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(We listened to these on the radio, albums, and watched shows like Hullabaloo and there are lots of 60s-70s music on YouTube).

Please Don't Tease '6?

(Sir) Cliff Richard

For What Its Worth  2  W

Buffalo Springfield

Lucky Lips '65  Love '59


Stills/Young Interview  1/3 2/3 3/3

Click to see larger image - Buffalo Sptingfield members included Stephen Stills, Niel Young, Ritche Furay, Jimmy Messina

links & info

Suddenly - w/Olivia  Newton John   

Official Website

Sit down I Think I Love You

nice site

 The Minute You're Gone


Rock n Roll Woman


A Voice in the Wilderness '59 Young Ones/Do You wanna Dance '62 or '63      

Simon and Garfunkel

Official Website

He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

The Hollies

Scarborough Fair/Canticle  2

Paul Simon Long Cool Woman

Look Through Any Window

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Art Garfunkel

Bus Stop     On a Carousel

Sound Of Silence

Homeward Bound

Stop Stop Stop    Carrie Ann

Just One Look

Many more Music Videos and links Here

Who are your favorite songwriters of the time?  email Bruce70

James Taylor Jim Webb Burt Bacharach Joni Mitchell
Stephen Stills Paul Simon Dylan Lennon/McCartney
Smokey Robinson Carol King Cat Stevens Boyce/Hart
Neil Young Neil Diamond George Harrison Leonard Cohen
Paul Williams      

Rolling Stone list of "Greatest Artists", "Greatest Albums" RS, "Greatest Songs" RS, "Greatest Guitarists"


9/16/64 -

1/12/65 - 8/29/66   

Music TV Hullabaloo

See Mike Calloway's (71) new band 002, David Lee Howard, Antony Brown (71) and more in

 FAHSers Today

Listen to some of Mike's Music here:    

New section - Listening to AFN - please add your recollections


I spent a lot of time listening to music on AFN, and would like to collect everyone's
memories on that for a page section. I remember we could listen to shows
of almost any type of music -- I remember "the Many Faces of Folk Music" and
in 69/70 there was one very late Friday or Saturday called "Underground" - I have
a reel tape recording of one of those shows I need to get converted into digital
so I can put it on the website. - Bruce 70

,,,I remember listening to AFN a lot and of course I listened to the "American Top 40" with Casey Kassem. And I remember there was a Latino music show simply called "La Musica." I can't remember when it came on.

Who else remembers listening to the radio serials on AFN, mostly on Sunday nights after the TV stopped broadcasting? I grew up listening to The Shadow, Our Miss Brooks, and many many other shows from way back.

I don't remember high school kids working as DJs at AFN in the late 70s. It could have happened but I don't recall. I was part of a choir that recorded a session at AFN in either 75 or 76. We were called "Joyful Noise" and we did the recording on my birthday that year by some coincidence. ...

I also remember "It's 5:05 and time for the Frankfurt Sports Scene" which was a brief wrap up of local sports on AFN. They always mentioned the Rhein Main Rockets when it was football season. I don't remember any other teams they mentioned.

BTW, you can still read Stars & Stripes at and their archive can reprint specific issues and you can get the details here: ...

- Jon Saxon
From: gregfields1975
To: FAJHS@yahoogroups. com
Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 12:24 AM
Subject: [FAJHS_FHS] Music and more

I liked the Beatles from way back, and The Who, Hendrix, and for most of my early teens in Franfurt, I liked Grand Funk. Neil Young and CSN&Y, Ten Years After. Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull.
We used to listen to the Top Forty on AFN every Saturday, I think it was, so we heard a lot of pop music along with the heavier stuff we had on 45s and LPs. I had a little battery-powered phono I would take with me, even in the field between Hugel and Steuben and listen to records all the time. Me and my brother Mike got cassette recorders for Xmas in '71, so the little phono became unnecessary and forgotten.
Ahem...speaking of music, I have several new songs at if you're interested. Click the 'Links' button in the FAJHS home page to find it. Or gregfields1 if you prefer that site.
Someone asked about the location of the Teen Club recently, and I recall the if you went out of the Idle Hour, turned right then right again towards the I.G. Farben bldg., there were a couple of roads on the left, the Teen Club was right down there. I seem to remember a veterinary clinic there, too.

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1963 - 1966

 The Strangers  

Images that Kat posted on  CampKingKids 
Hi, Bruce
In the pix you posted, the girl is Sharon Miller. The guy is Buddy Stevenson. I'm referring to the two people that are holding the packages. In this case, they'd won a dance contest.
In the second photo, Sharon is dancing with her half-brother, Steve Downs.
The Strangers also played a bunch of times at the Rhein Main Teen Club. They were
a great band...even better after several Henningers.

Frank B. '66

From: on behalf of Frank Holroyd (
Sent: Sat 9/19/09 12:24 PM
Let's go to the way back machine . .

The Kinks played at the Officer's club in 65 0r 66. There was also a get together in 64 of English bands that were touring - in Frankfurt - The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Searchers, and the Kinks again. I remember the German Nationals being surprised when the Drummer of the Searchers mentioned the Isley Brothers first did "Poison Ivy" as they started the song.

Frankfurt was the place to be for live music. Although Storyville did not have the top acts, they did bring in some english bands as well as American Touring bands (anybody ever hear of the Kentuckians?). The Teen Club used to have a house band (Germans) in 64 and 65 that used to really rock as well.- Skip  ---

Could the Teen Club's house band have been "The Strangers"? -Fred

Hey Fred,I think that's the one - give the man a cigar. -Skip


1965 – 1968

Played lots of gigs in clubs, schools and town-halls in and around Frankfurt, recorded 2 more singles with “The King-Beats”, and 2 pseudo-Live albums under the name “The Ad-Libs”, which were called “Beat Party in Stereo Vol.! And Vol.2”. Recorde 32 songs within 2 afternoons at the Walldorf Studios, added applause from a gig, and that was it.
Also recorded under the name “The Strangers”,” Ray Textor and The Strangers” and Malepartus II.


...if we could ever get hold of Jack Tossman, he has tapes of just about every Teen-Thirty program that we ever produced in high school on reel-to-reel at his house in California. If we could get in touch with Jack and get him to release those tapes and our organization could pay to get them digitized, we could all enjoy them.  - Gary S. FAHSAA 63-66

Teen 30 Recordings from Darl '67 and Gary '65 Sams

(each part is around 15 minutes - click on the link to play, or right click and save to your computer)
Jan. 65 -  Teen 30 Show
Part 1 (click to play) Part 2 (click to play)
You Really Got Me - Send in Your Requests
Program Intro - John Moore Downtown - Petula Clark
Love Potion Number Nine -  Variety Show, Winter Ball - Liz
Ugly Bug Ball w/ the Kingbeats  - Liz Greenfield Mr. Lonely - Bobby Vinton
Come See About Me - Supremes I Feel Fine -  Beatles
Sports News - Ed Bear (sp?) My Girl Theme - George Martin
Pretty Woman - Roy Orbison John Parrish,  Bill  Moore - Producers
  Frank Pendleton, Jack Tausman  - Engineers
  Stephanie O'Hernan(sp), Jan Circan(sp) - Directors
Nov. 65 - Half Hour Homecoming Teen 30 Show
Part 1 (click to play) Part 2 (click to play)
Hang on Sloopy - The McCoys Homecoming Fri. Nov. 5 Bonfire Announcement
Who'll Be the Next in Line - The Kinks You Got Your Troubles - The Fortunes
Sports Scene - Mike O'Conner A Thanks to German Listeners
Secretly - The Lettermen Action (Where the Action Is) - Freddy Cannon
My Town, My Guy and Me - Leslie Gore
Wipeout - Surfaris
June 66 - One Hour Final 66 Teen 30 "Senior Spectacular" Show
Spec. Rick Scary(sp?) and FAHS "Teen 30 Goodguys" DJs Pat Krol, Eva Koya,  Charlotte Stebbins,, Mike Malone, Mike O'Conner, Doug Haines    66 Teen 30 Yearbook Page 154  155
Part 1 (click to play) Part 2 (click to play)
Intro Sounds of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
You Were On My Mind - We Five Leaning On The Lamppost - Herman's Hermits
DJs Intro Help - The Beatles
Wooly Booly - Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs End of first half music
Junior Senior Prom and other Announcements
Pat Krol
Time Won't Let Me - The Outsiders
Hang on Sloopy - The McCoys
65-66 FAHS Year's Sport Review - Mike Malone
Part 3 (click to play) Part 4 (click to play)
2nd Half Intro - Mike O'Conner Announcements
Turn, Turn, Turn - The Byrds Good Lovin' - The Young Rascals
Announcements Groovy Kind Of Love - The Mindbenders
I Got You Babe - Sonny and Cher (to Wiesbaden) Catch Us If You Can - Dave Clark Five
You're My Soul And  Inspiration - Righteous Brothers Sloop John B. - The Beachboys

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Beat!  Beat!  Beat!
On Frankfurt Hessischer Rundfunk & AFN

Beat Beat Beat at the HS Gym, late 66         (put cursor over image to see names)             photo by Jack Trost

 It's a little too far away, but...  The blond girl, center left with her hair flying is probably Linda Reese.  Girl in plaid dress (center) is likely Melinda Holm...Dark hair, plaid shirt behind BB net is Greg Eaves. recognize others, but it's too hard to single them out in such a crowded picture.  Also, there are a lot of German students in this photo. - Mary Ilseng  

Greg Zunich, Greg Eaves, Pete Witt, Tom Pagett, Steve Jedlicki, & Chris Riche also - Stuart

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010
Correction is right that is Tom Padget, not Steve Smith as in the print. Behind Steve Jedliki a little to the right is is Jan Baumgartner. - Tibo Smoot

Lots of Info:

Originally on: Syndicated (45 min.)
Status: Ended Premiered: January 1, 1966 Last
Aired: January 1, 1969
Show Category: Variety Shows
Welcome to the Beat! Beat! Beat! guide at

Beat! Beat! Beat! was a West German rock music series. It was produced in Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main), by the Hessischer Rundfunk network. Beat! Beat! Beat! premiered in 1966. (This series should not be confused with Radio Bremen's Beat-Club, which premiered a few months earlier.) Mal Sondock was the host of Beat! Beat! Beat!. The American-born Sondock first became well-known in Germany as a DJ with the US Armed Forces Radio network. He then worked in German radio and TV. Other Beat! Beat! Beat! regulars were organist Cherry Wainer and drummer Don Storer. In the late 1950s, the two were regular performers on the British TV series
Oh Boy.

Beat, Beat, Beat wurde als öffentliche Veranstaltung
(oft in der Offenbacher Stadthalle) mit jugendlichem Publikum aufgenommen. In den sechziger Jahren konnte die Redaktion zahlreiche internationale Stars für die Sendung gewinnen. The Kinks, The Searchers, Eric
Burdon, Julie Driscol, The Yardbirds, Tom Jones und viele andere heute legendäre Gruppen und Solisten waren bei Beat, Beat, Beat zu Gast. Leider strahlte nur das dritte Fernsehprogramm des Hessischen Rundfunks diese Reihe aus, daher konnten die meisten Zuschauer in der Bundesrepublik die Sendung damals nicht sehen. Die Sendezeit war in den sechziger Jahren häufig Dienstags oder Freitags, um 20.15 Uhr direkt nach der Tagesschau. Häufig wurden auch bereits ausgestrahlte Folgen im gleichen Jahr wiederholt. Glücklicherweise hat diese Reihe im Archiv des HR überlebt und wurde nicht wie andere, weit aufwendiger produzierte Pop - Sendungen von ZDF, BBC oder den US-amerikanischen Sendern gelöscht oder vernichtet (4321 - Hot and Sweet (ZDF), Top of the Pops (BBC), Hullabaloo (NBC)).Von diesen damals sehr teueren Produktionen gibt es heute in den Archiven entweder keine Folgen mehr oder nur wenig, bzw. beschädigtes Sendematerial aus den sechziger Jahren. Für viele Musiker, die bei Beat, Beat, Beat auftraten ist ihr dortiger Auftritt einer der wenigen noch erhaltenen Fernsehmitschnitte ihrer Laufbahn. Deshalb ist heute Beat, Beat, Beat sogar in den USA (bei den Fans dieser Musik) bekannt. Bei einigen Folgen moderierte auch der damals sehr populäre Radio-DJ Mal Sondock die Sendung.
(B. Badurina)

Hey, if you're really digging all this Beat, Beat, Beat stuff, be sure to pick up
"Clapton" - it's his autobiography and he chats about growing up and all the
bands he was in...very interesting and nostalgic since we were all very close to
his era...funny how he talks about bar hopping with Jimi and jamming with the
the local bands in London...there's also a double CD (extra) that contains songs
from all his past groups to present.  Will always remember Paper Sunn playing
"White Room" in the Eagles Nest.
Mikey '69

Short clips of many Great Groups on Beat Beat Beat -- Cat Stevens - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - Mindbenders - Searchers - Tremeloes - Kinks - Hollies - Herman's Hermits - Small Faces - Yardbirds - Spencer Davis Group - Eric Burdon & New Animals

See See Rider - Eric Burdon & The New Animals

Beat, Beat, Beat Videos on YouTube


While websurfing "Beat Beat Beat" for the FAHS Timeline
and Music pages, this gem turned up on YouTube. Dig
those mod fashions -- high collars, long sideburns,
Beatle haircuts, and the lead singers shoes?!?

The Thoughts If You Don't Come Back

singer (Peter Beckett) 10 years later

and a "little" later


From the Timeline Page -- click each image for Video

More BBB videos  
Ernestine Anderson - Moanin (BBB 1967)   or
Cherry Wainer, Don Storer
 A fan's Cherry Wainer page:
"I met Cherry Wainer last week in Las Vegas. She works in a shop near the Stratosphere Hotel. She is a very nice lovely lady, and she is still full of fire and passion. She is still marvelous and impressing! "

- cJan09 Alan Ripley  (from video viewer comments)

Bremen Beat Club - The other "Beat" Show

Beat Club YouTube Videos Channel

Ken et al., FYI there were seven episodes of Beat Beat Beat taped at the Terrace club that aired between Jan. 7 and Sep. 23, 1966. Two more taped at the High School also shown on Hessiche Rundfunk Oct. 21 amd Nov. 21, 1966. Next show was taped in Wiesbaden; after which, the remaining were filmed at, I believe, the Stadthalle in Offenbach.

 The band on stage is The Small Faces. -zody  -photo by Jack Trost  (thanks John N.)


Small Faces on YouTube

The Small Faces, German TV show "Beat Beat Beat", 1966 Pt. 1
The Small Faces, German TV show "Beat Beat Beat", 1966 Pt. 2
Tin Soldier        'sha la la la lee' 1966       Whatcha Gonna Do About It     If I Were a Carpenter

Beat Beat Beat - Various Artist 1966 Vol.1 (4CD)


Episode Lists: Season 1   Season2   Season3   Season4  ??

  You may be referring the Beat Beat Beat Episode
Number: 4 Season Num: 1 First Aired: May 6, 1966
--Sten & Stanley - "Girl, Those Where The Good Old
Days" (or "Good Old Days, Girl")
--Sten & Stanley - "Nur der Silbermond"
--Tawney Reed (or Tanny Reed) - "Needle In A Haystack"
--Sten & Stanley - "Wiggy Woggy" (or "Rock 'n' Roll")
--Tawney Reed (or Tanny Reed) - "I've Got A Feeling"
--Freddie & The Dreamers - "Run For Your Life"
--Freddie & The Dreamers - "You Were Made For Me"
--Pete Lancaster - "Baby Baby Baby" (another source
listed the song as "You Got to Love Me")
--Freddie & The Dreamers - "I'm Telling You Now"
--Freddie & The Dreamers - "If You've Got A Minute,
--Pete Lancaster - "Stupidity"
--The Searchers - "Love Potion No. 9" (live)
--The Searchers - "Sweets For My Sweet" (live)
--The Searchers - "C.C. Rider" (live)
--The Searchers - "Jenny Take A Ride" (live)

Hey Bruce: This one is not on the list below:

Freddie and the Dreamers performed at the Terrace Club on Beat, Beat, Beat the summer of '68. About 50% attending were German teens. Wish I'd known about the other groups performances. My step-mother worked at the Terrace Club, so I had an "in" there. I remember standing right at the stage looking at his pointed patent-leather boots and thinking they were so much for taste at 16.


Freddie & the Dreamers



(larger image)



Got this when they played on Beat Beat Beat, 1966


autographs (larger image)

Sounds Incorporated - Shea Stadium '65 - Opening for the Beatles

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Stones from Musik Parade Magazine and Bravo Chart from the week of July 4, 1966   -Zody

(larger image)

(larger image)

Frankfurt Concert Posters

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Checkout Concert Dates on the Music Line on the FAHS Timeline

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1965-1967 Bands

there's no mention of the 'Blue Diamonds', I believe that was what they named their band. They were in the high school band and formed a group that played at the teen Club. Do you have any info on the group? Most members were in the class of '66 - Mark Stinson

Blue Diamonds







photo from jmzody

The X-iles -- John Osborne (g), Craig Heldobler (v) and Phil Bepko (g)


X-iles photo from John Osborne via jmzody

Here is a picture of the X-iles (c. 1966) I got from John Osborne. You have l. to r:  Skip (d), Craig Heldobler (g), Phil Bepko (g), John Osborne (g), and Don Huber (b).    -- cheers!!! zody

 The DetailS  



flyer, photo -Zody

(larger image)




The Details 45, circa 1965-66                                    from Walter Alvin

2 Yes, they played with the X-iles at the Coppling Haus
once. They played Teen Club and with
The Details.
(circa 65-66) Good band and quality people.
3. Help me here folks: but I think one time they and the
Beatchers played the Teen Club on the same night. And
for some reason I am thinking it was maybe New Year's
Eve?? Maybe I dreamed it.
4. John, Thanks for the info. My brother said these guys were from Sheffield, England and they were here promoting a book that they had wrote. He could not remember the name of the book.
He's going to try and get the guys names, he couldn't remember that either. He's older than me, so I can't say anything about bad memory . Ha! Ha!
I'll let you guys know if I find out more about this band.
Thanks again.   Tommy

The Who?

From Steve Denmark's Website -- Check out the Great Music stuff there

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1967-1968 Bands

The DOORS outside the Roemer '68


(some FAHS students were there, somewhere ;^)

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The Nth Derivative

From: Ken
Sent: Friday, April 04, 2008 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: [Frankfurt_HS_67-71] 40-Year Anniversary of Martin Luther King's Death
It was a trying time for all of us, especially the African-American/Blacks in our school; whichever is preferred.  I remember many of them went home that day.  A sad day indeed...that day and for the next couple of weeks one could cut the tension with a knife.   

Soon afterward I walked into the auditorium and encountered a play being rehearsed.  It was to be called "Life on the Block".  It was about a reporter who went into the hood to conduct interviews being conducted by a racial relations club.  When I asked what was going on and whether or not I could be of some assistance; they asked me to take on the part of reporter "Kent Clark" and MC of the program. I had one day to learn my lines before dress rehearsal, because whomever was going to do the part dropped out for some reason.  It was only two days until production...whew.  I had been in some plays with my mother when we still lived in Hollywood, so learning lines was easy for me and I looked forward to the limelight--he, he..  This was great fun, despite the reason it was being done in the first place.  But this wasn't about me; it was about social issues of the time and much bigger than any of us. 

There was a live band on stage - "The Nth Derivative" Jack Gerrard and Skipp Pettit's band who played in between skits.   Sorry, I don't remember anyone else in the bands name.  We had three sessions in the Idol Hour Theater.  Opening and closing the show was the theme song "Dancing in the Streets".  The first assembly was the sophomores who danced a little at the end.  Next came the Juniors, who were a little looser and the isles had more than the first assembly; next the class of '68 filled the aisles to capacity.  It seemed everyone was on their feet dancing up a storm - rocking!  The Seniors knew how to party!

Anyway, this is what I remember about those difficult days.  We did the best we could with a difficult situation. 

Ken - '69





Charles "Skip" Pettit  68 - Drums


Rick Bullen 70


"Mickey" Duhman '66
Lead Guitar

Chuck De Coste '68
Lead Vocals


Pablo Zamora  '68
Rhythm & Lead Singer


Wolfgang "Wolfie" Sieglier
Rhythm Guitar


Steve "Beaver" Holcomb, '68  Keyboards

Dave Lee Howard '69 Guitar (anyone got pics?)



An American Rock & Roll Band 1967-1968    

From Steve Denmark's great website



From: Steve 68
To: Bruce
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 3:36 PM
Subject: GREAT SITE-FHS uber alles

....I have some photos from when the Monks played at Frankfurt and some of their footage is available on You Tube.

They are in our cafeteria after the show enjoying our cuisine. (Former all GI band.)
I have a contact who could write about his meeting with the Small Faces and Rod Stewart.
Skip Pettit FHS '68 went to the PX to buy white levis with/for the drummer of Freddie and the Dreamers
John Bray traded his field jacket for Manfred Mann's hat and I have the pic of him wearing it and may know the guy who inherited it.
I have, as you know always tried to offer the personal side to our FHS history to make it more meaningful...
Steve Denmark, FHS '68


From: Michael Calloway
To: Bruce Garner(fhs)
Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 6:23 AM
Subject: The Monks

Hey Bruce ...
Just curious if anyone in our group came across the Torquays or The Monks among their musical collections or influences?

I just connected with the bass player Eddie Shaw ... They started in Gelnhausen near Hanau and have a very interesting history that follows the Beatles path to Hamburg.  And they even put out a Black album BEFORE the Beatles White album.


From: on behalf of Rick Hutchings
Sent: Wed 9/09/09 12:00 AM
I thought I would never hear of this band again in my life. Leslie Speare introduced me to them at Storyville one afternoon. She knew them all. Truly a small and ironic world!  -Rick 69
From: on behalf of John Zody
Sent: Wed 9/09/09 5:12 AM
Rick is absolutely right about Leslie. She talked me and Skip P (?). to going down to K-strasse one Saturday morning. She told us she had a band she wanted us to meet; The Monks. The only thing was that it was around noon and they were still asleep. She was able to get their manager to get one of them to come out and visit with us.
I just remembered the name of the club on K-straße where Leslie took me to meet The Monks - Club 54.
From: on behalf of Tmh0074
Sent: Thu 9/10/09 9:04 PM
I remember the Monks coming and playing in our gym in 67 or 68. They worn brown robes and had the weird square shaped hair cuts.

The Monks

The Monks at FAHS on
Beat! Beat! Beat!


YouTube search for "The Monks" Videos

Monks Website

The 5 Torquays (early Monks)  45 cover  - image sent by Waler Alvin


Jack Trost photos at the FAHS Cafeteria - click image to enlarge


Eddie Shaw, Bass player             Facebook comments

Roger Johnston, drummer           Facebook comments



Larry Clark (w/ glasses) Organist     Facebook comments

Tommy Heflin w/tie


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The Daze of Knight


These are some pictures of the two bands I was in as a junior in high school in Darmstadt, Germany, 1967-8

(by Buddy Lerch)

The Amber Bottle


Darmstadt, Germany Mike Kumjian (bass), Cookie Mooney (lead guitar and vocals), Buddy Lerch (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jim Moore (drums, vocals), Arthur MacDonald (guitar, vocals)


 (upstairs in our practice room) Cookie Mooney, Jim Moore, Buddy Lerch, Jerry Parkhurst, Mike Kumjian

PRACTICE IN MY PARENTS' DARMSTADT QUARTERS, Santa Barbara Housing, Darmstadt, Germany --- Rod Barnett (keyboard), Buddy Lerch, Ed Schoen (lead guitar, saxophone), Jim Moore, Mike Kumjian, Junior Ruggs (lead vocals)



Destruktive Sidewalk

Doug Goins (drummer)

Rick Pacella (bass)

Ron Michaels '68 (lead singer)

Mark "Bambi" Benson '68 (keyboard)

John Marciniek '70 (lead guitar)

Mark Heppner '69 (percussion)

"Indian" Ed Eugenio '68 (bass)


I was the original drummer for the Destruktive Sidewalk. Mark Hepner replaced me when I rotated back to the states. The original bass player was Rick Pacella. I have a number of pictures of the early years.

Doug Goins


 I got these two pictures of the band from our Groups Photos section (I had put them there years ago).  There are other band pictures on there:

Bruce, the page is filling out!  Good work!   To answer your question about the Destruktive Sidewalk, they were a Darmstadt band comprised of FAHS students Ron Michaels '68 (lead singer), Mark "Bambi" Benson '68 (keyboard), John Marciniek '70 (lead guitar, my duplex neighbor in D-Stadt's Santa Barbara housing), Mark Heppner '69 (percussion), and Ed "Indian" Ed Eugenio  '68.  They had a cool black VW van with their name spray-painted on both sides in yellow.  I hung out with them the day they took off the Contac Paper template they masked the letters with and even helped peel some off.  They were the best American band in Darmstadt and our friendly competition (to our face, anyway -- HA!).  They were in mucho demand on the dependent AYA circuit and many other venues.  I have pictures somewhere...   -- Buddy '69

Mark Heppner

Ron Michaels      John Marciniek
Ed Eugenio

This is a serious picture a bunch of fun-loving cutups -- the Destruktive Sidewalk minus keyboardist Mark Benson -- from left, Ron Michael, Mark Heppner and John Marciniek, with "Indian" Ed Eugenio sitting on the floor (what's up with THAT?)    photos by Buddy Lerch

It has been a long time but I finally retired and I have time to do this.  I have attached pictures of the original Destructive Sidewalk.  I (Doug Goins) was the drummer and Rick Pacella was the bass player.  The others you know.  I have more if you are interested and I have a cd that is from a tape made at my last gig in Darmstadt before I went back to the states and Mark took over.    Best   Doug

TThe first one has Doug Goins, Mark Benson, John Marciniec, Ron Michael and Rick Pacella (the original 5) seated on the stage at the Darmstadt Junior High.  I think this was the last gig that Doug played at prior to heading back to the states.  The second photo is our drumhead that Ron Michael had done, which was used when Mark Heppner replaced Doug in the later months.
- John Marciniec

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Poor Man's Children

67-68, Rich Passarelli, Bob Passarelli, Robbie Evans, Fred Weems, Jerry Otto, Mike Geisler, Bob Bolick, Jimmy Golden


Jim Golden, Variety Show 68
photo from Carole Morelli, photo by Jim Casey

- from Dutch's Scrapbook

Jimmy Golden playing at 68 Sadie Hawkins Dance - from Carole Morelli



Poor Man's Children   l-r Fred Weems, Jerry Otto , Bob Passarelli, Rich Pasarelli, Mike Geisler
From the Facebook album: April 2, 2011 by Rose Marie Brown 

Bob Passarelli  Bruce...this was version 2...version one had Robbie Evans on guitar
(later) Bob Bolick replaced Freed Weems...


Ralph Orton, Bob Orton,  Franz Singer, Gary McGill (v)
 I was going through the music web site and noticed that The Spectrum was not included.  Ralph and Bob Orton and Franz Singer were in the group. (Maybe one other person ?).  I loved their music and went to see them several times at the teen club.  I think they lived in Aschaffenburg.  They all went to FHS, and they were friends of mine.  My sisters and I went to see them in Aschaffenburg. Bob came over during the break and danced with me. The next song he dedicated to me; it was "To Love Somebody." It was so cool and I have never forgotten it. 
--Cindy McGill, June 03, 2008


Yes Spectrum was from A-burg … 0riginally the lineup included The Ortons and Franz plus Gary McGill singing  and I believe there was one other person. Gary left Spectrum to join me and the Gomez Brothers (Eddie,guitar , Joe, Drums and Danny, Bass) in “The Sound Pounders".  When the Gomez Bros. Dad rotated back to the world, Gary and I formed “Crosstown Traffic” with Fred Weems, (who had recently left “Poor Mans Children”), and Bob Schneider.   Spectrum reformed with their sister, whose name I forget. 

-- Mike Calloway, June 05, 2008

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Sound Pounders
at the Eagles Nest '68                                           -  from beaucakes

Back row L-R:  Joe Gomez (Drums), Eddie Gomez (Guitar), Mike Calloway (Rhythm Guitar and backing vocals)
Front row L-R:   Gary McGill (Vocals), Danny Gomez (Bass)

...Gary (McGill) left Spectrum to join me and the Gomez Brothers”(Eddie,guitar , Joe, Drums and Danny, Bass) in “The Sound Pounders"...
-- Mike Calloway, June 05, 2008

A Beautiful Day - John Vaughn (Heidelberg HS)

As the song asks, "Who Knows Where The Time Goes"? It was 40 YEARS ago tonight, I was the "Special Guest" & opening act for the Dutch rock band "GOLDEN EARRINGS" at the Big Apple Club in Munich, Germany. They were very nice guys and very friendly & kind to me. 1 year later, they opened for "THE WHO" in Europe, and in 73' they had a #1 World Hit with their song "RADAR LOVE". Amazing, and a great memory!   John Vaughan  4-10-11  John on Facebook

that's Linda best friend at the time. I knew John, we email some, he is still playing/recording music. I dated the drummer (Brett) of A Beautiful Day. They had a reunion in Tahoe July 2009 and the band got together to play. How kewl is that?

rose 70


I remember A Beautiful Day. Thanks B. xoxoS 70 

 -- Sandy C.

With Donovan in Frankfurt, Dec. 1968. Donovan was a huge influence on me in my early days. I loved his music and guitar playing. Meeting him for the first time back then was a fantastic experience!!  - John

More 60s pics Here

John's Home Page

Frankfurt, Germany Nov. 1968. Backstage with Frank Zappa.  

1968 Teen Club Dance, Patrick Henry Village.
Hi Bruce!

Greetings to you from Berlin. Thanks for hooking up. Really cool site you have and Rose got intouch with me through Face Book right after I got your mail. I gather you both went to FHS together.

You are more than welcome to use the Zappa (Nov.68 back stage at the Frankfurt Messegelande Halle) & the Donovan (Dec.68 in the lobby of the Frankfurt Intercontinental Hotel) photos, along with one of my /our band photos for your website, with a link back to my homepage. It a cool idea....

Our HHS band, "A Beautiful Day" were together for two years, 1967 & 1968. During that time, we played may times at the Frankfurt Teen Club. We had many fans in Frankfurt. As a matter of fact, here is a cool story. I thought of it when I saw the photo of The Doors playing outside at the Platz in downtown Frankfurt ( a short promo-set for the actual concert they gave in Frankfurt in autumn 1968.

The night they played in Frankfurt, ( Messegelande Halle ), we played in the Frankfurt Teen Club!! No shit. Our guitarist Skiles Kelly, was dating a girl who knew one of the roadies from The Doors. They were in touch with each other so we found out The Doors were staying at The Intercontinental Hotel. We went there after the teen club and ended up hanging out with them until the wee hours of the morning, smoking and drinking. ( Without Jim Morrison. He was in and out of various other rooms of the hotel. I met him shortly in the elevator and he was pretty out of it, but ok. )

Please drop a line to let me know my mail arrived and show me your new link! When did you graduate from FHS? Where are you now? I was HHS 1969. In Jan. 1969 I also saw Jimi Hendrx in Frankfurt at the Jahrhunderthalle. Tons of Army brats at that gig!!!

Best to you Bruce,

John Vaughan, 21 Sep 2010


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1968 - 1969 Bands

Paper Sunn


Mark Heppner (drums), Pat Hardman (Capt.Fat) (lead singer), Larry Stracqualursi (bass), Dave Howard (lead guitar)


69 Yearbook Page

Will always remember Paper Sunn playing
"White Room" in the Eagles Nest.
Mikey '69,  "Ditto", Jane '70

l-r Larry Stracqualursi, Pat Hardman (Capt.Fat), Mark Heppner, Dave Howard
from EaglesEcho_1969-05-YE-Summary.pdf         comment on Facebook here
from EaglesEcho_1968-10-30.pdf


from EaglesEcho_1969-05-YE-Summary.pdf



Ed Bennett '70 and Jim Porsche 196?        from beaucakes


Ed Bennett '70 and Rick Bullen '70


Ed and I had a band called Ian for about a year or so.  We palyed mostly top-40, which included a lot of soul, Beatles, Hendrix, etc.  We played at community centers, the teen club, the high school and some German clubs.  Here's who was in the band:
Ed Bennett '70 - Guitar and back-up vocals
Jim Porsch - Drums
Drew Geiger - Bass guitar and back-up vocals (he was in the Navy and was Pam Geiger's brother)
Me (Rick Bullen '70) - Organ, Guitar and lead vocals




Rick Nelson

1970 visit to Frankfurt

Dutch Meeker's Autographed Photo


RN1  RN2 RN3 RN4 RN5 RN7 RN8 RN9 RN10 EN1


Images from Ricki Menard
Darmstadt, Germany, March 24, 1970: Rick Nelson, who got an early start in show business by acting (and eventually singing) on his parents' "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" TV show, gets ready to go on stage during a stop on his tour of U.S. military clubs in Germany. (Lloyd Borguss, copyright Stars and Stripes)

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1969 - 70 Bands

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ==CROSSTOWN==TRAFFIC==

2007 Band Reunion - Images from Mike Calloway on

Fred Weems '70

Bob Schneider '69

Gary McGill

Mike Calloway '71


 Aschaffenburg JH '67-'69

This is...our band Crosstown Traffic playing our Hendrix Theme song… recorded at the Hanau AYA on our last Gig and this recording was the last song we played together until we started having regular reunions in the late 80’s.- Mke

 mp4 file Crosstown Traffic (Hendrix)  4.2 Mb


The Naked Truth 


Bob Passareli '70

Mike Doane '69

Cary Lundsford '71

Rich Passarelli '69


artwork by Larry Stracqualursi




    At The Eagles Nest        mddoane


 Italy Tour  Cary        Bob        Mike      Rich
 2002 San Antonio
 First reunion and first time TNT reunited after 32! What a party


<<   <   >   >>

1970 - 71 Bands




George & the Rockets '70   By: carydrum71

Bob Passerlli - vocals
Cary Lunsford - drums
Jay Marciano - guitar
David Bach - keyboards
Lee Whistler - percussion

Eric Etnire - bass
Brian Stimson
Chris Lemmons

George & the Rockets '71  By: Mike Calloway

From our last gig for the Jr. High Prom spring '71 at the O club between the School and the IG Farben Bldg.  G & R had a number of line ups -- this one was:
Sach Jarrman(sp?) - Vocals,  Cary Lunsford - Drums,  Jay Marciano - Guitar,  David Bach - Keyboard,
Lee Whistler - Percussion,  Mike Calloway - Bass    
Playlist: mp4 files  will need Qucktime or iTunes (free) (or another mp4 player). 

Black Magic Woman (Santana)  5.3Mb   Soul Sacrifice (Santana)  7.2Mb
Wring That Neck (Deep Purple)  5 Mb   I'll Keep on Trying (Uriah Heep)  5.9 Mb   Teddy Bear (Elvis) 1.7 Mb

Somewhere I have a few more on cassette that will need to be converted to a digital format.




Promo Card from Dutch Meeker



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(September 1970-June '71)
Anthony Brown '71--drums, flute, vocalsJimmy Davis--lead vocals, Tex Davis--bassBill Kotapish--rhythm guitar,  Stanley Whitaker--lead guitar, vocals
Roadies/Pranksters: Fred Brown, Steve Witt, Jon Sajo
Avatar: Mike Whitten
Our repertoire included The Who, Traffic, Jethro Tull, Hendrix, Sly & the Family Stone, CSN&Y, Mountain, Blind Faith, Procol Harum, Beatles, et. al. - From Anthony Brown June 7, 2008
71-72 Bands
Bands in the spring 71 "Focus" Rock Festival (from the 71 yearbook):
Smitty and Friends    Hard    TenYears Ago
George and the Rockets     Ulysses     Smack
Smack, Ground Floor People, Trilogy
My band "SMACK" ... Long ago! L-R Standing Steve McGee, Rick Hallman, Me +Don Wilson

- Mike Calloway

"... in the Germany attending Frankfurt American High School where over the next three years he toured the American Youth Activities Clubs and an occasional "civilian" venue as a member of The Sound Pounders, Crosstown Traffic, Ground Floor People, Smack, Trilogy and George and The Rockets.

- Mike Calloway, more hery




Here are some pictures of a rock band (Armagedon) i was in while in Germany. Also a picture of me and someone (i don't remember) his name at graduation. That is me on the left.  I only remember a few of the band members names. Russ Tilton 71 on drums. Jim Ciricillo 71 on guitar. That's me on bass guitar. This was a USO gig we did at one of the housing areas ball fields. There were some other local bands that performed also and one British band that had a few records out . Their name was HOME. That's all i remember about that. I also have some more pictures i will send of another band we had (HARD).

l-r -    Jim Ciricillo 71,  ?? , ?? ,  Philip Hilderbrand 71,  Russ Tilton 71

More Images Here


Philip Hilderbrand--bass,  Carter Hilderbrand--guitar.  Don (Thompson?) - drums,  
Henry Thompson
- rhythm guitar, Debbie Taylor and Patty Shaw - vocals

hey guys
i just went to the site and saw the name of my band in Frankfurt

the band was formed with the Hilderbrand bros. -- if you can find their
middle ins. they were the A and R -- i was the H and Don (thompson?) was
the D don was drummer i was r guitar Phil played bass his brother
played guitar
although Hard was the name of the band it was an acronym for "Heavy
Annie's Rear Door" -- i know but at the time it was cool
we didn't play many gigs but we hung out the America House and of
course we were Platen Raiders so we did stuff at the community center there
if any remember, "HARD" was written on stuff everywhere and i
understand that after i left Frankfurt the guys got in to a little
trouble over that.
on a side note we may have been to first and only rock group to try
having 2 girls singing with us Debbie Taylor and Patty Shaw
i have no photos but i do have an old play bill with our name on it
i was tickled to see the group went on after i left
lets see how much i remember
Carter played a tele with an ac30
Phil played a tele bass (with pasley) with sound city amp
Don played drums what brand i don't remember
i played a tesco guitar with a fender bandmaster head (62) witch i
still have through a echo 1x12 cab
our sound system was a Devolie (iti built) it had a tape echo that
was so cool that we would trip and let play itself runnaway echo
again at the time was cool
god my memory cell a r e s t a r t i n g t o h u r t
if any have photos i love to see them
does that fill in the gaps any
i remember most of the bands from school and i never missed one of
the three day fest that were in Germany one in Frankfurt at the bike
track.  i shared a soda with toni from black sabbath can you dig it
love to one and all




Stanley Whitaker, lead guitar, vocals; David Bach, keyboard ; Cary Lunsford on drums; Jim Sullivan on bass

(David Bach on the left, Cary Lunsford on drums,  Jim Sullivan  on bass and Stan on the right.)

 Stan's band in Germany (circa 1971)....Shady Grove 

from  Rick Kennell's Scrapbook Archiveon the Happy the Man website

From Anthony Brown June 7, 2008

After my graduation in June 71, Stanley and the remnants of
Ulysses teamed with remaining members of George & the Rockets to form Shady Grove (71-72). Bill, Stanely, Steve, Mike, my brother, Fred, and I had a reunion at Harrisonburg, VA (Madison College) in the Summer of 1974; there's a recording somewhere of us doing "Let It Be" and "John Barleycorn."

Stanley soon became a charter member of
Happy The Man, which signed with Arista Records.

f40m  Thomas Hudson I :  also had English and Sex Ed in the portable buildings. I sliced off the very tip of one finger in the door, once. I don't know how. I used to go help the Shady Grove band haul gear into one of them to practice on Saturdays. I sure liked the teachers there. They all seemed so enthusiastic.
6 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Sleepy John Estes

Philip Hilderbrand--bass,  Carter Hilderbrand--guitar. Mike Holloway?--drums


From Anthony Brown June 7, 2008

After my graduation in June 71, Stanley and the remnants of
Ulysses teamed with remaining members of George & the Rockets to form Shady Grove (71-72). Bill, Stanely, Steve, Mike, my brother, Fred, and I had a reunion at Harrisonburg, VA (Madison College) in the Summer of 1974; there's a recording somewhere of us doing "Let It Be" and "John Barleycorn."

Stanley soon became a charter member of
Happy The Man, which signed with Arista Records. Bill's older brother, Paul Kotapish (guitarist) is here in Northern California and plays in the group, Wake the Dead. I have no knowledge of the rest of the guys' current whereabouts.

I finished my Bachelor's degree in 1975 at the University of Oregon (on an ROTC scholarship) and was stationed in Athens, Greece, where I played in the house band at the Jazz Club-Athens (1976-77), and toured in Europe with visiting California jazz artists while stationed in Heidelberg as the Commander of the US Army Chorus, Europe (1978-80). The rest is history. . .

BTW: My dad was stationed at Friedberg (where Elvis served his tour of duty), and we lived at the housing area in Bad Nauheim, a couple miles away (south of Butzbach and Giessen, we rode the same school bus as those residents).

Thanks for your interest and let me know if I can assist you any further.

You are doing a wonderful service for all FAHS alum, ich danke dir fur alles.
I arrived in Frankfurt in February 1970, so we may not have crossed paths. I remember those days very well because I saw all my favorite groups: Led Zeppelin, The Who, Stones, Traffic, Tull, and Hendrix' last concert at the Isle of Fehmarn, in Northern Germany, September, Labor Day weekend, 1970. In fact, I went with Philip Hilderbrand, who played bass in the FAHS group with his brother Carter on guitar called
Sleepy John Estes. Mike Holloway played drums; we've been in touch over the  years (since I was at the Smithsonian in the 1990s and Mike was a SGM with the Army Band in DC). There was a Battle of the Bands in Spring 1971 captured on the "Music Fest" page with pictures of George & the Rockets, Ulysses, and Sleepy John Estes in the 1971 FAHS Focus yearbook--a mere 37 years ago, and it seems like yesterday.

Here's a link to some recent photos of my current Orchestra: 

Let me know if you'd like to post one of the photos on your site. I'll check with the photographer, and if she's fine with it (she just turned down Wikipedia), please make sure you credit her: photo by Kathy Sloane, and that should do it.

Were you a musician also? I remember seeing Paul Kotapish with Larry Strack. on bass and John Dorschner on drums shortly after I arrived in a Spring 70 school concert.

Hey AB!
Good to hear from you and glad alls well in SF.
NO i didnt play with the Hilderbrand Bro's ... what you are remembering is the spring music fest ...
I played guitar and sang  with my Hanau group "Smack", we opened the show w/Steve Mcgee(FHS 72) now living in Zaragoza Spain for the past 20+ years) on bass, Don Wilson on guitar and vocals(a Hanau GI now in Cleveland TN and still gigging) and Rich "cant remember his last name" another GI who before he got drafted played in Vegas with Ike and Tina.
I also played guitar and sang original tunes with "Trilogy" a group i put together just for the fest with Steve McGee on Bass and Robert Schneider(FHS'71 now in TX)
And I played Bass w/George and the Rockets.
and then there was the drums you are remembering ... and I dont remember who it was that i played with but their drummer didnt show and for some reason they asked me to play ... My one and only percussion gig ...and perhaps for a good reason...LOL.
 Mr Martin ...gotta love that forever young guy ... I never had any art classes with him but took crafts w/ Mr Gardner and Ms. Keriwitz(sp) ...Martin was always asking me why i didnt take his classes ... no reason just enjoyed the cratfs stuf more plus I had a huge crush on Ms. K. ... HAHA  
Sorry about the missed bio info on you and Shelburne ... Just knew that there was a connection tut mir leid! 
I also have a photo from Graduation of Me, You, Abdul Wahab Abakudair(sp) and one or two orthers standing on the steps at the auditorium at the FFM Zoo ... when i get unpacked and setteled in and locate the photo i will send you a copy.
YES ... Please let me know next time you are in DC and weel get together ... Perhaps it will coincide with a David Bach gig somewhere in the area ...he has a monthly gig at a club 15min from my place!
AND BRUCE ...again DITTO the accolades from AB about the memories you are preserving for us all!

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 14:18:01 -0400
Subject: Re: Fw: Re:The Spectrum Band -  got any info????
To: ba_garner; sgmcalloway

Hey Bruce and Mike,
It's a small, kleine welt . . .
Yeah, Mike, I remember that gold Nehru jacket. . .
Mike, you can fill in a lot of details of the 70-71 FAHS music scene. Did I get the band with you and the Hilderbrand brothers correct--weren't you playing drums with them (and did I get their names right)? I do have my 71 FOCUS yearbook here but no scanner to send the page with our three bands on it. Hey Mike--you had a special thing with Mr. Martin (art teacher) 'cause he shot more pictures of you guys than us or G & the R's!

Small note: Maj. Shelburne was not my commander--no slam against him, but I was able to retain my autonomous command of the Chorus until I resigned my commission in Dec. 80 and came to SF to pursue my music career. Bryan took over command after I left.

Bruce, the selected photos and watermark captioning are fine. Thanks again, and let me know which CDs you're interested in and I'll send them to you.

And Mike, happy new digs! I still get out to the Smithsonian every quarter--I'll holler next time I'm back East.


Anthony Brown, Ph.D.
Asian American Orchestra,
Fifth Stream Music, Inc.
(510) 428-2126

Hey AB ...
Congrats on the graduation and have a great weekend with the incomming family.
I think I was at the same Koln fest also although got in late and missed quite a few bands ... we couldn't get tickets but managed to sneak in ... we actually "Came in Through the Bathroom Window".   Deep Purple had arrived late and I had seen them so many times in the FFM area that one of their techs recognized me and hoisted me up on stage to help them load in, so I sat on stage left during their set and then stayed at SL for the acoustic set by Spencer Davis and Muff Winwood.  Somewhere I have the poster from that concert ... once i get unpacked and settled in a bit I will photograph all my posters and email them to you and Bruce.   I also have quite a few tickets ...mostly 20DM ...FIVE BUCKS ...and what are concert tickets now....LOL 

I'm jealous that you got to see Hendrix's  last performance ... Do you remember the guy who sold concert tickets in the senior lobby???? ... a kindred spirit, another musician ... anyway I struck up a friendship/kinship with him and he would always save really good tickets for me ...consequently I got front row tickets and directly in front of the man for Hendrix's '69 Jahr Hundert Halle concert.  If you recall Hendrix was scheulded to make a return engagement to FFM which I think would have been his next concert tour appearance after Fernham  following a brief hiatus.   At any rate The day arrived for the ticket dude to be in the senior lobby and with money in hand I raced off the bus and into the senior lobby ...plopped my money on the table and asked if he had managed to get tickets as good as the last ones ... and he held up 2 tickets ...front row ... and said you haven't heard have you ...  Hendrix died last nite.   Blew my mind ... I offered to take the tickets anyway but he said his boss had called him and told him not to sell the ticket s..for obvious reasons ...but also that they might be collectors Items in time.     Another memory jostled by your reflections and by Bruces great efforts to recollect our past for us.  THANX BRUCE!
OK Gotta run ...

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 17:05:36 -0400
Subject: Re: RE: The Spectrum Band -  got any info????
To: sgmcalloway; ba_garner

OK, Mike,
I plead failing brain cells . . .

I was on the floor about 20 feet from the stage at the Zep concert--back in the day when we would go to the hall right after school, get in line and scramble to the front of the stage with sleeping bags to stake out our area. I remember that concert pretty well, although I had seen them in Spring '69 in Santa Monica on their first US tour--they were raw and taking even more chances.

I saw Ginger Baker's Air Force at one of those mega musik fests in Koln in Spring '70. Also on the bill (and showed up) were Yes, Procol Harum, East of Eden,  The best festival was the aforementioned Love & Peace Festival at the Isle of Fehmarn in September 1970. They advertised everybody (ELP did not show) but Hendrix (w/Mitch and Billy Cox), Sly & the Family Stone, Small Faces (with Stewart and Wood), Fat Mattress w/Noel Redding, Incredible String Band, Keef Hartley, Mongo Jerry, did. No drumsticks at those events, but got a handful of busted sticks from Billy Cobham after a Mahavishnu Orchestra concert at the Fillmore in '73!

OK, guys, gotta run to the airport and shuttle people.


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Also I saw Elton John at the Jahrhundrethalle in 1972. Here are the particulars. The tour poster I attached was not the one for the Frankfurt show. I used to have it, but must have lost in moving.

Mar 12 1972


  1. +Tiny Dancer
  2. Rock Me When He's Gone
  3. Susie (Dramas)
  4. Levon
  5. Border Song
  6. Can I Put You On
  7. Your Song
  8. Holiday Inn
  9. Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters
  10. Rocket Man
  11. Honky Cat
  12. Country Comfort
  13. Madman Across The Water
  14. Take Me To The Pilot
Thanks for the super job on the web site.
zody June 01, 2008


John Zody's Concert Tickets

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Moany more tickets and posters here Concert Tickets and Posters

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    ca. 1979      
    Anthem, Mandarin, Cousin It      

click image to see Facebook post and comments

via  Rj Elliott‎ on Frankfurt American High School
    Circa 1979, Anthem was our band with Kent Collins/drums, Gregg Galdo/guitar, Jim Blackledge/bass & guitar, and myself Robert Elliott/guitar and bass.  Randy Hebert, Carolyn Schmitz and Tom Curvey are sitting on the ground with their backs to us. Part of an outdoor rock concert just outside Platen at a military recreation center. Other bands also participated like Mandarin and Cousin It..      


Re: [Frankfurt_HS_67-71] Happy 40th Abbey Road!‏
From: John Zody
Sent: Tue 8/11/09 12:17 PM

Abbey Road Webcam:

<<   <   >   >>


Chris Stimson's ('69) 1982 Trip to Abbey Road Studios for Capitol Records on the 20th Anniversary of the First UK BEATLES Single Release.
(The pictures) came from a trip to England in the early Eighties that I (and five others, each "plus 1") had won for an in-house competition at Capitol Records from Iron Maiden...long story. It happened to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the release of the very first Beatles single in the UK.
...with the "Americans"...yeah..that's me on the right.  

Since Capitol is owned by EMI, and EMI also owns Abbey Road Studios, we got the VIP tour, just as Abbey Road and EMI were preparing for the first-ever "open to the public" tour of the Abbey Road facility

The ACTUAL 2-inch Master Tape of The Beatles "Let it Be."

...See All Chris' Abbey Road Pictures Here

related links:
"Love Me Do" / "P.S. I Love You" Release date: 10-05-1962
Great facts:     
A Beatles timeline with pics and quotes:

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go here for the FAHS Alumni in Music Today

Chicken Shack: Ten Years After/Chicken Shack, 69/11/17 Jahrhunderthalle Chicken Shack was one of the British Bands into the Blues influence.  Notable is band member Christine Perfect, later named Christine McVie after joining Fleetwood Mac and marrying band member John McVie.

The New Jeff Beck Group, Sun. 72/10/8, Jahrhunderthalle

 This (folded) poster sold on Ebay for around $85.00 in Oct. 2007! -bg  Chick Corea September 24, 1972 Kongresshalle

Jazz Keller

clippings from Jueri



<<   <   >   >>

Concert Venues



09/14/68 (Sat) Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany - Jefferson Airplane??

Leo's wantlist   11/07

Jefferson Airplane -  Europe shows    wantlist

68/09/14   Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany

 1968.3.24, Volksbildungesheim, Frankfurt -1,
1970.3.22, Kongresshalle, Frankfurt -2,
recorded live at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival 1968 and 1970.

Traffic: Kongresshalle, Frankfurt; February 6, 1971

Medicated Goo | Pearly Queen | Empty Pages | Heaven Is In Your Mind | 40,000 Headmen | John Barleycorn | Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring? | Every Mother's Son | Freedom Rider | Means To an End | Dear Mr Fantasy

Not the best of starts with sound quality not at its best.



(to do)  15.05.2003, Frankfurt, Alte Oper

Stadthalle, Frankfurt - Offenbach - beat beat beat

Festhalle summer of love


Joao and Astrid Gilbert with Stan Getz at the Yahrhunderthalle... can't remember which year, though. 1966 or 67, I think - Janie Civile

Lippman & Rau concert promoters  link  link  link



You shouldn`t forget Sept. 5th when they did the Top of The Pops tv-show in London....unfortunately BBC had a nasty habit of wiping their tapes for re-use so this is most probably what happened to The Doors` performance on this tv-show.

There`s also the lip-synched Hello I love You from the 4-3-2-1 Hot & Sweet show performed at Romer Square in FrankfurtSept. 13th.This one is on the Live in Europe 1968 vid.
Light my Fire was also performed but has not surfaced to my knowledge..

They should definetly release Stockholm..

Kongresshalle 9/14 Early and Late Shows (Frankfurt, Germany): An audience recording of the Early Show circulates. Film clips of LMF from the Early Show and 5 To 1 from the Late Show can be seen on the Live In Europe '68 video and that is all that is known to circulate from the footage.

Archie Bell

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