Frankfurt American High School, 1967-1971

FAHSAA Reunion Proposal Process

When submitting a proposal please provide the following information:

  1. Proposed reunion location
  2. Proposed time frame(s)
  3. Approximate cost of hotel room
  4. Possible Friday/Saturday night activities with estimated costs
  5. List of committee members (if at all possible have 2 – 4 people on your committee)

If selected, the reunion hosts will need to provide the following before the reunion registration fee can be set and details provided to members:

  1. Reunion time frame with start and end dates
  2. Hotel contract *
  3. Hospitality suite arrangements, for no more than Thurs-Fri-Saturday
  4. Other hotel amenities
  5. Cost and locations of Friday and Saturday night dinners. No Thursday function.
  6. Two or three reunion site attractions for attendees
  7. Information on how to get to the reunion location (e.g., plane, train, automobile!)

Please submit your proposal to the Chair of the Reunion Site Selection Committee.

*Once the location and hotel have been selected, the Reunion Committee will work with the hosts on the contract with the hotel and with the budget before a registration fee is set.

Registration fees are paid to FAHSAA, and all deposits and reunion costs will be paid through the alumni association. Reunion hosts are not responsible for paying reunion expenses

Frankfurt American High School Reunion 2011 Photos

Dance in the FAHS Gym, 1966

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