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1969 Senior Pictures  
Junior Pictures Hosted By Guinn Unger  Ungerwebs
Sophomore Pictures  
Faculty, Admin, Staff Cover by ?
"Other" Pictures  

on Scanned By Bruce Garner (Higher resolution
  copies are available.  -- contact Bruce)

Prom tickets - from John Neumyer
40th Anniversary Reunion, photo by Dutch, click image to goto Facebook page for IDs and comments
In this photo: Tim Sturgeon, Bill House, Elaine Gierek (photos) , Dawn Thompson, Jim Casey, Bob Dixon, Sheryl Buccola, Patty Furtado, Theresa Tilton, Tracy Cameron, Greg Brown, Gail Cratty,Gaye Crosby Doane (photos) , Bobbie Thacker, Bobbie Thacker, Michael Doane (photos) , John Neumyer (photos) , John Fitzgerald, Rosemary Diehl Disney (photos) , Krystal Wages (photos) ,Rachel Ryan, Ginny Cooney, Bob Bolick, Barbara Jernigan, Linda Buckles, Kay Dukes

More Atlanta Photos  By Theresa Tilton - click image to go to Facebook page


69 Stein



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  John McBee's ring?


images from Kathy Garner



image from Kathy Garner

At the Henninger Turm on Colleen’s graduation night        photo by Colleen's dad

Kathy 67(Colleen's Sister), Colleen (Sullivan) Bullen, Rick Bullen 70 , Dolly Sullivan

thanks Rick







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