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Go to and look up the number one song for your birth date. Add your first name at the bottom of the list and put the name of the song beside it! Then email it to your friends and be sure and send me the results of 'your' song from Zody    
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James Taylor: A MusiCares Person of the Year Tribute (2006)   reviewed by Bruce 70 *****      
YouTube billions and billions of music videos
FAHS Alum David Lee Howard  
official websites  JT, CSN, Beatles FAHS Alum Anthony Brown amg bios blogs Rick Nelson zody  
WhenLifewasInBlack&White Bill Graham's collection      
Wikipedia links Summary for each year, etc everybody remotely connected to Rock Beat Beat Beat Beat Beat Beat    
Crawdaddy L W First Magazine of Rock Criticism 1968 Sold to Wolfgang's Vault now active online mag  
Les Paul: Chasing Sound DVD Netflix ***** 5/5 Stars  
Tom Dowd and the Language of Music DVD Netflix *****5/5 Stars  Rick Wakman Kieth Emmerson      
Dylan Book      
new Clapton DVD/Book retrospective    
Lippman + Rau      
Hendrix Poster Artist RS Hendrix bio biographies of rock artists  
Rolling Stone list of "Greatest Artists", "Greatest Albums" RS, "Greatest Songs" RS, "Greatest Guitarists"

Frankfurt Kongrehalle, Frankfurt Germany April 8th, 1972 by German artist Gunther Kieser.   link      
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Rhino   4/26/72
Venue: Jahrhundert Halle, Frankfurt, Germany
Artist: Gunther Kieser
AFN teen thirty, underground, Many Faces of Folk Music
Record labels - motown , AM, Stax, Atlantic, Capitol, Parlyphone, Apple
Casey Kasem      
Soul Tran      
Dick Clark       
What was the #1 song on ...
- the day you were born?
- the day you graduated from high school?
- the day you were married?
- the day your child was born?
- the approximate date you were conceived?

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