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Arts Then

Rotring Set

Artwork from 70 Talon Lit Mag











Rick Williams '70








Cindy McGill (Hayes) '71

Cindy through the Slinky

Cindy (McGill) Hayes '71

photo by Bruce Garner '70

taken in 1970 in the Platen Area

Rose Anderson '70

Arts Today

Kathryn Lombard-Thomas '71


Ayhan Duman, FAHS `67 

"... I have been writing to Ayhan Duman, FAHS `67 .  Great photos. He is one of the top 11 creative photographers in the world..." - Jerry Martin

 See Great images here:

Art Pinney,  Wedding and Portrait photographer       

"...a former student of mine from FAHS, a professional wedding photographer has relocated in the Seattle area. Art Pinnedy. Please include him into 'our whelm', check out his site..."  - Jerry Martin

Mark Stinson  '66

n illustration for 'Southern Outdoor' magazine

Illustration for the 'got milk people. I used my wife and youngest son in the illustration

A poster for Fuddruckers

syndicated cartoons while I was the editorial cartoonist at The Houston Post 76 thru 78.

Dan Tomberlin '65 & Pat Tomberlin

click image to go to slideshow Dan & Pat live on the road in their Starpod. This is a tour of their little home on wheels.  3/04/11

Jim Sanders '73 Photography
  click images to enlarge  

Larry Roeder '68 

click images  to see page for larger images                 More Here

In the News

Buddy Lerch '69 Photography  

John Neumyer '69 Photography


Bruce Garner '70 Photography

Scott W. Hawley '88, Author

From 1985 to 1988, Scott W. Hawley, the son of a U.S. Air Force officer, lived on Rhein Main Air Force Base, a bustling U.S. military installation located in the heart of what was then West Germany. One of six hundred children of U.S. military personnel attending Frankfurt American High School, he lived the unique experience of being an American teenager in Germany during the Cold War.

Have you ever taken your brain on a free fall through its entire mental catalogue? Through all of its memories? Through all of its fears?

Take a trip with Scott Hawley as he shares his journey with you. Come with him as he revels in life's absurdities. See him polish up his warts for all the world to see. Watch him fire alive with memories long forgotten. You won't believe what it will do for you.


Dr. Maestro William Gaugler, Faculty 66-69, Professor, Author, Fencing Master

Maestro di Scherma
Accademia Nazionale di Scherma, Naples, Italy

FAHS 67?-69

With Maestro Amilcare Angelini,
Jim Valentine, Bruce Garner, Tom Bitter, Joe Waterhouse, Nick Panos, Ingrid Rivera

FAHS Fencers 68-69



San Jose State University Fencing Masters Program

"Writings and Biography of Maestro William M. Gaugler"



Professor Emeritus of Classical Art and Archaeology, San Jose State University

Dan Bunting, PhD '49 Author

The Young Ambassadors

"This book tells of the life of teenagers in Occupied Germany, 1946-49. It is a true account of experiences in daily life and dwells very much on Berlin and the "Operation Vittles", Berlin Airlift. The greatest humanitarian accomplishment in history."

"A fictional account of Cadets of the Military Academy in Mexico City, called upon to defend the Academy and Mexico City against the American invasion of Mexico during the Mexican-American War, 1846-1848. A delightful story of heroism of boys 12 to 16."
"Story of a small ghost who can't say 'BOO!!'"

Rose Anderson '70


Dr. Gaugler's craft class  is where i began metal smithing. He asked me what i wanted to learn and i told him cloisonné. Couple of days later he brought a box of supplies to class and taught me the fine art of enameling. Thank you Dr Gaugler!

FAHS Alumni ring. Designed 2008.

Jueri Svjagintsev '70 Paintings, Furniture

Deep Eddy West website  at

Laura Trivitt Lancaster '71 Quilts, Paintings

Kathy Garner '69 Quilts


Anthony Brown, Phd  '71


Percussionist, composer, ethnomusicologist and Guggenheim Fellow Dr. Anthony Brown is a seminal figure in the contemporary California creative music scene, directing the Asian American Orchestra in addition to performing with some of the foremost musicians in jazz today...  More

 Home Page
  Images of my Current Orchestra
  Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra on Facebook


More on In Music Today

Anthony Brown's Asian American Orchestra  


David Lee Howard                                                                    


12 String Acoustic Wizardry





see background and more images at


Theresa Tilton '69  Icons
Christ, the Giver of Light
Rafts Island, Washington, 1991
TheVirgin of Vladimir
Raft Island, Washington, 1990
John the Baptist
Raft Island, Washington 1998
St. George
Raft Island, Washington 1994

We  Brats develop a deep appreciation for the religions of other cultures.  While we toured cathedrals in Europe and temples in Asia, we were taught to look and to not  touch, to ask questions quietly, and to never intrude on another person's prayers. As you look at my icons, you may see them simply as pictures, or you may see the spiritual message they are made to convey...  More

   Theresa E. Tilton, FHS 1969  

St. Constantine
and St. Helen

Raft Island, Washington 1998
St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow,
Missionary to  America Raft Island, Washington 1996
Raft Island, Washington 1995
Flight into Egypt
Raft Island, Washington 1993
See larger images here Go here for highest resolution images

Herb Hall '68 Performing Arts
Herb & Donna page      Donna   Peacher-Hall     Herb
Here is a still from "Clueless" about Herb & Beverly Hills High School,
where he teaches drama & film.
-- Donna

(c) 1995 Paramount Pictures

See Donna's article on page five of the
1996 Spring 67-71 newsletter

Beverly Hills High School Performing Arts Department Presents

Kringle's Window -  November 12-14 & 19-21, 2009

   BHHS, Fiddler on the Roof , April 6-9, 2011 

Past Productions
March 26th - 28th
7:30 p.m.
K.L. Peters Auditorium
$15 Adult
$10 Student
Directed by Herb Hall
Produced by Josh Butchart
 See Facebook images here Click Image for more

as Larry

From the
Tony nominated

June 20 - August 10, 2008

More Here 


as Mr_Gettinger

Judy Fuller Roberto '67, Artist, Puppetry
also see Judy on FAHS In The News page

images from ?? date??

coming soon:
Julianne Moore, Actor -- Julie Anne Smith '79
Actress and FAHS alumna Julie Smith, whose real name is Julianne Moore, has appeared in about a dozen movies and soap operas,


google       google images

Julie was in Tartuffe in 1978, image from video Part1  Yearbooks: 78  79
m: Jon Saxon (
Sent: Sat 2/27/10 4:00 PM
To: Bruce Garner

Julie was in Tartouffe in 1978
but I think that was her first play at Frankfurt. At least she doesn't appear in any of the drama pages in 1977.

I met Julie and Valerie (her sister) in September 76 at the start of the 76/77 school year and that was their first year in Frankfurt.

Sherry Hurry was in a play in 1977. She is a professional actress who uses the stage name of Zoe Yeoman ( and

 Zoe Yeoman, Actor --  Sherry Hurry 7?
From: on behalf of Bobbie
Sent: Sun 2/28/10 9:14 AM

I met Sherry Hurry aka Zoe Yeoman at the Overseas Brats Homecoming in Dallas in 1999.

We all sat at the Frankfurt table during the dinners. She was a lot of fun and I was in touch with her when she moved to LA later. She was on Law and Order and things like that. Super nice girl. Also met Greg Brown's younger brother, Randy, at that reunion, along with Dennis Berwyn. Dennis didn't come to many of the events because he was revolting against having to wear a nametag. So funny. But Dennis is quite important in keeping FHS alive. Has a great website and organizes a reunion every Memorial Day weekend in South Carolina.

Mike Calloway 71 002 Band  ,  Fred Weems 70 film Patty Cake   Anthony "Tony" Corso 78/9 photographer
Terry Brown Glass Fusion Terry Erickson Brown, a graduate of the Class of '68, ceramicists
Ann LaRose Bronze Sculptor Anne Payne Larose
Jane Eyler '70 Theater & Performing Arts
Jeanne Larsen, a graduate of the Class of '67 and currently a professor at Hollins College in Roanoke, Va., has published three novels, among them "The Bronze Mirror" in 1992.
Nice website--just some ideas--Mr. Geral Martin (Art Teacher) knows how to get to Ahan "Micky" Duman in Turkey--one of the top 20 world class photographers--he went to FHS and played in rock and roll bands with me during 1967 & 68
Also, I spoke with Paula Penkava Golden (Mr. Penkava was our JR High Principal) and paul is a world-class quilt maker--traveling across the US doing workshops--she has neat samples of her work you could put on the website. (703-878-1793--class of 1969--she moved to Heidleberg from Frankfurt and graduated there)  -skip


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