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  There were five and seven day Dormies. 

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Dorm Images

photo from Mike Clancy '74



Gruneberg Park

Gruneburgpark in November - from Deborah
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Chess Board - from Deborah
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Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 3:54 PM
Subject: [Frankfurt_HS_67-71] Park stories

W e were hanging out, innocently sitting around with John Teleska (Class of '68) and Anna Kaufmann, of the same, playing guitar and singing and "dur-dee dur dee" I hear the Polizei.  They claimed we had defaced the monument (turm -like structure) but we hadn't been near it.  They piled all of us into the Käfer and took us to the station.  I knew I was dead - as soon as my Dad, the Sarge, heard about it.  Didn't matter that we didn't do it.  When I got home after being released with no charges, his C.O. had already called him!  Yikes!!  He asked me if I was involved and I said"No".  End of story.  Weird, but true!

Donna Peacher-Hall, Class of '68     No police record to date

Sent: Monday, January 07, 2008 8:50 AM
Subject: Re: [Frankfurt_HS_67-71] Park Stories

Oh, the Park. We had a many gatherings over there. We would take our blankets, bier, guitar's and song and head to the park and party until late into the night. We would look at the beautiful sky and stars at night and tell stories of the past and present.  We would play the fussball machines during the day, especially on weekends and declare who was the best player ever. 

We would make fun of the really old guys trying to lift those hugh chessmen to another  square on those giant chess boards. One time I remember helping this one guy out with a few moves. They were really neat wooden figures. Seems like they were about 36" tall.
The bier was always flowing in that place along with song and laughter .  It was truly a blast. Good clean fun and we never really bothered anyone that much. It was a really nice park and very convenient for a place to just get away from all the hustle and bustle of school and dorm life. We really knew how to let our hair down thats for sure. 

From: Tmh0074


Basement Friends - from Deborah
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Re: A NIGHT AT THE OPERA‏, From: Geral Martin (, Sent: Thu 10/29/09

Before it (Alte Oper) was rebuilt, a student from the Dorm fell down a flight of rotten stairs one late night/  Early morning. I received a telephone call to bring rope and help him get out of a pool of water. I arrived sometime near 2AM and the two guys who were with him helped to get him out. They were not students from my classes. He had a twisted ankle, and the next morning reported in for 'sick call' from the Dorm. I learned that they had a way of 'escaping' by sliding down light mast , located near one of the rooms. My question is WHO were they. as I have forgotten their names???" Those were the days." - Jerry Martin

From: brucek, Sent: Fri 10/30/09

I do not remember the ankle incident however, the light post was at the end of the boys dorm and outside what was once the room of Harlen Durgen. It was easy to slide down but almost impossible to get back up.
Bruce Kerwin 64

From:Tmh, Sent: Fri 10/30/09

The Opera deal was before my time but I was in the dorm from 67 to 68 and in 68 I had a room on the second floor at the end of the hall and the lamp post was right outside my window just two feet away. It was easy to go out that way at night but a little harder to get back in. Ha Ha !! Those were the days.



    Dorm History    
  June 1, 1957 (from Jim Selander '59) The dormitories were named for Frederick Oglesby and Stoyte Ross, Jr. who died in a kayaking accident on the Main river on June , 1957.


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