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Frankfurt American High School San Antonio Reunion!

Who:  Anyone that spent even one day as an Eagle is invited.

What:  A gathering to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the graduation of the class of 1959 with ALL our friends. (See “Who” above.)

Where:  The historic Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

When:  October 6-9, 2009; Tuesday to Friday.

Why:  Why not?

The Menger Hotel is on Alamo Square, and one block from the River Walk.  We have 115 rooms, at a rate of $140 per night.  That rate is also available for two nights before and two nights after the reunion, if you want to see more of San Antonio.

Parking is available at the hotel, but cheaper off-site for those who drive to San Antonio.  There is no free airport shuttle, but shared-ride vans are available.  Come with a few friends and share the cost.

The Menger Hotel reservations number is 1-800-345-9285.  Mention booking number 60601016, and that you are booking for the Frankfurt American High School 2009 Reunion. 

Wednesday night is the Sock Hop in the hotel ballroom and the only all-inclusive event.  The rest of the time is for you to enjoy San Antonio while renewing past friendships. 

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1958 Prom Card  (click to.enlarge)                  From Helmut circa1960 Giessen FAHSers                     from Helmut

The Weed Pit 195?   photo by? "Mystery Hangout"
from Der Adler Lagebericht, Volume VI, Issue 6‏


"Stu Lippe thought it was a good idea, nostalgia-wise, to feature a photo from the archives in a "Where is This" venue. OK, I can do that. I'll make it easy the first time. Attached is a "Mystery Hangout" photo. If you don't recognize the locale, you probably spent all your time in your room studying. (You do know only 10% of your high school education came from a book, right?)

(Insert Transition Device Here:) While we are on the topic of high school hangouts, we would like to find a photo of Bodega's as well as a photo of the Straw Bar. Anybody?

And, in that photo of "The Weed Pit," does anybody recognize the gal on the left of the photo, looking at the camera? Familiar, I just can't recall a name.

Finally, a bit of oral nostalgia, courtesy of Larry Richardson. He claims that there were two daily busses from Frankfurt to Darmstadt. As a result of "bus unrest" - his words - the powers that be first tried a girl's bus and a boy's bus. Next, an officer's kids bus and a NCO's kids bus was attempted. Then a smokers bus and a non-smokers bus went into the mix. Apparently, all efforts to control those Darn Darmstead Teenagers failed, and the system reverted to the original FCFS, semi-chaos method of transport.

You would think those DDTs would appreciate getting a bus ride home. Those of us that lived in Platenstraße had to walk to school and home every day. Five miles. Uphill. In the snow.

Those were the days, my friends. Those were the days.

Frankfurt Über Alles!"


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After eight years at the original location, school opens at new site
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June 1, 1957 - The dormitories were named for Frederick Oglesby and Stoyte Ross, Jr.        more

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