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Were most fathers like my Dad? He didn't talk about the war to the "Ladies." If Mom hadn't eavesdropped when my brother and he traded war stories, we would have known nothing about either of them.

All of our Dads were heroes.

Mary '67

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Master Sergeant Jaime Torres
 Fri, 30 Dec 2011   From: Jimmy Torres '71
I have ... a few photos I took to remember my HERO and Dad  (click images to enlarge)
Master Sergeant Jaime Torres, USAF, Retired, Deceased: February 27, 2010
Daddy Our Hero Ruben with PJ Patrick PJ Jr


  My Dad....My Hero..... Here he is in Frankfurt in 1968. US Navy, US Army, State Department....CIA & NSA. Hats off to you Daddy!!!! He passed in August of 1983, while on duty in Madrid, Spain....  -Maria Charlene Huey  

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Charlene and "Daddy" .....Alaska.

Germany 1953. My father and me!

 Maria Charlene Huey (photos)


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My dad joined the navy in 1943 when he was 17. Was a radio operator on a small boat in the Pacific. After the war he got out of the service for a while....then joined the army in the Army Security Agency. When he retired from the military....he joined the State Department....NSA and CIA. Died in Madrid, Spain in 1983.....

Maria Charlene Huey


  1Lt.  Stinson  

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Dad is the American on the front row'

This one is for my Dad.

Dad served in the CBI (China Burma India) during WWII with OSS Det 101 team name Antelope he is pictured here with members of the team
.At the time he was a 1st LT but after the war he was rifted back to MSG E-7 and retired CSM, no college. When he joined the Army in 1936 he was in a mounted infantry unit and spent 3 years on horseback, he would joke about being in a CAV unit, no, not MECH, with horses. - Mark Stinson '66



  Col James T Thompson  

04-03-11 - Today is the anniversary of the passing of my Dad, Col James T Thompson, DDS. Here's a picture of him receiving the Legion of Merit from Gen Zierdt in Redstone Arsenal, Al about 1967. You are allowed to make fun of my glasses! See the photo of the rocket behind the chalk board. My Dad's been gone since 1995, but a day doesn't go by that I don't miss him.

From the album: Wall Photos by Debbie Thompson Johnson


My Dad again James T Thompson, DDS. Probably in Dental School @1944. Is he a private in this photo? Who can read stripes?  From the album: Wall Photos by Debbie Thompson Johnson

COL. Edward P. Freedman
My favorite photo taken while he was Defense Attache to Switzerland (1972 - 1975) - John Freedman '74

Chief Petty Officer James D Fuller USN retired,. A veteran of WWII & Korea.
Congratulations on the promotion Dad. I love you. -  Judy Roberto

  1955 My dad, proudly front of one of his brand new F84-F Thunderstreaks, Ladd AFB, Fairbanks, AK. & me @ 5, & bro, Ed age 3.

- from Steven D Denmark's Photos



Mom and Dad...from  Michael Blood  on 

  At the Henninger Turm on Colleen’s graduation night
photo by Colleen's dad
  Kathy 67 (Colleen's Sister), Colleen (Sullivan) Bullen, Rick Bullen 70 , Dolly Sullivan  

Arthur L. Lerch 


My father passed away this afternoon, mercifully. I honor my father, Lynn Lerch, 89 years of age. I'm saddened by the loss, but glad his health trials are over. He has been relieved of duty. He was a good man, husband, father, soldier, community member and servant to his God. He will be missed by many, but he lives on in his offspring and goes to see my mother Marty.

- Buddy



    Lowell Mingus      

Lowell Eugene Mingus- my father, must be newly enlisted...no stripes! Passed away Nov1, 1991 He was a great dad and a lot of fun. He was charming and loved to dance. He was a great joke teller too. I will never forget his laugh or his wrath when I was a teenager!


From the album:
In Loving Memory

by Yvonne 'Kym' Mingus-Denmark


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Col. Jueri J. Svjagintsev
excerpt from  http://homepage.mac.com/kaaawa/iblog/C627146904/E20051109134912/index.html

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"Jueri and Margareta immigrated to the United States with 2 children, a piano and $10, and Jueri received his American physician’s license in 1955 in Chicago. Although private practice was his original aim, Jueri was drafted into the Army Reserve at age 34 as a Captain. He decided to make the Army his career, served throughout the world for a long and illustrious 35 years and retired as a Colonel in 1981. He served as a Flight Surgeon and earned a Masters in Hospital Administration in 1970 from Baylor University. Jueri served in Vietnam in 1965-66 and created the Air Mobile Surgical Pod, an airborne surgical room, flown directly by helicopter into the battlefield to aid wounded soldiers. He had top-secret clearance for many years and served at the highest government echelons for operations during the Cold War. His destinations included Germany, Austria, Ethiopia, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Scotland and Iran. His tours of duty with his family included many in the United States as well as overseas. Among his many honors are the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star (for gallantry in Vietnam), the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal (for combat flying), the Joint Service and Army Commendation Medals, the Armed Forces Service and Vietnam Service Medals, the National Defense Service Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Reserve Service Medal and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm (for combat). He also earned two Presidential Citation Badges. After retirement, Jueri worked for the Texas Rehabilitation Commission as a physician consultant for fourteen years."

Dr Alphabet and the Medical Pod

Col. Robert E. Thacker
Col. Thacker back in the cockpit I thought you might all enjoy seeing my latest acquisition...an original AAF photo of Bobbie's Dad's P-82. Let me know how this came through as well as the script on the back of the photo.  Very proud of this one! - Dutch

P82 Betty Jo     The amazing journey of Betty Jo

...My dad's rank at retirement was full Colonel.
He was a Lt. Colonel when he flew the Betty Jo.
The photos were taken by staff at the Air Force
Museum in Dayton, Ohio. He went back there a couple
of years ago and they allowed him to get back in the
cockpit of the plane he had made a world record in back
in 1947. It definitely was a special day for him.
- Bobbie Thacker '69


Col. Thacker, seen above on the left, standing on the wing of the F-82 "Betty Jo with co-pilot  Lt. John Ard

image from http://jmrc.tripod.com/club/news/0501news.htm


Greg Brown's dad - was with Red Tails and later flew reconnaissance on the Soviet Border

Della Keil Collins
If you put our dads in, then the pages will overflow. But I guess they can do that in cyberspace! LOL

My mom is also a veteran. She was a Cadet Nurse in WWII, a specially created federal program to get more nurses trained during the war. In return for funds for school, the nurse had to work at least 6 months at a military hospital. She spent the spring and summer of 1945 working at McCloskey General Hospital, an Army facility in Temple, TX. I think its now a VA facility. Then she went in the Army Nurse Corp during the Korean War. Was a 1LT in an Evac Hospital at Ft. Hood and Ft. Sill. When I look at the pics from 1952, I have to smile. My mom looks funny in fatigues and combat boots. And the helicopter bringing in the tents for the hospital. The smell of the Army tents is something I always remember. I would know it blind folded!

I see I did not mention that Danny is an alum of Midwest City, OK HS. Midwest City is home to Tinker AFB...major logistics stuff...and experienced significant loss of home in our recent fires. He was the Army Brat in an Air Force town... I'm guessing that most Air Force Brats have heard of Tinker...

Thanks again!

- Pat Collins Miller '70

see also SGT Danny Joe Miller

Della Keil Collins
August 28, 1925 - July 31, 2010

Biography excerpt source

She was born August 28, 1925 in Flatonia, Texas to Philip E. and Ima Zean (Robinson) Keil. She moved to San Antonio, Texas, at the age of ten and was a 1942 graduate of Breckenridge High School. She attended nurses training at Baptist Medical Surgical Hospital and finished her training in 1946. While training she was a member of the Cadet Nurse Corps. She would later earn her bachelors degree in nursing education from the Incarnate Word College, graduating in 1951, and was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army Nurses Corps.


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"I have enjoyed hearing about all you Camp King folks and your "spook" dads. My dad was a helicopter pilot and ran the the little Army Airfield in Frankfurt for a while, then was the XO of an Engineering Battalion in Hoechst (where we lived, along with the Chessnoes, Sharon Lambert and a few others whose names I can't remember. It was a small kaserne.
This is a photo of my dad in Flight school, 1945. He died in Alabama in 2004."

- Dan Tomberlin
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Service Patches of Chaplain Kenneth Garner

Father of Kathy Garner '69, Bruce Garner '70




My dad's chapel at Chitose, Japan -- one of the few remaining structures' left 45+ years after.  PX, snackbar, residences (except the CO's), original school -- all gone!



Ben F. Meeker -  from Dutch Meeker '70     click images to enlarge

Here's the crew...Dads kneeling, 2nd from left.

image credit


Here's Dad's Bomb Group patch..."The Diamondbacks" This was his flight jacket patch, made of leather.

He was with the 5th Wing, 15th AAF, 99th BG, 346th Sq in Foggia Italy.



Ben F. Meeker B-17, 24 missions MTO, ball turret gunner 

The B17 ball turret -- a cramped and cold home on long bombing missions.  (Photos Bruce&Norman Garner)


from Nicki Chamberlin
...Here are the pictures of my parents. As you see, my mother was in the RAF.
Use what you want or all. One of them I had submitted to a magazine and got 2nd place...


Leonia "Nina" Goetkint and William Wesley Williams, Jr., 1946


Mother and Grandfather                click image to enlarge

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...nicki, my dad was also in the mighty 8th! he still goes to reunions...their ranks are dwindling much too quickly...what is your dad's full name? i'll ask dad if he remembers him --Laura Baxter


William Wesley Williams, Jr.
He was a Lt. stationed at Chelveston, England. If he knew my Dad, he probably knew my mother...Leonia "Nina" Goetkint who was a WAF in the Royal Air Force at the Embassy in England..  --Nicki


Lt. William Wesley Williams, Jr, (Standing far right)                     click image to enlarge

The Mighty 8th

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