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Includes All Class of 70 Who Attended FAHS Any Time 67-70, (Every one who attended FAHS is an alumnus not just those who were there at graduaton!)
Images are  from 70 and 69 yearbooks,            Class of 70 Senior  Junior and Sophomore  YB pages.

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David Abernathy Arnold Abrams Tony Agrella (junior picture) Bobbie Allen
Pat Allen
David Amick (junior picture) Jan Anderson (junior picture) Rosemarie Anderson (junior pic) Dee Andrews


Paige Arnold Chris Ashcraft Wilma Ayala (junior picture) Gerald Baker (junior picture)

Ginny Baker (junior picture) Rod Barnett Mike Baxley Brenda Baxter (junior picture)
Rene Bayne (junior picture) Jackie Beauparlant Mike Beck Phylura Bedard

Lojuana Benjamin Ed Bennet Valerie Bennet Jan Bergman
Pam Berklite (junior picture) Lee Berlad Tony Blondell (junior picture) Nicolette Blount (junior picture)
Marlene Bordowitz Anne-Marie Borguss Mike Bouslough (junior picture) John Bowman (junior picture)
 Charles Borniger Mary Boyle Woody Brock Jacob Brown
Jim Brown (junior picture) Randy Brown  (junior picture) Tony Brown Mark Bryant (junior picture)
Joyce Bucher (junior picture) Rick Bullen (junior picture) Art Burroughs Mike Butella (junior picture)


Barbara Butler Mario Buxton (junior picture) Bernie Cabasag Millie Camarra
    Beverly Campbell Kim Campbell
Kathy Cantu Linda Carey Tony Carey Bill Capone (junior picture)
Carol Cavanaugh Grant Caughey (junior picture) Bob Chadeayne (junior picture) Rebecca Chambers (junior pic)
Chip Chew Edward Chow Lawrence Christian (junior pic) Bob Christopher
Cathy Cipriani Chris Clark Evelyn Clark Roy Clark
Margrit Coffman Bob Cohencious Tony Cole (junior picture) Cathy Collier (junior picture)
Jane Collier Dee Dee Collins (junior picture) Lorraine Collins (junior picture) Pat Collins
Sandy Collins (junior picture) John Conner Julia Cordell (junior picture) Andrew Countryman (junior pic)
Andrea Covington (junior picture) Fred Cowell Bill Cox Dana Cox
Charlie Craig (junior picture) Susan Crawford (junior picture)  Leroy Crooks Joye Crosby
Anne Crozier (junior picture) Diane Culpepper (junior picture) Marianne Curran (junior picture) Eddie Curnutte


Ron Curry Bill Daniel Julie Daniels Pam Danner (junior picture)
Bob Darrow Chris Davidson Brian Davies (junior picture) Stephen Davies
Glenda Davis (junior picture) Pat Davis Shirley Davis Yvonne Davis (junior picture)
Janet Dawe (junior picture) Bruce Dean Regina De Mello (junior picture) Tom Deyerle (junior picture)
Jean Dexter Alan Dickason Bev Dickeson (junior picture) Benjamin Dickenson (junior pic)
Jim Diehl Lynne Di Joseph (junior picture) Debbie Dillon Rosemary Dixon
Nadine Donahey (junior picture) John Dorschner Dale Dour (junior picture) Patsy Dowell (junior picture)
 Paul Draper Dennis Dudding  (junior picture) Linda Dunaway (junior picture) Stephanie Duncan-Peters (jr)


Albert Dung (junior picture) Eve Dunn (junior picture) Linda Eakins (junior picture) Kathy Ebersberger (junior pic)
Toni Edmonson (junior picture) Margaret Edmunds Sarah Ellis (junior picture) Debbie Englebrecht
  Edward  Ehlinger (junior picture)    
Anne Esper Margaret Estes Diane Evans Jane Eyler


Joyce Fenton (junior picture) Bill Ferriter (junior picture) Georgia Fiedler (junior picture) Dave Finkenbiner (junior picture)
Bernie Flanagan (junior picture) Sandra Floyd Gina Fogarty Bruce Fourney (junior picture)
Farley Fox (junior picture) Frances Francis (junior picture) Dan Franzi (junior picture) Bill Fritz
Joyce Frost (junior picture) Larae Frye (junior picture) Karla Fulkerson Pat Fulks (junior picture)


Sheri Fulton Debbie Furrow (junior picture) Drew Galas Maria Garcia
Bruce Garner Karen Gatti (junior picture) John Gaustead Colleen Gaylord
Pam Geiger Mike Geisler (junior picture) Lenora Genovese Dan George
Bill Geter Marion Gibson (junior picture) Candi Gilbert (junior picture) Val Gilbert (junior picture)
Eric Gillespie Ed Gilven (junior picture) Lorraine Godley Brenda Goldberg
Charlene Gonzales (junior pic) George Gonzales Randy Gordy (junior picture) Jenny Grabato (junior picture)
Danny Grinstead (junior picture) Edward Grundy Nellie Guidry Kris Gwynn


Lynda Haines (junior picture) Paula Hales (junior picture) Carol Handy Terri Hannon (junior picture)
Tom Hardaway John Harden Ron Hardin Dave Harding (junior picture)
Nancy Hardy Janet Harris Debra Hartley Lynne Harimoto (junior picture)
Mary Hartman Bill Hatton Joe Haugen (junior picture) Jack Hausen
Bonnie Hausman David Heath Linda Hebbe Beth Hebert (junior picture)
Alvin Heckard Bob Hefflinger (junior picture) Charlotte Heibler John Heibler
Charlene Heiser (junior picture) Gina Henderson Sue Henry (junior picture) Susan Herder
Gene Hill (junior picture) John Hill Morris Hill (junior picture) Frank Hinton
Peggy Hobson Janie Hoefler Kent Hoffman George Holmes
Marv Holt Bill Horton`(junior picture) Betty House Bob House
Karen Houk Maggie Howes Terry Hubbard Glenda Hunt
  Class of 70 Yearbook Pictures I-Z  
    Class of 70 Soph. Pictures  

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(the 68 yearbook photos for class of 70 were group pictures)

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