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The original Frankfurt American High School Alumni Association was organized in 1983, and covers the Classes of 1954 through 1963. Their logo is (at right)

- Allen


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Data From Alan Monasmith's Master Alumni Directory  (FA = Faculty/Admin)  Comment on Facebook


FAHS 2007 Video from Ray Pollard

      47 YB School History

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1946 - FAHS Founded

The yearbook in 46-48 was called "Dackel", a German word for the German word "Dachshund".  In discussions amongst  the 67-71 group we wondered if "Dackel" was the mascot at that time.  Later I found out from Dan Bunting '49 that it was the "Maroon Raiders"
, See Dan Bunting's Book 1947-8 Bunting sniper/currency Berlin Airlift

A "photoshopped" version of what a Dackel mascot letter jacket might have looked like...what would a Maroon Raiders letter jacket looke like?


1948-49 - Eagle Becomes School Symbol -- can anyone supply details


   Before WW2, before it was the first FAHS (46-54) Der Frankfurter Reformschulversuch 1930 – 1937
© Institut für Stadtgeschichte
Die Friedrich-Ebert-Reformschule am Bornheimer Hang
 enlarged photo

Some great notes about the first FHS location
From: jim skaggs
Subject: Re: About FAHS
Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 14:04:24 -0700


Great to hear from you.

Yes, we visited the old High School in 1995, when the FHS closed. The school was called the Dietrich Eckhart Schule and it was located at Arolser Strasse 11; 60389 Frankfurt am Main. One of teachers took us on a tour and it was still being used as a school for the “Mentally Challenged”! It was near the City Dump. We then had dinner and some bier at a Gasthaus just above the school. Too bad we did not know it was there, when we went to school. It was a great tour and dinner. The teacher went from Frankfurt to Wurzburg.

We hope to visit Frankfurt next year and I am going to try and visit it next year, if we can find it by ourselves! We will go by WAC Circle and see what the new High School. The Boys Dorm (1950-1952) was also near WAC Circle and the address was 63 Cronstetten Strasse. The Girls Dorm was at 123 Grueneberg Weg, which was near the Palmgarten, and the IG Farben Building, which is now a University. The
Boys Dorm in 1949/1950 was on Eschersheimer Landstrasse and the Girls Dorm was at 55 Wiesenau Strasse. Frankfurt High was created in 1946 at Frankfurt American Community High School. The Frankfurt High School Teen Age Club (Raiders Roost) was located at 62 Holzhausen Strasse.
We had a fantastic reunion last October in Flagstaff with almost 60 people in attendance. Our reunion this year is in Omaha from 9/2-9/25/11.

We had a neat get together for all of the Frankfurt alumni from all years in the “Valley of the Sun” at our house and we had 21 people attend for gut essen und bier und wein.

Hope the info is what you wanted.
I will let Dave Klinger (Dackel) know about the sites.

If you ever get to the “Valley of the Sun”, please give us a call so we can have a drink and or dinner.


1949-60 FAHS Yearbooks have been scanned in by Berlin American HS

1949 - Sophomore Norman Schwarzkopf attends FAHS



Photos taken at the Dackel Assoiations 2007 Reunion

Photo by ??                                       Artist - Larry Tisdale       

48 Dackel Yearbook and other memorabilia

Frankfurt "Invaders"  19??    Frankfurt Athletic Club?

Archivist name ?  daughter's name?


 See more images at: 



Click for A Gallery of 50sYearbook Pictures



FAHS 1952

from the 52 yearbook


1952 - Kronberg Castle Prom  Covered in June 9th Life Magazine!

(thanks Jerry "Tex" Stanley '52) (Jerry is 2nd in line!) 



This month’s Typical Excentric Reader is a blast from the past. Pictured second on the conga line is Gerald Clayton Stanley, often accused of raising the Excentric's editor, Thom Stanley. This particular photograph was taken from a page in the June 9, 1952 Life Magazine. It was capturing the highly respected members of the senior class from Frankfurt High School in Germany, at Kronberg Castle Prom. It seems that our editor approaches life with the same sobriety that Gerald approaches his senior prom.


from article


Stars&Stripes article 1952

School History in the 54 Yearbook
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1954-1955 School Year Moved to Current Location

Under Construction, 1954

June 1, 1957 (from Jim Selander '59)
The dormitories were named for Frederick Oglesby and Stoyte Ross, Jr.


Class of 57 at the Casino (Terrace Club)   (need image source)

More Class images for other years

1960 Cold War Relic
Bruce...I was till carrying 67-70 (have it in my scrap book).  There were Soviet recon's all over Germany....I sited at least 2 while at Edwards.  Had special license plates and we were instructed to call the MP's so they could at least monitor them.My understanding was that Ger. gov't didn't do anything to prevent them crossing over.  Maybe because of so many West ties to East Ger....families, etc.

- Dutch

We would see them sitting outside of Drake - Edwards Kassern when the 503rd S&T would go on alert.  They would sit outside one of the gates in a black sadan.  The men I saw were in civilian clothing.  They seemed to know when these exercises were going to take place...hummm.  So much for security.



Hey Dutch et al:

You're right about that...the activity would arouse some interest.  Some of the Alerts were practice and others were a response to events.  They would also be sitting outside the gates when the unit would pull out headed to the field for maneuvers  in Wielflecken and Fulda.  The Army had various units on site in both locations year round.  Both locations flanked the Fulda Gap and provided a modicum of security.  I heard at the time that most likely they wouldn't survive the first wave of an attack and that their job was to delay the invasion as long as they could -- pretty much a suicide mission.

I believe all of the Soviet observers were in the military, some just didn't wear their uniforms in town.

Cheers, Ken

Ken, The two I saw were in uniform...Soviet military I assumed.   But I think they had more spies than we could imagine and the 'recon' were a diversion.  But I always knew when a maneuver was in the works before dad said anything....some of the bases were so open that anyone passing by could see the buzz of activity, esp. if its was armored...hard to disguise that engine noise of tanks and APC's

JMO Dutch

Dutch's SMLM card dated 1 AUG 64 click images for larger version

16 Apr 73 version from Wayne F. Schildhauer '75 - click images for larger version
I was surprised to see the Soviet Military Misson card.  I think those of us that remember those things are becoming as few as the cards themselves, but I too kept mine!  It changed a bit in the early 70's. - Wayne, Class of 75

Remembering Cold War in 60s Germany
  Within Nuclear Range
Katherine Maxfield
Sunday, March 25, 2007, SFGate - S. F. Chronicle

"It was early August, three weeks before I became a high school freshman. I lived with my very high school brother and our parents on Hahn U.S. Air Force Base in rural Hunsrück, West Germany. The base was the area's largest "town," with 10,000 people, plus hundreds of fighter planes and dozens of medium-range nuclear missiles. The tall, black, inclined cylinders stood in pairs behind barbed-wire enclosures scattered around base. I passed the missiles near the school's baseball diamond on the way home from a friend's house. That day, they slowly rotated, all on their own."

Full article:

 I remember this all too well. Thanks for posting Bruce,.
I need to forward this to a few folks that just don't get it.
rose 70


June 25,1963 JFK in Frankfurt
"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future."
-John F. Kennedy (JFK), Speech, Frankfurt, 25 June 1963.
click image to see JFK page
Berlin 6/23/63 JFK "Ich bin ein Berliner"
Hear this .wav 198K   from

Nov. 1963 Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt Meets FAHS Students


Does anybody here remember going to Berlin with Young Life? We were
so young. Willy Brandt (sp?) came to speak to us! It was just after
JFK was assassinated. We had Thanksgiving there, in Berlin. I do
remember John Abrams and Allen Geary.

Well, we were so young.

It was quite an experience, I will truly never forget, never.
- Diane Mayer  9/23/09


I believe that was the highlight of my three years in Germany. It was inspiring to say the least to visit with Mayor Brandt, escapees from across the wall and guards on the American side of the Berlin Wall. The experience is one of the most memorable in my life. In 1995, I attended the all class reunion in Frankfurt, and as part of my trip, I traveled to Berlin. The wall was down and construction and rebirth was every where. I took a walking tour to what had been the East, walked through Checkpoint Charlie from the East to the West. I have a very special place in my life for the people of Berlin, what they lived through and what they eventually were able to accomplish.
- Shirley Clark, '64  9/23/09




from the
David Kimery   Album                          in 2002 the 63 Mosaic was still there

Click image to enlarge

From the 63 Focus Yearbook   Page 3



Sadie Hawkins Day 1964              from


Top (l to r): Molly Lynn Newman '66, Jack Tossman '65, Eddie Baer '65, Marsha Hunter '65, Mary K. Daniel '65, Drew McCrocklin '65, Patty Reid '65, Frank Kulczack '65, George Hirko '65, Brian Woodruff '65 - Bottom (l to r): John Moore 65, Cathy Hanks '65, Stephanie O'Hearn '65, John Parrish '65, Marie Cona '65, Sue Harlan '65  


Bomb Scare 65(?)                 click image to enlarge                       Nicki  [fhs63-66]


 1966 - Ludwig Erhardt Visits Teen30 - Yearbook picture


(from Mary Ilseng)



Annex B Fire 1968                                                                photo by Geral Martin


Boy Scout Troop 34 Frankfurt Patch


Rosenmontag School Holiday 2/9/70


Images from John Conner / Dutch Meeker  comment on Facebook here

Thank Mary! Seems I get misty over the littlest things these day :]

But I sure hate that 'Jerry' (sorry, he'll always be MR. Martin to me) won't be making our 40th. Hope he realizes this is also the 40th anniversary of the biggest skip in FHS history.....ROSENMONTAG 1970!
I am attaching a copy of one his flyers that helped us get the word out. It is in color but so weak my scanner can't pick it up. I will be bringing the original to Nawlens along with the Train schedule, Mainz map, all courtesy of Mr. Martin's covert, burning of the midnight-oil, clandestine activities to help us get the holiday HE knew we deserved. Always THERE for us!!!!!
Also have the original Absentee list, courtesy of Mr. Messier, with the names of 546 students who were out sick that day......LOLOLOLOLOL

Are these the best memories or what?

Dutch, Apr 23, 2010
Kathy Cantu King I see my sister, Ramona and my name on this list. I can't read what is on top, but what is this list for? We both skipped school with a bunch of other Rhein/Mainers and took the train to Mainz. One of the best memories of our time in Germany!!!
Feb 9 1970 - After an hour ride arrive at the school to see everyone leaving for Rosenmontag in Weisbaden. Had a great time took a couple of trains and hitch hike home to arrive at home at normal time. Everything was cool until the next day when my Dad's coworker asked how I liked the parade? Busted!  Jim Wilson

Sandi Keim Blair My sister, Debby, & I are on the list too - hmmmmm...

Wiesbaden had day off

Absentee List, Mr. Martin's classes had "official" field trip


May 1995 All Year Reunion at Frankfurt
                                                                                               photo by Bruce Garner 70
May 16, 1995 -- American flag banner displayed during a presentation for FAHS in the Kaiser Room hosted by City Representatives. (For some reason a mayoral re-election was in progress and there wasn't an "official" mayor in office -- does anyone know the details?)

Photo by Tom Conlon  click images to enlarge

1995 All Class Reunion in Frankfurt

Photo by Tom Conlon


If you can ID anyone, send an email to Bruce70


 click images below for enlargements with names

left center left center right right
Tag names on Facebook here Tag names on Facebook here Tag names on Facebook here Tag names on Facebook here
Gail (Lewis) Smith 65
Danny O'Connor 66
Lewis Wendell, 73
George Varga
David Bach 72

tagged on FB
Ted Alger 87
Karl Lee 87

John McBee 69
Bruce Garner 70
 Marshall Spencer 63
Terry Metcalf 64
Mike Jernigan 68
 Jim Willis '54.
Bob Castle '54
Janet Voltz Kirwan '54
Anita Volz '57
Milt Summerfelt  '56
Greg Dougavito '57
Bill Moomaw ' 54
Dick DeCamp '55
Susan Rupp '54,
Bud Estes '55
Tom Conlon 78
Kathy Garner 69
Monika Olsen 69
Leslie Spear 67
Kurt Ohberg 66

Virginia Johnson

In the front row center is Melloteens sponsor Virginia Johnson and to her right is Lowell Kraft. I was there for that picture but I must have been below the bleachers picking up loose change.
- Dave Ratcliff

Gayle (Spear) Cratty 69
Mike Major 67
Tom Burns 65
Bob McGregor 65
Gary Sams 65
Gary Graham 65
Ray Reese 67
Linda Reese
Nils Ohberg 67
Bob Taylor 68
Carol Greer
Stuart Knowlton 68
Mark Petry 67
Kathy Cooney 67
Ginny Cooney 69
Greg Zunich
Thanks to all who have provided IDs!
Tom Conlon's letter that accompanied the photo.  It mentions other versions of the group photo and some 8mm films of the reunion.

Tom is currently on facebook if you would like to contact him to see if prints can still be purchased.

click image to enlarge

Alumni Search  Alumni by Year 95 Reunion Stein    from Gary Graham '65

1995 FAHS Final Year



Stars&Stripes Wed. May 10, 1995 page 12 (pdf file)

The Star & Stripes article PDF files were provided by
Liliana Vivanco
Stars and Stripes Library &
European-Pacific Stars and Stripes
14th St. NW Suite 350
Washington, DC 20045
Phone: (202) 761-0867

Thanks to Ray Pollard 70 for contacting S&S

see also Stars & Stripes at

Wed. May 17, 1995 page 1  (pdf file)


Stars&Stripes Wed. May 17, 1995 page 2 (pdf file)


August 29, 1994  -  On Facebook



"14 DDOS schools soon to close in atmosphere of pride, sadness", May 18,1995 (pdf file)


"DDOS to shut 7 schools in push to be 'right sized'", December 27, 1995 (pdf file)


"Rhein Main ceremony ends era as 'gateway', April 1, 1995  (pdf file)


"Frankfurt facility becoming Air Force stand-by hospital", October 12, 1995 (pdf file)  (97th General Hospital)



View from the Football Field -- 1970 and 2002

John Neumyer

John Neumyer

From Frank da Cruz page


1980 Rhein Main SOW Unit and the IRAN Hostage Rescue Op

August 2001 - Yahoo 67-71 Group Started

2007 Hanau HS Final Year

2007 Roman Way Housing Area Closes



US. Installation Closings


Late 2007


...I just want to tell all of you that the housing area just across the autobahn from the Rhein Main runway is being torn down. They will build office buildings on the housing area. Much of the air base has also been torn down and is being used for cargo storage. Frankfurt airport will also receive a 4th runway which will end up be near the former housing area.

Babenhausen and Gelnhausen is closed, while Hanau, Darmstadt and Buedingen will close next year. That means that Wiesbaden will be the only Army post left in the area. I guess that Karlsruhe and Ramstein will be the only bases left in 5 years from now.

Looks like the engagement of the US is coming to an end in Germany. Some how that reminds me of the times when the Romans left the Liemes on this side ot the Rhein almost 1700 years ago. Most of you have been on a field trip to the Saalburg which was one of the Roman fortifications on the Liemes (border). Hard to believe but the Romans just decided to leave.

Oh well, that's the way things go.

Wish all of you the best
Hans Pederson 68, 11-13-07


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The Number of Students Attending FAHS One or More of Their HS Years
From Allen Monamith '61
(Note: Because of parents reassignments, number of attending is about 3X those at FAHS at graduation.)

This chart does not include the alumni found in the 94 and 95 Foci. They were added to my database in the summer of 95. Also missing 4 or 5 other yearbooks in the 80s and 90s
From:  8 Nov 2010

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