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Officially retired after a successful 42 year teaching and acting career. He plans to continue his acting career and travel with his wife,
- Donna Peacher-Hall 6/13/14 (Class of '68).


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This was "The Eve of Dionysus" Jr/Sr Prom held at the Palmgarten, Frankfurt Germany May 24th 1968. My dress was homemade and had a matching coat. I don't know why Steve is wearing glasses...he may have been in his Michael Caine period. our table: Steve Denmark, Me, Rosemary Diehl, Karl Titus, Skip Pettit, Cher Howard, Glenda Shelton, and Eddie Volk. Also our Ushers were Jim Valentine...Grant Caughey, Dana,,,-Yvonne Mingus-Denmark

What great memories! I remember the lake with floating candles; first time I'd ever seen such magic. I was with Dan Weatherly, and I think Mary Herndon and Dean Gragg were at our table, but I can't remember who else. Shoot, I'd even forgotten that the theme was Eve of Dionysus. My dress was homemade, too. I spent hours and hours on it. -- Deborah Dukes


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