gateway to Europe: Rhein Main Air Force Base




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The Dorms

rom the 70 Dorm Yearbook             from Michael Wood '71

Basement Friends - from Deborah
 click image to see "Candid Photos" album on the site



51 YB - Boys Dorm on Eschersheimer Landstrasse
 on Facebook

51 YB - Girls Dorm at 55 Wiesenau Strasse
on Facebook

More on the FAHS Dorm Page    and    Dorm Page on Facebook

Pat C. '70, 5 day dormie 67-68 Home: Sophus Lies Gate 6, Oslo, Norway Dad was Asst. Air Attaché to the U.S. Embassy.
FAHS: Boys Dorm All the best...
Chris Stimson

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Frankfurt PX, Commissary

From Darl Paul Sams to Facebook Frankfurt American High School
"In 1959 while flying to the US from Ankara, Turkey we had a layover in Rhein Main. Dad wanted to go to Frankfurt to see the owner of Willi Franks Gasthaus who he got to know in 1952-54. This is a photo of the PX/Commissary on the WACS circle as it appeared in the 50's."


PX, WAC Circle 1960                  from Walter Alvin  

1951- WAC Circle and PX 1951
- Source

from the  54 Yearbook   on    Page  117              
on Facebook

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The Residences/Housing Areas Close (walk to school) to FAHS
Hicog, Platen, Drake/Edwards, Von Steuben, Hügel
Near the school
"Little Casno" 1959-61  (later "Eagles Nest")   larger image      photo From Frank da Cruz 
As the "Eagles Nest"  c70                         from Ricki Menard Idle Hour Theater 1970                            black and white copy
 John Neumyer made of a color print from Scott Hegland.
Idle Hour Photos            from David Kirney     See a great Frankfurt 2002 album of David's Here
From Rick on their recent trip to Frankfurt...

Here's a picture of the teen club when we were there in Nov. 2005, compared to now!

I told him it looked different than the picture that Kym and Mary and Steve sent from last September....oh's sad now.




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Gruneberg Park - Next to the HS, Dormie hangout, Art class drawing site, Cross-country race course, giant chess set.  Check out this website from Matthew Aaron 76:

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HICOG - 1951 - the HICOG Housing Project      Facebook Page
(Acronym for High Commission for Occupied Germany)

The building we lived in on Joachim Becker Strasse, Hicog, 1995 - Bruce '70, Kathy '69 Garner

Hicog is across from the football field. From a 1954 photo. Classroom  Annex is lower right. 


Tennis Team practiced on the Hicog courts

Six photos of HICOG circa 1972-73. Front and back of where my family lived on Joachim Becher and the basketball and tennis courts. - Kent Hierstein   (click image to enlarge)



5-1 Joachim

Ron and Kent

Joachim Becher Strasse

Basketball Court

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Drake Edwards
  45 minute walk to school -Skip Petit

Stairwell living at its very finest. Edwards Housing Area, Frankfurt.      Sherry Nelson  

Drake Kaserne 2007  
  Main Gate from John Freedman '74 on pics -- (see closeups of swastika design in the gate}
Edwards c1960 from Frank McHugh

This is Paul Eisman 68 and his infamous BMW (Edwards)
 Members of the FHS golf team used it a lot to go to Hanau after school to practice in the fall of 67. I believe it was the first golf team for FHS but not sure. Paul and I also drove it on Nurburgring (sp) the famous German race track during a snow storm. We were discovered and told to leave because of the icy conditions. You can see my stairwell in the background, Edwards housing. I lived in the apartment on the first floor, jus to the right of the door on the left.

from Mike Eshleman's page


Find many photos of Edwards Kaserne and relied subjects on      Photo Index 

The Sacred Main Gate to Drake Kaserne - 1966

Photo by Michael Fredericks

 Sp4 Jim McNulty guards the gate of Division Headquarters armed with only a billy club. Those were pre-terrorist times. As a "UP" (Unit Police), he was forbidden to carry a rifle or sidearm, unlike the gun-toting MP's.

Edwards Housing Area, Frankfurt - 1960's
A bastion of American culture & home-cooked meals.

Photos courtesy of Frankfurt-
American High School website


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Holly Marienkäfer

 I walked to school
from the Hügel Housing Area - Theresa 69

More images;

2266 A1 Hugel Housing  1971-1972 by Michael Blood   

  See more and larger images - click on logo:


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Von Steuben  Got any images?
 click image to go to the map on wikimapia
      A great aerial map with marked areas   (yellow area is Von Steuben)

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Platen (Platenstraße)
About 15min walk to school          A Facebook Platen site here
From the album: Germany 2011 - Frankfurt (Platen) by April Blackmon

from Frank da Cruz  

from Frank da Cruz
The view from 2231 Platenstraße. 1959-60 2235 Plantenstraße. 1959-60
The "back yard" of 2231 Platenstraße.1975
Click for larger image                          from Frank da Cruz
Platen Girls Softball Field 2007       from Darl Sams '67
Platen Baseball Field Backstop 2007       from Darl Sams '67
click image for larger size

"...Platen baseball field taken on a trip to Germany in Oct, 07.  The only thing still standing is the back stop.  Many guys spent summer days on that field participating in AYA baseball." Darl Sams 67

see the 67 AYA Eagle team photo and player names here
  '95 - 2221-C6 Platen -- our 67-68 residence               Bruce 70

Platen Street Signs 2002             from David Kirney

Platen Baseball Field Backstop 2002       from David Kirney See a great Frankfurt 2002 album of David's Here
...How Platen housing looks like in 2007 2007 - Gary [65] and Darl [67] Sams at their Platen address
These are the old building numbers in Platen                                   click image to add comments
Added by Cherish Pageau to the group "Platen Housing Area - Frankfurt"

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Bad Vilbel
                                                          Bad Vilbel Students from the 69 Yearbook                                                                   click to enlarge         
click to enlarge

Carole Morelli's backyard - on Facebook

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Does anyone have any pictures of Hochst Housing?
There were only about 5 or 6 apt. buildings and a community center.

From: reimer6117 To: FAJHS Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 2:40 PM


I lived in Hoechst Housing from 1968-1971.  I went to FAJHS.

Do you have any pictures of the housing base or the community center??

Cheryl B.    From: Don & Sherry,  Sent: Sun 9/20/09 5:14 AM


McNair Kaserne 


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Betts Kaserne, Atterberry Kaserne
Friedberger Warte Betts 1940                      from Walter Alvin Friedberger Warte Atteberry 1940             from Walter Alvin
"I lived in Frankfurt on Betts Kaserne. That is where the AYA Roller Rink was and the NCO Club. There was a deli, a gym, the test site for the international drivers' licenses, etc. We had about 4 buildings for NCO family housing, about 3 for officer's families, 1 for single officers, 1 for WACs, and 2 barracks on the compound. We rode the school bus, had the activities bus and could even catch the strauss or the taxi if we missed the busses. Don lived in one of the barracks and we met at the skating rink when I was working there. He ended up moonlighting there also. I can't remember my address there (I know you had a directory copied some where) but we were next to a traffic circle with Pop's and Freddie's Pizza. The 97th General Hospital was across the street. We were also next to Atterbury Kaserne housing." - Laura 71

photo from Ken Sowers
Floor guard 72-74!!! Best job ever!!! Worked for a GI Sgt. named Vince. Later worked for a guy named Al...

Photos from Mark J Kuckelman
oller rink ticket 1968. Good for one "session". Skate rental 10 cents more. I've always wanted a picture of the outside building of the rink. If anyone has it, please post. I'll try to as well, but I have to do a screen capture from video I shot in 1993.

photo by Steve Jackson
Skating Rink where I spent many happy weekends. Guy looking back is Mike Kelley - a good friend of mine back then.

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Camp King, Oberursel
If you lived there, you should join this group --                    FACEBOOK  
Lots of pictures and information:
OClub.htm The officers club, before that the (Taunus) Mountain Lodge
Pictures from US Army:
Lots of pictures:
Official Oberursel city page:

An audio file here:

Front Gate 1967

Two images from katstgermaine at

Main Street 1967
Chapel c2009 Taunus Mountain Lodge  /  Officers Club c2009

Camp King Chiefs 1973

 Camp King Headquarters Building 1998

These two images from 
If you lived there, you should join this group --  There are lots of posts and images to browse.

Chapel ca.1968, photo by Ken Garner

click images to enlarge

ca.1968, photo by Ken Garner

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Pioneer, Sportfield and both Argonner housing areas

On Facebook:  "HANAU" We REMINISCE over YOU!    and   US Army in Hanau Germany

On Forgotten Frankfurt: Pioneer Kaserne  and   Wolfgang Community Center


Great Video from Otis Cue Pate


Hanau gets own HS in 75.  Hanau HS closes in 2007.


 A Brothers Grimm postcard
----- A 2008 Visit to Hanau -----
From: Michael Calloway
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:40 PM
Subject: Hanau, Crosstown Traffic and the Round House

Hey Bruce, Mike and castaways from FHS Island,

Hanau was awesome although a bit sad because of all the barbed wire fences surrounding all the US leased properties ... including Pioneer, Sportfield and both Argonner housing areas.. to include guard posts at entrances to them and an occasional patrol dog.   Funny(not)  how when the wall came down our fences went up ... and even sadder by this fall all US Military will be out of Hanau, like many other places around Europe.  Gelnhausen has already been turned over ...all the fences are down and the military housing many of called home are now rental units and the single family type Officers qtrs. have been sold.  Bob Schneider and I visited a friend of his who bought on of the single family townhouse type units out near Gelnhausen. Bob's Mom lives in Hailer the train stop before Gelnhausen from FFm/Hanau.  The weather was the usual ...overcast, misty rain, a few snow flurries ... But we did have one nice Sunday and took in the Barbarosa Fest in Gelnhausen .... and we visited numerous Gasthauses for bier, schnitzel, rumpsteak, sauerbraten, rot kohl, sauerkraut, and brats of of kinds... not sure exactly how much we ate but I brought back an extra 10 lbs after 10 days . LOL.   Mike ...

  The Round House is still alive an kicking under the same family management ... and they now have 4 locations in the area.  The manager of "our" pizza and bier pit stop was that snot nosed 8/9 year old that was always there pestering the crap out of everyone during our time there .  AND THE PIZZA ... it is the same perfectly crispy crust around the edges.  Also I am sure you shopped at the music shop in Hanau .which we called the Hesta Shop because of the speaker cabinets they sold ... I had a 2X15 Base cab and Passerelli's had PA speakers and I think also a 4X12  ... The shop is now owned, for many years, by Leslie Link, fabulous guitarist for the Orange Peel ...  OP still gets together every year for a reunion concert in the Hanau Stadt Halle ... Curt Cress the drummer is a very well known producer and of course is no slacker on drums having played with Freddie Mercury, Scorpions(for a short while) and has numerous albums with German Jazz great Klaus Doldinger and Passport and there is a clip on UTube of Curt and Steve Gadd swapping licks ... Steve was a member of the U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors in the late 60's,.

OK ENUF FOR NOW .... I do have some more photos of Crosstown Traffic and that I need to scan and also have a bunch of concert tickets and posters that you may want to put on your awesome link Bruce . Thanks ever so much for your time to put that together for us all!!!!!


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Pat C. '70
5 day dormie 67-68
bus rider from Gelnhausen 68-70

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Darmstadt - Lincoln Village, Santa Barbara
   I lived in Darmstadt Germany Facebook Page

Lincoln Village Elementary School March 2015 Facebook Album
"There were actually three "Siedlungs" plus two buildings out at "The Stars and Stripes" plant in Griesheim, just west of town, near the Autobahn. The three villages were Jefferson Siedlung, which was where the Cambrai Fritsch Kaserne was (PX, Commissary, Dispensary, Chapel, these two outside the fence, American Express, one of the theaters, and the Audio club, among other things), Lincoln Siedlung, which was where the Elementary/Junior High School, the EES gas station, the AYA, and the little league ball field were, and the Santa Barbara Siedlung (officers housing). The other two buildings were an 18 family apartment building (later converted to a 21 family apartment building) and a BOQ, both just on the other side of the fence, which surrounded the S+S plant.

Other military facilities in Darmstadt included; Kelley Barracks, Ernst Ludwig Kaserne, Nathan Hale Depot, and the 6910/11th Air Force Security Group, near the Medevac airfield in Griesheim. The medevac airfield was a Stuka dive bomber base during WWII.

When I was real little we lived in Jefferson Siedlung. Then, we moved to Lincoln Siedlung, before moving out to the apartment building at the S+S plant. At first, most of the families who lived there were the families of S+S employees. In 1963, all civilians who had lived in government housing for more than 5 years, were told to move onto the economy, and so we moved to Wixhausen, just north of town on the B-3 (the "back road" to Frankfurt). Later, after I graduated, my mom, dad and sister moved to Griesheim to be closer to S+S.

Attached are three images from Cambrai Fritsch Kasene, which were taken by Buddy Lerch, I think. Cambrai Fritsch, when it belonged to the German army, had a lot of horse stables. After WWII, some of the stables were converted to business and recreational spaces, but the tie-down rings were still in place on the outside of the buildings. The Amex bank was there, as were the washerette and bowling alley. The movie theater was just across the street from those three. And that's where the three photos were taken.

John"  - December 4, 2013 at 6:43pm
Darmstadt Brats 53-54    photo from  Eduard Witzmann         and  
     Lincoln Village                                  greasypete on flikr        
Buddy Lerch 69, John Neumyer 69, Arnold Abrams 70, Dawn Thompson

 Dawn Thompson and I lived in Santa Barbara Housing (for officers' families) but not at the same time; Lincoln Housing (Seidlung?) was for enlisted men's families) and had the big four-story apartment buildings.  Arnie Abrams '70 and John Neumyer '69 lived elsewhere in or around Darmstadt, I think.  Others in Santa Barbara Quarters: Jim Moore '70, Mark Benson '68, John Marciniek '70 (my duplex neighbor), Ron Michaels '68, Katrina Potter '70.  Ron, Mark and John were all members of the Destruktive Sidewalk band.  Ron was the lead singer, Mark played keyboard/rhythm guitar and John was the lead guitar playerTheir drummer was Mark Heppner and bass player Ed "Indian" Eugenio, who lived in other towns.  -Buddy


Find Images from Hanau, Bad Nauheim and many  other U.S. Installations there

<< Click on image to see more Darmstadt images


Nehring Strasse Housing  from forgotten-frankfurt.blogspot

Darmstadt Ger. Bank


Cambrai-Fritsch Casern Theater


Darmstadt Washerette


                                                                        from Mike Eshleman

                                                                         from Mike Eshleman

This was the stairwell I lived in. It was taken right before Christmas. I lived in the top right hand apartment. Notice the aluminum foil Christmas tree which was the fad thing then.

Darmstadt DYA Summer of 65.

Mike Eshleman Here’s a picture of a school bus leaving Darmstadt in 66.

More on Mike Eshleman's page


Darmstadt '65 Luisenplatz

'65 Schloss und Marktplatz

More Darmstadt Post Card Images here

Darmstadt American School 1981  by Tabitha A Belle-Oudry (Albums) includes housing area pictures:

Posted : Sunday Aug 10, 2008 12:22:39 EDT

Darmstadt Army Garrison, Germany, a prominent component of U.S. Army Europe for more than 60 years, was inactivated Wednesday as part of the ongoing realignment of overseas forces.


Darmstadt Images from  Kerstin Ihrig from the Facebook Album on  FAHS Brats

"this was the closing ceremony when they took down the flag for the last time.."   Comment on FB

"the clock that never seemed to work!!!"   Comment on FB

"this is sad....nobody there!!!I believe this is the Kelly kaserne..  " Comment on FB

"somewhere on cambrai fritsch kaserne.."   Comment on FB

"the gas station on lincoln village"   Comment on FB

"This was the Rainbow club in early to mid 70's"   Comment on FB

"lincoln village, baseball field across from the gas station..."   Comment on FB

 at lincoln village    Comment on FB

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Cheerleading and football 75-76 Video from cliffdarnell7
 more videos:
Butzbach - Roman Way

Butzbach AYA Pool Tables  (larger image)  from Rai Pollard '70

Butzbach AYA Snack Bar 1968

Roman Way Videos - Ray Pollard '70

Rai Pollard 70 Videos  w/Geral Martin  August 2007

FAHS Students living here: Leroy Crooks, Larry Thompson, Anthony Brown '70

Butzbach's Military housing complex for U.S. Soldiers and dependants closed it's doors forever in July 2007.
A short visit to bring back memories.


Roman Way Village Housing Area 2007 Part I
Roman Way Village Housing Area 2007 Part II
Roman Way Village Housing Area 2007 Part III


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Friedberg - McArthur

from Charles Wolf?

...the housing area in Friedberg behind Ray Barracks Kaserne...was called MacArthur Housing. The kids there also went to FAJHS and FAHS as I am one of them. The Elementary kids went to Bad NauheimElementary as was my sister being there. Here is a pic of the Housing area and the building I lived in. My brother has pics also. His name is Jeff and you can find him on  FAHS BRATS "


I have a page for the housing areas in Bad Nauheim and Friedberg if interested   - George Paul

Lots more MacArthur here:


Friedberg - Ray Barracks


More Elvis Presley and Friedberg Images from Ray

Ray Barracks 2007 Part I
Ray Barracks 2007 Part II
Ray Barracks 2007 Part III
Ray Barracks Capri Club Elvis Exhibition

Ayers Kaserne in August, 07
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(To do - Bussing - Stories and pics of riding on the bus)

Do you remember your address and telephone number from 1968-9?

Provided by John Conner '70. Student Directory 1968-9 Frankfurt American High School" "Publied by Mr. Calvin's Computer Class".  Find the classmates that lived where you lived.

68-69 Student addresses and phone numbers

Seniors Aiken-Byrd Caapro-Hilderbrand
Hinson-Parker Passarelli-Walker Wall-Yates 
Juniors Abrams-Brown Brown-Frye
Fulkerson-Leit Lewis-Ramos Rasmussen-Wahli
Sophomores Aker-Birk Bitter-Euersole
Fadden-Johnson Johnson-Morath Morin-Sandis
Sanford-Venis Visscher-Yu  
Housing Areas and Telephone Prefixes
Alma Mater    Code of Conduct
Class and Student Body Officers

See the 68-69 Student Directory - the home addresses are there!

See the 66-67 Student Directory

Needed : maps of locations, Google satellite views





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1970 Special Services Handout

from Holly Lynn Mistlebauer's F.A.J.H.S. Über Alles Page




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How We Got Around - Trains, Strassenbahns, U-bahn, busses
  D_Frankfurt_M-Als card                             from Walter Alvin


Military Installation links

Wehrmacht Kasernes in the Giessen area before 1945

Teacher's Housing

History Site Map


Alumni Website


Yahoo Group

  FAHS Links

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  Submit photos, entries, links to  Bruce70