TIP June 1959

Frankfurt In Your Pocket, 1953
April 4-10, 1965       TWIG Sept. 1-15, 1969

SGT G.I. Crows' Eye View of Frankfurt AM & PM, 1954
 FAHS/Frankfurt Publications

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p2  Idle Hour Theater XL p3  Rhine Cruise
p4  Panzer Theater XL p5  Biography of Deborah Kerr
p6 Betts Theater XL p7  Frankfurt Playhouse
p8 McNair Theater Hoechst XL p9 Deborah Kerr
p10 Gibbs Theater XL p11  Children's Matinees
p12  Hospital Theater XL p13  Children's Matinee McNair
p14  Gutleut Theater, Zoo, Rossmarkt XL p15  Bars and Cabarets
TIP, Erika Schneider,  Hoss & Co., Frankfurt am Main

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