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FAHS 30th Reunion

Linda Lackey  invited you · Share  · Public Event

Friday, July 27, 2012 at 4:00pm - Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 3:00pm
San Diego, California
Created By

Chrisy Peirolo Upright, Marshall Woolley, John Jones, Robin Walters Krasuski, Kori Smith Kopp, Linda Lackey
For FAHS 1982
More Info
All Classes are welcome - More details to follow  Check Here


Upcoming Mini Sunday 3 Apr
From: Ken
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:37:57 -0400
Subject: [fhs63-66] FHS Gathering WASH DC 3 Apr - Final Plans

OK, Eagles, it is time to get serious and let me know if you are going to join us.

PLAN: Meet at the Chart House Restaurant, Old Town Alexandria at 12:30 Sunday 3 Apr for brunch and then move next door to the Yacht Club for drinks and socializing.
Address: 1 Cameron St, Alexandria, VA (cross street and parking is on Union St)
phone 703-684-5080
dress is "smart-casual"
price for brunch is $25.99

I have received interest from:
Gwyn Robson
Gary Sams
Barbara Lieser
Bill Bowling
Dawn Thompson
Larry Roeder
Mike Calloway
Jim Kelly
Terry Gower
and of course, Harlan, Cheryl and myself.
Please let me know if you want to join us. I've received interest from several members of the classes of 67-71. That should be fun.
Let's warm up before heading to Boston!
Ken Lapin (FHS 64)

 Upcoming Annual Class Reunions

2011 63-66 Class Reunion -- Boston, MA, June 22 – June 26, 2011

See the main reunion page:

Registration_form_2011.doc   Newsletter_Boston_2011_LC.doc
Discuss on the 63-66 Yahoo Group    Visit the 63-66 Website

(past) 2010 Dackel Class Reunion -- Flagstaff, AZ  Visit the Dackel Website

 2011 67 - 71 Class Reunion -- Colorado Springs, CO
Discuss on the 67-71 Yahoo Group Discuss on Facebook   fb  67-71

May 23-30, 2011
Contact:    More info:       Blog on Facebook:   Lake Hartwell FAHS
WhereL The South Carolina shores of Lake Hartwell

Friday, September 23 at 12:00pm - September 26 at 3:00p
Created By
More Info

Event Fees: We are now collecting the event fees. Fees are $125.00 per person to be paid to "Sandra Spicer". Checks can be sent to Sandra at 12620 Castle Hill Drive, Tampa, FL 33624. Please make sure you send the names (first and last) of each person attending with your payment and the year they graduated/attended RMJHS/FAHS. Arrangements are being made to provide the option of paying via PayPal. There will be an additional cost of $10 for each attendee paid via PayPal to cover fees associated with PayPal. If you are interested in paying the event fees via PayPal, please email Sandra directly at: .

Event fees cover the following: Admission to Universal City Walk on Friday evening; Saturday Formal event (to include a 4-hour open bar and food); and the cost of the hospitality suite and beverages and snacks that will be available in the suite.

Upcoming Minis

Next Year Oktoberfest in Germany September of 2011
From: Gary Sams
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 10:07:54 -0800
Subject: [fhs63-66] German trip in Septermber
I have the reservations at the Edelweiss Lodge in Garmisch for September 16-23. I have reserved 10 rooms, of which 6 are now taken. The rate is $120 per night for our occupancy of 10 rooms. You don't have to stay the entire 7 nights. The beginning of Oktoberfest is Saturday the 17th with the opening parade. I plan on being in Germany early in September and will be available to meet those who will be flying into Munich and guide you to Garmisch. The train station is at the airport so it is not difficult to make the connection to Garmisch. Some will already be in country and will be traveling directly to the Edelweiss. If you haven't been to the Edelweiss, the accommodations are very nice. Check it out on the web at:

If you think you want to go and still haven't committed, there is time.

Gary Sams

February 2011
Last week we had a little Frankfurt reunion in Texas.
Left to right: Patty Maguire Savage '60,  me, Lynda Lyle '61, Gay Birdsong Karantinos '61, Phyllis Rees Nelson '61

2-11       more pictures here

The Black Forest German Restaurant in Mesa Arizona.

We had another Gathering in Mesa. We missed a couple due to illness and holidays. Jim Skaggs had part of his colon removed. He lost a little weight but recovered nicely. Them Dackles were tough! Bonnie (Meppen) Schneider has been diagnosed with ALS and is now confined to a bed and wheelchair. Her husband (Peter) has done a wonderful job of taking care of her and building her a new bathroom. The Gathering was held at the Black Forest German Restaurant in Mesa Arizona.



  2009 - Steve Denmark, Peggy J. Rowland Sanchez (photos), Yvonne Mingus-Denmark, Ken Flauding (photos), Kevin Tighe


    Mike McCready (photos), Judy Roberto), Glenn Immobersteg, Deedee Flauding, Ken Flauding, at the Presidio Wine Bunkers

Saturday, October 2, 2010 · 10:30am - 5:00pm

19th Annual FAHSAA US Air Force Academy Tailgate Party 

Air Force Academy will be playing Navy, with kick-off set for 12:30 p.m. We'll have a tailgate party and then watch Air Force kick some Navy @ss!

Food & soft drinks provided; BYO beer
$47.00 per person
Bring chair, sun block
RSVP and check by September 25
Please contact Meredith Kellogg on FB for address/ check details!


The Phoenix "Chapter" of the Grand and Exalted Association of Those Who Went to Frankfurt American High School is meeting Saturday, 18 September, at the Landmark Restaurant, 809 W. Main Street, Mesa, Az.  Bob Osborne has more info at
Okoberfest in San Francisco  SATURDAY SEPT. 25 ?


From: Endicott
To: FHS <>
Sent: Wed, August 25, 2010 2:59:48 PM
Subject: [fhs63-66] San Francisco Oktoberfest
Hello FHS Eagles:

For those of us unable to venture to Munich, San Francisco holds a pretty spirited Oktoberfest -- September 23-26.  Check out the web site below.  It would be fun to meet @ Pier 48 and share some good times.  Anyone interested?
Bernie Black Endicott, Walnut Creek

From: Jacki Brown Subject: Re: [fhs63-66] San Francisco Oktoberfest To: Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010, 10:02 AM

We are thinking about the 1st session on Saturday. Let's talk about it. I see Gordon is als interested. Maybe we could all meet at Pier 48 and go from there.

Rick & Coleen's Oktoberfest in Deutschland!!
This year Colleen and I are going to Munich for Oktoberfest (along with Dawn Simpson Thompson and three non-FAHS friends) ... so we won't be having one until next year.  We are meeting up with Hans Pederson, and hopefully some others, at the Frankfurt am Westin hotel at 18:00 on Tuesday 09-14.  We'll go to Sachsenhausen for dinner.  Will take plenty of photos and videos.We'll also take a Rhein cruise and go visit the high school while we are in town.

Restaurant Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown, MD 
Subject: FHS Mini Hagerstown MD Oct 16, 2010
HI Bobbi; a couple dozen pics from the Hagerstown MD Mini; 25 people showed up at a German restaurant, showing FHS spirit Copy and Post what you like. - Mike Major

From Darl -- click image to enlarge
Dave and Barbara Tarbox Gayle, John S., Mike M., Dottie R. Wayne and Kathy Miller
Bruce Linblad, John Smith Tom Tegge  
  Sandi Keim, Cheryl Christianson & husband, Bruce Lindblad, Rick and Collen Bullen, Wayne Miller's wife Barbara, Dave, Frank, Clyde
Hagerstown, Oct. 16, 2010
 We had a good gathering of alumni from 1965 to 1970 in Hagerstown, MD on October 16. We met at a genuine German restaurant, Der Schmankerl Stube. Attending were Frank Miles (65), Clyde Blount (66), Joe Caldwell, Bruce Lindblad, Mike Major, Wayne Miller, Dottie Redmond, Darl Sams, John Smith, Dave Tarbox, Tom Tegge (67), Skip Pettit (68), Colleen (Sullivan) Bullen (69), Cheryl (Howard) Christianson, Gayle (Spear) Cratty (69), Rick Bullen (70), Sandi (Blair) Keim (70)
Together with spouses there were 26 in attendance. Any MD, VA, DC, PA alumni that want a notification on another mini, let Darl Sams know. We may try one in the spring.

Frankfurt American High School "REUNITING THE PAST WITH A BLAST!"'s Photos - FAHS Labor Day 2010 Reunion

In this photo: Laura Bartlett-Robertson, Gerald Mack, Flip Wilcox, Desi Barnard, Lara Batey Sanders, Gerald Butler, John Jones, Al Borrego, Shevawn Bodden Spencer, William Feggans (photos), Freddrick Anderson, Getzabel Chola Cortes, Gerald L. Jones, Ada Henderson, Conny McAllister Hippensteel, Rodrick Davis (photos), Anthony Chris Jackson, Cookie Holman-Hall (photos), Christina Jones Marchini, Mark Harris, Gayle Dowdy, Patty Newcomb, Ronald Fields, Jackie Pierce

click image to go to Facebook album

Mini in Bricktown, Oklahoma City with Pat Collins Miller, Class of '70, Donna Peacher-Hall Class of '68 and Herb Hall Class of '68‏

Here are a few pictures from a Mini Reunion we had in Oklahoma City with Pat Collins Miller, Class of '70 on our way from LA to Florida and back again.
The Mariachis sang to me for my birthday.

Thanks,, Donna Peacher-Hall, Class of '68, 7-13-10



Pat '70 & Donna '68

Donna Pat '70 & Herb '68
Here are a few pictures from a Mini Reunion we had in Oklahoma City with Pat Collins Miller, Class of '70 on our way from LA to Florida and back again.
The Mariachis sang to me for my birthday.

Thanks,, Donna Peacher-Hall, Class of '68, 7-13-10


 May 23  in Gaithersburg, MD‏, (DC) Area
[fhs63-66] Meeting in Gaithersburg, MD‏
From: on behalf of Gary Sams
Sent: Sat 4/17/10 6:09 PM
To: fhs63-66 (

I know some of were wanting to get together in the DC area around Christmas, but it never happened. Now, my brother Darl and some friends have scheduled a date on May 23rd to meet in Gaithersburg. The place is Buca De Beppo restaurant and it looks like it will be for lunch at 1 pm. We're invited. Anyone interested in getting together with them? I'm planning to be there.



In this photo: Steve Denmark, Peggy J. Rowland Sanchez (photos), Yvonne 'Kym' Mingus-Denmark (photos), Ken Flauding (photos), Kevin Tighe April 2010


This was at Kevin's house during the Mini reunion.-- April 20 - Ken



Bay Area April 2010
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 21:45:21 -0700

Message from Mike McCready:
Don't be chicken. Hurry up and register for the reunion in New Orleans!

Video Length
Click here to watch

Bay Area March 2010
Message from Mike McCready:

Bay Area Brats (Ken Deedee Flauding, Vivian Kennedy and Judy Fuller) discussing the upcoming FHS reunion in New Orleans at Vivian's house!

Video Length 6:31
Click here to watch

 From: Ken Flauding ,  Hey all:
As evidenced by the Mike's video, we had an excellent dinner prepared by our lovely hostess, Vivian. Also, it was a great opportunity to sample some of Mike's fine selection of wines. We are so spoiled....


Eagles Gathering March 2010‏

More Images Here

Our March Eagles Gathering was held at Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub. They had a loft that was set up with tables and chairs at no extra cost and a balcony with a nice street view. the food was good, the drinks kept coming, and everyone had a good time. The staff and service was great, and I'm sure we will be back in the future!

click images to enlarge

Indian Wells Gathering 2010-01-14‏
More Images Here

I want to thank Dennis Healy for his hospitality and the fine dinner at the Homestead Restaurant where the atmosphere and service are among the best anywhere. Good Food, Drink, and Friendship was shared by all.

Local alumni around the country should form their own local groups and get together on a regular basis. Here in the Phoenix area we have been having lots of fun. Attached are pictures from the Indian Wells Gathering on January 14-15, 2010.

Thanks Again from Dirk '65 & Bob Osborne '61.


 This was the last Gathering of the year. We went to Haus Murphy's and had a great time as the pictures show. We had several more people this time. Looks like the word is out and we hope more FAHS alumni will find out! I think we will have our next meeting after the New Year has been rung in and maybe have our gatherings every 2 or 3 months. That way we won't get board or tired of the gatherings.
Thanks Again for giving us some notice, it is really appreciated and I think it helped get some new people to come out.

Bob, Dirk, and Jim.
Eagles Gathering

Nov. 2009

Haus Murphy's

More Images Here

Anyone who wants to get the emails with pictures or wants to attend please let us know. We have even welcomed people who are here visiting or on business. Email:
click images to enlarge
More Images on the Arizona Mini Reunions Page


Brats Without Borders October Newsletter‏
From: Donna (
Sent: Fri 10/16/09 10:48 AM

Brats Without Borders Newsletter
October 13, 2009

Greetings, BRATS Supporters! Just a quick update on Operation Military Brat - our educational outreach program that focuses on:

raising awareness of our military brat heritage;
acknowledging the sacrifices that military children make; and
searching for new ways to improve the lives of military brats of all ages.

The Northeast Tour was a blast! Lots of laughter, tears, sharing, and ideas... Here’s a short recap of the latest. For more detailed information, please go to our online newsletter at

FREE SCREENINGS & TOWN-HALL MEETINGS ON “BEING A BRAT” – Come celebrate your military brat heritage at a free screening of “BRATS: Our Journey Home,” the first documentary about growing up military, narrated by Kris Kristofferson. In our town-hall meeting afterwards, brainstorm ways to raise awareness of the challenges facing military brats of all ages, particularly the younger ones who are facing multiple deployments. Here’s the schedule for October. These screenings are made possible in part by a generous donation from The Sprint Foundation.

o 10/17 – Plano, TX – Southfork Hotel – 2:00 p.m.
o 10/19 – Wichita Falls, TX – Hirschi High School Auditorium – 7:00 p.m.
o 10/20 – Lawton, OK – Cameron University Theatre – 7:00 p.m.
o 10/22 – Oklahoma City, OK – Rose State College Training Center – 6:30 p.m.
o 10/25 – Junction City, KS – Dorothy Bramlage Public Library – 2:00 p.m.
o 10/26 – Kansas City, KS – Glenwood Arts Theatre – 7:30 p.m.

OLDER BRATS HELPING YOUNGER BRATS – After attending the AUSA National Convention (Association of the United States Army) in Washington, DC recently, it is patently obvious that more needs to be done to help younger brats who are struggling with multiple deployments. One grandmother told me her 4-year-old grandaughter refused to talk to her father deployed in Afghanistan because "he keeps leaving me." Please help us brainstorm ideas. Soldiers and spouses have their hands full just staying alive and keeping the households afloat. These are “our people” – the young brats. Let’s pull together and do what we can do to help!

BRATS ON COVER OF THE MILITARY CHAPLAIN - Check out the Fall edition of the Military Chaplain Association magazine! We made the cover… and are grateful for all of the support we’ve received over the years from the military clergy of all denominations.

BRATS IN NYC’S NEW WORLD STAGES PODCAST - Check out the podcast we did with the New World Chatter, the off-broadway podcast, in conjunction with Operation Military Brat’s NYC screening and town-hall meeting!

PUT YOUR 2 CENTS IN & SPREAD THE WORD! – Don’t forget to fill out one of our questionnaires, join our Facebook pages and BRATS Forum, and spread the word to all your friends and family about Operation Military Brat and the BRATS film. There are millions of military brats and their families out there, but we can’t reach them without your help.

MAKE A DONATION - Of course, none of this is possible without the support of people like yourselves. We know the economy is tough right now, but if you have $5 or $10 you can spare, every bit helps. If you’d like to donate $500 and give a Military Brat Library, it will certainly benefit thousands of military brats and their families for years to come.

See you on the road! Click here to read our entire newsletter.

Kind regards,
Donna Musil, Executive Director
Brats Without Borders, Inc. (BWB)

Monthly Arizona Minis
[fhs63-66] Eagles Gather in Queen Creek Arizona‏
From: on behalf of dirk_howard.akjv (
Sent: Tue 10/20/09 5:08 PM

Below is the email sent to everyone that attended. New pictures labeled "Eagles Gathering 2009-10-17" have been added to the "Who Are They" album.

Once again I think everyone had a good time. Thanks to Bonnie '63 and Peter Schneider, we could not have found a better place. Restaurants in town would be hard pressed to duplicate the the food, drink, and atmosphere! We've got to get a band at one of these. Maybe next time we can look into Haus Murphy on one of the evenings when they have a band out in their beer garden.

Anyone who wants to get the emails with pictures or wants to attend please let us know. We have even welcomed people who are here visiting or on business. Email:


click on images to enlarge

Eagles Gathering


Queen Creek, Arizona‏


We have had another wonderful gathering of eagles in Arizona. We went for lunch at The Bavarian Point Restaurant in Mesa. The food and drink were great. This time we had two more people from the 40's and 50's. I believe we now have alumni from 1947, 1948, 1949, and 1950. Our group has grown to about 25 members from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. Everyone said they had a great time. Bonnie Meppen Schneider '62 offered to have the next gathering at her home in Queen Creek on October 17th.

I have added pictures to the "Who Are They?" album and I moved the pictures to the front of the album. They are labeled "Eagles Gathering 2009-09-26".

We are not a competing alumni group, only Eagles that live close enough to get together about once a month. Anyone that wants to attend or receive emails with pictures, send me an email at 

Dirk Howard '65

We had the most wonderful time at the annual OKTOBERFEST Rick & Collen put on at their home in Ellicott City, Maryland! Hugs, love and laughter flowed, just so much fun......I'm placing the link right here so that you can see my photos on SnapFish. FYI. SnapFish requires registration but they're a CLEAN company, don't share your info. I believe that you can cut & paste photos from there as well.
Photos Here
Hope you're all having a super weekend! :-)
Sandi '70

Sent: Tue 9/22/09  More Oktoberfest Photos. :) Mike E,29307,1925155,00.html  An interesting photo essay that might bring back some memories. :) Mike E

August 15, 2009  Colorado Springs
click image to enlarge
In a message dated 8/15/2009 10:51:23 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, mikemccready writes: Colorado Springs Mini Reunion Begins  

June 22, 2009
"...We had a Mini-Reunion with Chip & his lovely wife, Cindy Bradshaw June 22, 2009 at the Mirage in Las Vegas! King Sextimus (Chip), the Soul Knight (Herb) and the Screaming Kitchen Wench (Donna) from "Once Upon A Mattress" (spring of 1968 - Frankfurt High School - directed by Hal Meacham) reunited after 40 years! A fun time was had by all! "
- Donna & Herb Peacher-Hall Class of 1968

April 26, 2009
  Just got back from a fun dinner with several alumni at our local German restaurant in Colorado Springs, the Edelweiss. Attached is a photo of our "mini reunion:"
Seated: Gaye Crosby '69, Arina Drakulich, Meredith Turner Kellogg '72, Coach Drakulich, Trish Cavanaugh, Jane Bennett.
Standing: Mike Cavanaugh '68, Dave Kellogg, John McBee '69, Guy Bennett '68

Bobbie, Guy said it was about time for us to put together another reunion... this time perhaps in Colorado Springs. Meredith and I, and hopefully Bob Samborski would work together once again. The Edelweiss can accommodate a large group and the food is very authentic German. We couldn't do 2010, but we'd be interested in 2011!

Gaye M. Crosby '69  - April 26, 2009

Florida 4-17-09 mini
We have had the time of our lives. Went to the gulf of Mexico today, Cher is sunburned, the rest of us had on sun block. Came back here for wine, beer. mint juleps. and a special Rick Bullen drink and then we ate, steak, grilled shrimp, scallops, baked potatoes and salad and then Robyn made dessert. We had such a great day. Tomorrow Jim and I are meeting them at their hotel poolside and then to Bern's for dinner. It has been the most wonderful visit. I kept thinking, how wonderful it is to have my best friends here with me. Life does not get any better. Rick has taken photos and I know he will post them soon.
Pat, we did toast Danny tonight and hope that you and the kids are having a good time in DC.
Rosemary 4-18-9
-r  Disney,  Coleen Sullivan Bullen (69),  Rick(70) Bullen,  Cher,Rosemary Diehl Disney, ?, , Jim Diehl (70) (Robyn takin picture?) Rick, Colleen, Cher and Jim left today. We had such a great visit it just went too fast! Bern's was great and Jim and Colleen love the wine cellar tour. We are thinking Key West next year. I kept thinking that I have such a charmed life and that it just keeps getting better. We told stories, laughed so much, and just enjoyed each other, it does not better than that! Even Cher's husband and mine had a great time. I showed them my charm bracelet (old boyfriends) from high school and we may have to retire it now.
I am looking forward to Atlanta and still can't believe that 40 years have gone by. We should get some photos up soon.
Rosemary  4-20-9

Sunday 19 April 2009 DC Area Mini
standing l-r:  Skip, Pat, Erik, Jackie, Dawn, Mike; seated l-r: Betty, Karine
In attandance:
Pat Collins Miller
Erik and Jackie Thamm
Betty Weller
Skip and Roberta Pettit
Dawn Thompson
Karine "Nancy" Zbiegniewicz

It was a great evening .. Thanks to all for coming and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Skip there is definitely a jam session in our future!



Betty, Pat, Erik and Jackie  
Skip, Roberta, Erik, Jackie, Pat BRATS
Betty, Dawn, Karine Brats

click images for larger image
Sat, 4/18/09 Gaithersburg, MD

Eight of us got together today in Gaithersburg, MD. All of you were mentioned in stories that were probably exaggerated beyond what actually happened. I am enclosing three pictures. The picture with four people are Tom Tegge, Skip Pettit, Joe Caldwell, and Mike Major. The singles are Bruce Lindblad and Joe Caldwell...My brother remembers Ray as a good teen club pool palyer who left Germany at the end of the 63-64 school year.
Nils - Joe suggested that your appearance in Atlanta may further influence Steve Smith to attend. By the way Larry, I didn't know you were in the combined chorus in the 65 yearbook right beside Bill WoJohn.
                                                                                                         - DS (Darl Sams)                           (thanks Steve Dean for forwarding images)

Tom was 67 but left in the summer of 66 like so many of us.  Ray Enrico was a good Teen Club pool player who attended the Jr Hi in 9th and Sr Hi in 10th then returned to the states.  He has been a middle school shop teacher for the past 38 yrs in MD.  Next reunion we'll have to set up a Teen Club championship pool tournament.

Gaithersburg, near DC,April 18, 2009             
From left to right: Joey Caldwell (67); Gary Sams (65); Darl Sams (67); Skip Petit (68); Bruce Lindblad (67); Ray Enrico (66); Tom Tegge (67); Mike Major (67).
Joe Caldwell (67) Bruce Lindblad
Tom Tegge, Skip Pettit, Joe Caldwell, Mike Major Joey Caldwell (67),  Gary Sams (65)

A few photo's I thought you might like to see from our 2007 Frankfurt High School Tour.
Danny 66
click images for larger image
   At the High School                                        very large image FHS school cafeteria in 2007
...How Platen housing looks like in 2007 Gary [65] and Darl [67] Sams at their Platen address
 the football and track field Darl [67] wife Janie on IG Farben elevator which is still being used today

Hanau Mini in - DC Feb. '09 
(Click image to enlarge)mk,
... a coupla photos of our last gathering last weekend O'Feb at my place in DC...YIPIKIYA, Mike
Robert Schneider(FHS69)-Me('71) and Gary "Max" McGill (ABurg JHS 67-69) on my back porch, morning of a sneak attack snow. . Laurie and LTC(P) Joe Calloway(little Bro) Robert, Me and Max
(Trivia: Mike's place was used in the film "Clear and Present Danger")
McGill has a couple of photos on his Myspace page from our gathering in LA in DEC(08} with Russian Artist Viktor Safonkin... I should have him send those to me as well... for my own archives. 

(click to enlarge)
Mike Major and Jerry Martin 2/19/09- At the High School

Click for larger image             More photos
Oct. 2007                                                    from Darl Sams '67
      My wife Janie, Darl (67), my brother Gary (65)
Oct. 2007                                                    from Darl Sams '67
Main entrance to FHS.  Now German VoTech.  Dan O'Conner 66 taking picture, Darl 67 center  (Rain? ;^)

Hey Bruce ... Playing catchup with the photos from past gatherings.  As you have probably figured out by now, we plan vacations and gatherings quite often and have done so for many years.  The past 5 years we have met annually and last year twice.  I'm sure outsiders might find this very strange but the kinship we brats often form are a very special family-like bond.  Mike C. '71
Schneider, Me, and Fred Weems '70 in DC back in late 80's Me, McGill and Schneider at the Gelnhausen Barbarosa Festival in 08.
add ctt music scene links


 Thiswas in LA at the Getty Museum.  We were there for the debut american showing of paintings by Victor Safonkin ( who we met in Prague during our 2007 gathering.
McGill and Me at the Gallery showing of Victors works. Robert Schneider(FHS,69), Tony Steuer, Gary "Max" McGill(ABurgJHS67-69), Illya Valko, Svetlana Safonkin, Mike Calloway(FHS71) Pam McGill - FRONT - Victor Safonkin

Mini in San Antonio, in June 2006
                    Buddy in 68
Bruce, I have some Texas mini reunion shots from the past.  I couldn't get any from the future yet (heh heh).
First, here are some from (then) Kym Mingus Chapman's Mini in San Antonio, in June 2006.  ...  Folks there included Kym (of COURSE!) and daughter Stacy with her hubby Jeff, Stuart and Marian Knowlton, John & Andea Zody, Dutch & Maria Meeker, Patsy Ketchum Bell '69, Larry Bell and his ever-present poodle Teddy, Jim Moore '70 (was drummer in our Darmstadt bands) and myself.  Could be others, brain is already aching, sorry folks.


 Many more Texas mini shots from  over the years are hidden away in my photo folders for future sending...Saudi Hans ('70) & Lioba Stockenberger's Houston Mini, several with Jueri ('70) & Mara Svjagintsev, etc.  Can you tell I run around with folks younger than I am?  Thanks for doing this, Bruce!
-- Buddy '69
  Mary, Dutch
Dutch, Mary, Stuart Kym, Mary
Teddy, Larry Bell Dutch, Mary, Stuart

August 2008, Shelton WA

(click to enlarge)

Aloha, Thought you would like to see a picture of 5 67-71 Frankfurt Alumni. This picture was taken at Kym and Steve's House on the Lake in Shelton. From left to right on the front row is Kym (68), Shirley (68) and Janie (70). Back row is Steve (68) and Gene (67). Since I had missed the reunion in Seattle, Kym and Steve graciously invited myself and my family on Sunday, August 3, to enjoy a wonderful day with them and some of our classmates. My granddaughters and great grandsons really enjoyed themselves by kayaking and paddle boating on the lake. The bar-be-que was delicious, bratwurst, hot dogs and corn on the cob. I was the center of attention for about 3 seconds, if that long, and then everyone focused their attention on my great grandson, Joshua, age six months. I wish my beloved Shirley would have been there but I know she was watching from above and smiling down upon everyone. It was a beautiful day. I am seriously contemplating moving back to Washington State as I have family there. Not only my granddaughters but also a brother and sister, who both reside in Tacoma and the surrounding area. took more pictures and will send the group others that I took up at Kym's and Steve

Aloha, Gene, Class of '67



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