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Mike Major and Jerry Martin 2/19/09 Da Angelos 2/19/09                                                   Mike Major
San Diego Reunion 1991                                     John Neumyer

from Peggy (Rowland) Sanchez is Ken Tashiro...Class of 71... Ken did live in the DC area about 10-15 years ago.  He came to a Mini I hosted in 95 -- Mike Calloway 71

1971 Lillian (Bennett) Deal and Peggy 

 Washington D.C. in '89                                                                                                                 by  Gaye Crosby Smith
                              (b&w copy by John Neumyer)

Pam Danner ?                                                               from Dutch  Pam Danner '70     Cathy Cantu '70                      from Dutch

(thanks Kathy for ID)


Mike Esper 72, Betty House 70, ??               1970 ,from Dutch Ray Pollard, Dutch Meeker    1970                        from Dutch

Paris during Spring Break of '67 w/ Harry Moody & Bruce Abbott. - from Rudy Barbarossa

Just got this from Erik...he is too much...he just got back from Germany where he ran in the Berlin Marathon...he's number 19776 over there on the right!  - Bobbie

Bobbie, Here is a picture of me at the start of the Berlin Marathon (Iím on the right side in a blue shirt. My Ipod ear plugs are still hanging on my neck. About a mile into the race I plugged them in for my inspirational running music!). Iím in the middle of the pack so there were about 20,000 runners in front of me and about 20,000 still behind me! I had a great time! - Erik 101507

find yb track pgs click to enlarge

Buddy, thanks for that link. I put this picture up of Judy on the web page cover. I think it's fantastic she has a job like this that is so unusual and so fits her talents. Pretty awesome!
Congratulations, Judy...see you in nashville if not sooner.Might try to make Mike's bunker party...i'll check with Chris. We always have good intentions and then get lazy about driving that far.
March 28, 2007 11:34 AM

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