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Three Captains                                                   From Mike Major
In honor of Veterans' Day, here is a great picture from Mike  Major...Thanks to them and all the Veterans for all they have done.  - Bobbie

From: Mike Major, To: Bobbie
Sent: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 7:46 am,  Subject: Veterans Day

Hi Bobbie,
Thought you might like a pic of some of the Veterans;  These are my 3;  Captain Patrick Major, Captain Michael Stany and Captain Martha Stany.  This is the only time I have caught these 3 in uniform at the same time, and unfortunately, only had my cell phone camera with me.
All the best,

Hey guys...wanted to share the picture I just got from Stacy in Afghanistan.  She says this is her "new look - Mom would be proud!"  LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Its so great to see her sense of humor prevail.


Yes Stacy's husband is Jeff...he is deployed right now to Germany until the end of July. Stacy and Jeff are coming to Seattle for two years as the Air Force awarded Stacy another masters through AFIT. She has been accepted to University of Washington to do her masters in nursing (NICU). We are so excited that they will be here with us for awhile!
Thanks for asking Pat!
See you in Atlanta!
Stacy getting ready to deploy  

 add Sandi Keim Blair's son  

 Attached is the only photo I have of Sam in soft copy. It was snowing in Balad, Iraq, and his crew went out to take photos/snow ball fight.
He's on his fourth location in this tour. As our footprint shrinks and the number of units keeps going down, there are fewer medevac units to provide coverage.
His mid-tour leave is coming up in about 3 weeks, just in time for the birth of his first child. (This will also be our first grandchild.)

I retired from the Corps in 2002, but am still working intell support to spec ops. It's nice not to have to start all over in a new field, establishing a reputation, etc. Hope to do this for a few more years and then buy some land in east Tennessee.

8-1-10 - A. James Diehl '70

Sam Diehl  


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