This Week in Germany

Rhein-Main Edition, Vol. 14 No. 7, September 1-15, 1969

TIP June 1959   TWIG April 4-10, 1965      FAHS/Frankfurt Publications

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Cover, IAA, Porsche 914 pp2,3 -- Contents pp4,5 -- Theater, Opera, Cabaret
pp6,7 -- International Auto Show pp8,9 -- Wilson Pickett pp10,11--
pp12,13 --Concerts, Clubs, Computers pp14,15 -- Symphony Opera pp16,17 -- Theater, Taunus Wundeland
4,850 computers in Germany... Der Bettelstudent -- The Student Prince  
pp18,19 -- Sightseeing pp20,21 -- Sightseeing, Hotels pp22,23 -- Restaurants, Gourmet Guide
pp24,25 -- Restaurants, Gourmet Guide pp26,27 -- Nightlife, Sightseeing pp28,29 -- Swimming Sightseeing
pp30,31 -- Conversion Tables pp32,33 -- City Map pp34,35 -- Airline Ads
pp36,37 --  Airline Schedules pp38,39 --  Airline Schedules pp40,41 --  Airline Schedules
pp42,43 --  Airline Schedules pp44,45 -- Consulates, Tourist Offices pp46,47 -- Train Departures
pp48,49 -- Museums pp50,51 -- Movies pp52,53 -- Movies, Computer Training
pp54,55 --  Bowling pp56,57 -- AFN, Clubs pp58,59 --Fairs, Concerts

pp60,61 Concerts, Soccer
Wilson Pickett Concert Poster

Other Frankfurt Concert Posters

Mercedes at the  Auto Show


I remember seeing this, (then advanced styled) car at the show.  It also had the new Wankel engine.  Did anyone else go to that Car show? -bg70






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