Ed Bennett '70
April 21, 1952
- August 19, 2010

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 Colleen Sullivan Bullen, Rick Bullen, Ed Bennett, Diane Evans

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Dear Friends, It is with a very heavy heart that I let you know that my best friend went home to meet his Maker today at 3:15 Pacific Coast Time. He passed away with all his family members at his side and the class of ’70 banner draped across his bed, which Bruce Garner had sent him. Ed and I became fast friends during our formative years in Frankfurt Germany; and, although there were sometimes many years between our being in touch with each other, we managed to stay best friends. Ed was one of the best people I ever knew … a loving son, brother, husband and father. He was fun loving, smart, dedicated, hard working … and even a musician. Some of you may remember that Ed and I formed a band called ‘Ian’ while in Germany and occasionally played the Teen Club. If you knew Ed, you couldn’t help but like him, or even love him … as I do. I won’t go on as I usually do, but I want you to know that Ed’s passing has left a hole in my soul that can never be filled. Please keep Ed’s family in your hearts, your thoughts and your prayers. Rick Bullen ‘70


2008 Reunion  

Ed, Gaye Jim  
70 YB      



70 Riot Squad  



"IAN", Ed Bennett '70 and Jim Porsche 196?        from beaucakes


Ed and I had a band called "Ian" for about a year or so.  We palyed mostly top-40, which included a lot of soul, Beatles, Hendrix, etc.  We played at community centers, the teen club, the high school and some German clubs.  Here's who was in the band:
Ed Bennett '70 - Guitar and back-up vocals
Jim Porsch - Drums
Drew Geiger - Bass guitar and back-up vocals (he was in the Navy and was Pam Geiger's brother)
Me (Rick Bullen '70) - Organ, Guitar and lead vocals


> Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2010 12:01:40 +0200
> From: geral.martin@gmx.de
> Subject: Re: Ed Bennett
> To: rickbullen

Dear Rick and ALL those who knew and loved ED, I TOO AM VERY SADDENED BY HIS PASSING TO THE "REWARD OF LIFE." WE SHALL ALL GO THAT WAY. HE IS ANOTHER OF MY STUDENTS I FELT GRATIFIED TO HAVE HAD AS A STUDENT IN MY CLASSES AT FAHS. I did not intentionally mean that to be in caps, but I shall leave it that way. Few teachers had the relationship I had with my students. I guess the field trips and the responsibilities I had to all of you and the requirement of responsibility from those on the trips caused that closeness.

My mind will never forget Ed's decoration at Christmas trimming time! It is now the time that I shall cause my mind to review those wonderful times, which ALL of you gave me, as teacher and monitor, even if you were not in my classes.

That I as a tacher, see my former students 'for the last time', is strange. Glenn said at one reunion, "Hell it's no wonder that we got along with you, you are only 14-15 years older than us!" (And not much wiser!Ha,Ha.)

Guess I can be very truthfull, I miss all of you, even to this day.
Keep healthy, and I'll see you on this plain,as soon as possible.

love to you all, 'Jerry' (formally) Mr. Martin


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