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2004 Images from Ray Pollard

"Frankfurt Special"

"Is this train the Frankfort Special
Now ain't this outfit something special
Well, we heard rumors from the bases
Frankfort girls got pretty faces

Go, Special go. Blow whistle, blow
Frankfort Special's got a special way to go
Whao - oh - oh"


Full Lyrics at:

Elvis Presley - Frankfurt Special.

"This video was made by my friend MSG Mike Wetzel right after my video taping of Ray Barracks, who was then Station Commander of AFN Hessen. He was the one that set up and coordinated my authorization to make the videos' of Ray Barracks, Friedberg on my 2007 visit..." -Ray  

October 1, 1958, until March 2, 1960

YouTube   (some links broken - I'll look for new ones)

Elvis in Germany Bad Nauheim "Frankfurt Special"

Elvis In The Army, In Germany (picture compilation)


Elvis Presley Bad Nauheim Medley

Elvis Presley's unknown years in Germany

Elvis Germany Festival Bad Nauheim part one  part two  part three

LETTER FROM EUROPE:Frozen in time, Elvis still reigns as the King in Germany  IHT 8/25/2008

Images found by Ray 70

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